VORTICE has announced the launch of a new de-centralised continuous Mechanical Extract Ventilation (dMEV) system complying with system 3 of the building regulations.

This sleek and stylish new fan comes in four models, a standard and a timer with humidity control (T-HCS), both available in a surface mounted and a recessed design.  Units are equipped with a trickle and boost function, with one of four trickle functions (ranging from 5 to 12 litres per second) The timer function allows the user to programme the boost mode to come on immediately or after 45, 90 or 120 seconds” selected at the time of wiring. The fan is PCDB Listed offering low power consumption with low specific fan powers on both through the wall and ducted applications. The unit is also extremely quiet and has a hinged cover which allows for easy maintenance to the filters.

Sales Manager Paul Gunner said: “This fantastic new de-centralised continuous mechanical extract fan offers Italian aesthetic style, is energy efficient and extremely quiet. This will be a great addition to our residential fan offering.”

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Burton-upon-Trent ventilation systems supplier Vortice has launched the DePuro Pro plug and play air purifier specifically developed with double filtration to reduce the number of particles in the air such as bacteria, micro-organisms and viruses.  Designed for all kinds of spaces such as care homes, offices, hotels, universities and the health sector, this is clearly of huge interest as we fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

The DePuro Pro is available in two sizes and comes with HEPA 14 absolute filters, capable of retaining up to 99.995% of microparticles (equivalent diameter 0.3µm) which require periodic replacement, highlighted by the filter status indicator on the control panel.  The DePuro Pro 150 is suitable for rooms up to 50 metres square and the DePuro Pro 300 is suitable for rooms up to 100 metres square.  This new product is highly energy efficient, is easy to handle and has sound absorbing panels making it almost silent to operate.

General Manager Kevin Hippey said: “We’re delighted to be able to offer an air purifier which will be an important tool to maintain good indoor air quality.  Scientists have reiterated the importance of good ventilation throughout this pandemic and that, coupled with air filtration and purification, can really help reduce infected particles making it of particular interest in the health and care sector as well as in universities, hotels and offices.”

Full details of the DePuro Pro air purifier are available on the Vortice website   as is a downloadable catalogue

January began with the VORTICE UK sales team’s visit to the company’s Italian headquarters where they previewed some of the brand’s exciting new product development plans, with the environment being a key consideration.  2020 begins with the roll-out of the Vort Avel HR450D Passive House accredited ventilation system which was launched at the end of 2019. 


General Manager Kevin Hippey said: “The core business ethos in Italy is replicated in the UK, the desire to provide excellent indoor air quality to the domestic, commercial and industrial markets and our drive to ensure that all our products are as energy efficient as possible.  All of these measures help contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions and assist the government in achieving zero carbon by 2050.”


The Technical team at VORTICE will always be happy to work with architects, specifiers, developers and contractors in order to ensure that optimum energy efficiency and good indoor air quality is planned in at an early at the design stage of a project.



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Carl Freeman and Kim Ellis have recently been welcomed to the Vortice team in Burton upon Trent. Carl has joined as Sales Manager for the London and South East area and brings a wealth of experience from working in both the electrical wholesaler and ventilation industry for many years. Carl enjoys spending time with friends and family, runs a fitness club, as well as playing golf and running in his spare time.

Kim joins as Technical CAD Manager from a building services consultancy where she was Senior AutoCad and Revit Technician. Kim is a key addition to the technical team, the role will include designing and quoting for various ventilation schemes including heat recovery designs for customers. In her spare time Kim likes to keep fit and run.

General Manager Kevin Hippey said “Both new members of our team are already having an impact in their specialties and we are very pleased to welcome them into the business. Having another member in technical further enhances our design service”

Vortice supplies energy efficient ventilation systems for the domestic and commercial markets.

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Vortice is striving for a greener tomorrow and is asking its customers to participate! As part of this, the company will be gifting Christmas tree seeds this December. Clean air cannot be taken for granted and as air experts, Vortice’s mission is to improve the quality of the air that we breathe and to work towards maximum well-being in the buildings we inhabit. Assisting in this mission by providing additional trees to improve outdoor air quality, is a long standing tradition of the company.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide as they grow and also help to reduce ozone levels in urban areas. During the process of photosynthesis, trees take in carbon dioxide and produce the oxygen that we breathe. In the same way, house plants can improve oxygen levels indoors. Their leaves also help to collect dust and debris from the air, allowing the householder to wipe them clean and remove the dirt.

So, how else can we improve the quality of the air we breathe within the home?

