Vortice is striving for a greener tomorrow and is asking its customers to participate! As part of this, the company will be gifting Christmas tree seeds this December. Clean air cannot be taken for granted and as air experts, Vortice’s mission is to improve the quality of the air that we breathe and to work towards maximum well-being in the buildings we inhabit. Assisting in this mission by providing additional trees to improve outdoor air quality, is a long standing tradition of the company.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide as they grow and also help to reduce ozone levels in urban areas. During the process of photosynthesis, trees take in carbon dioxide and produce the oxygen that we breathe. In the same way, house plants can improve oxygen levels indoors. Their leaves also help to collect dust and debris from the air, allowing the householder to wipe them clean and remove the dirt.

So, how else can we improve the quality of the air we breathe within the home?

1          Use good quality ventilation fans installed correctly to ensure that moist, stale air is taken out of the building. Prolonged exposure to damp indoor air can cause asthma and nasal congestion.

2          Ensure that you turn the fan on or open a window when you’ve had a shower, when you’ve been cooking or doing the washing, in order to allow damp air out.

3          Capture the heat! If you have a heat recovery system, ensure it is working correctly and is maintained. These units capture the warmth contained within stale air, by passing it over a heat exchanger, transferring the heat to the incoming fresh air thereby saving energy which would have otherwise been lost.

4          Clean any mould that appears within the home immediately, its spores can be damaging to the lungs and inflame the airways.

Having an issue with condensation and mould? The Vortice technical department would be only too happy to offer advice on the best ventilation solution for you. Vortice has a wide range of fans suitable for bathrooms, wet rooms, utilities and kitchens, as well as whole house units.

For this and more useful information visit the Vortice website www.vortice.ltd.uk
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