Fatality figures are beginning to emerge at the 24-storey tower block blaze currently being tackled 200 by firefighters in West London today.

The inferno, which broke out in the early hours of morning and quickly engulfed the entire building, has put 50 people in hospital so far.

Grenfell tower at the Lancaster West Estate in Kensington is comprised of 120 homes and 600+ residents, many as of yet still inaccessible to firefighters.

Eyewitnesses have claimed that the rapid spread of fire seems to be due to the plastic cladding system.

The building itself recieved an £8.6m refurbishment in 2015 delivered by Contractor Rydon. As part of this, block of flats were externally fitted with new rain screen cladding, a new curtain wall façade and replacement windows to improving thermal insulation and aesthetics.

Contractor Harley Curtain Wall, who fitted the facade, fell into administration soon after.

More to follow.

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