At Metrotile, we our proud of how our industry-leading Lightweight Steel Roofing Systems are suitable for the full spectrum of pitched roofing applications, from the largest sprawling educational campus to the smallest conservatory or outbuilding. As an innovative roofing material, Metrotile is often paired with innovative buildings and projects, such as the camping pods built by the Carmarthenshire-based company The Log Pod Ltd.

Originally conceived in 2011 to “to design and build a camping hut that had several key features”, the original Log Pod is a portable timber-frame construction that was initially aimed at the leisure industry, such as using the temporary buildings to boost campsite usage within the colder months. The pod’s are easy to move around site and install – they arrive flat-packed and can be moved around via wheels at their base. The use of natural materials ensure their aesthetic blends in perfectly with the surrounding scenic countryside. As customers became more aware of the benefits offered by Log Pods, the customer base expanded beyond the leisure industry to customers wanting to own them for their own camping trips, or for other home applications such as garden offices.

As the customer base expanded, so did the range and finish options. The Log Pod Ltd’s Director, Trevor Richardson, found that he required a rooftop solution that was robust, had the aesthetics of a ‘traditional’ roofing material, yet was also at a weight that would not compromise the transportability of the pods. Mr Richardson found that the solution was to utilise Metrotile Lightweight Roofing – specifically, the Metrotile Shingle profile:

“We chose Metrotile Shingle as the rapid installation time and absence of exterior fittings was a huge plus over other options. During the past four years, we’ve built up a strong relationship with Metrotile and I see us continuing to use their products for years to come.”

The Log Pod is a truly innovative design that Metrotile is very proud to be involved with. Like all Metrotile roofs, any Log Pod fitted with Metrotile Shingle is covered by our Forty Year Weatherproof Guarantee.

If you would like to find out more about The Log Pod Ltd’s products, you can visit their website via or contact them by phone via 01269 850005.

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