1          Use good quality ventilation fans installed correctly to ensure that moist, stale air is taken out of the building. Prolonged exposure to damp indoor air can cause asthma and nasal congestion.

2          Ensure that you turn the fan on or open a window when you’ve had a shower, when you’ve been cooking or doing the washing, in order to allow damp air out.

3          Capture the heat! If you have a heat recovery system, ensure it is working correctly and is maintained. These units capture the warmth contained within stale air, by passing it over a heat exchanger, transferring the heat to the incoming fresh air thereby saving energy which would have otherwise been lost.

4          Clean any mould that appears within the home immediately, its spores can be damaging to the lungs and inflame the airways.

Having an issue with condensation and mould? The Vortice technical department would be only too happy to offer advice on the best ventilation solution for you. Vortice has a wide range of fans suitable for bathrooms, wet rooms, utilities and kitchens, as well as whole house units.

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Vortice Limited has always been committed to educating its customers about the importance of ventilation and is now thrilled to get behind DEFRA’s new clean air strategy consultation. This new draft outlines very simply that ‘Air pollution is the top environmental risk to human health in the UK, and the fourth greatest threat to public health after cancer’. The draft clearly shows the connection between suitable, correct ventilation and good indoor air quality which maintains the health and wellbeing of the occupants.

Vortice knows only too well the importance of this and has made it its mission over the years to be a voice within the industry ensuring customers get a correct and compliant ventilation system by offering a complete design, aftersales and training service.

The DEFRA consultation also discusses how occupant behaviour can affect the ventilation requirements of a home. Vortice has listened to housebuilders and specifiers and works hard to provide a range of ventilation solutions for many different applications to improve indoor air quality in airtight dwellings.

For new build properties, Vortice offers a range of whole house solutions such as the compact Vort HR 200 BP heat recovery unit which has a 100% fully filtered bypass meaning no outdoor pollutants can enter the home. The unit also has a smart controller which indicates when the filters require cleaning and changing. For existing households there is a wide range of stylish bathroom, utility and kitchen fans, complete with many sensor options such as the attractively designed Punto Evo Flexo axial fan.

Marketing Manager Jennifer Quinn said ‘Vortice welcomes this new Government strategy as this will underscore what we have been talking about for years. It is important for us as a ventilation manufacturer always to offer a compliant solution suitable for the end application and to provide education to the installer and end user. We find lack of education is the key issue here so it is great to see this consultation highlighting the risks of bad ventilation and what damage this can have on the occupant’s health.”

Vortice will be promoting good practice during Green Great Britain Week, which begins on 15 October 2018 and is designed to engage the public in the debate on air quality alongside climate change and highlight the economic opportunities it offers for the UK.

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Indoor air quality is such an important feature in any home and for Avery Healthcare, it was important that their newest 78 bed retirement village had the very best ventilation installed. They appointed Harniss Ltd to install a selection of ventilation fans by Burton upon Trent-based Vortice, whose expertise in the area is second to none.

Vortice Specification Manager Tony Green-Hurst said “We were delighted to be able to work with Harniss to provide their client with precisely the right ventilation. The CBZ and Hexamotion products we used for the project were selected as a bespoke solution. Our technical team carefully considered all the requirements before coming up with recommendations.”

The Hawthorns is an Avery Healthcare 78 bed residential retirement village with communal rooms such as dining rooms, a cinema, hairdresser’s, bowling alley, wellbeing area, laundry, clinic as well as offices, kitchens, staff facilities and assisted bathrooms and WCs.

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2018 will see Vortice UK join the British rallying calendar, sponsoring S&S rallying team, in a high speed rallying adventure! The S&S rallying team is made up of driver Elliott Stafford and navigator Lewis Sim. Driver Elliott, 22 has been inspired by driving since a young age and will be heavily reliant upon his teammate Lewis, 25 who has the very difficult job of not only navigating but also instructing on where to turn and what lies ahead. The pair who met a year ago at a previous race are both enthusiastic about the rally and excited to gain valuable driving experience.

On June 24th the team will compete in the Red Kite Stages 2018 rally in the Neath Valley, South Wales. The route will include stages that have not been used since Wales Rally GB in 2012 and all the stages will be in NRW forests. The route covers five special stages and covers 45 stage miles in a very compact route, taking in less than 70 road miles and the start will be on hard standing close to Neath town centre.

National Sales Manager Paul Gunner said “I will be attending the race and cheering Elliott and Lewis on! Vortice Italy sponsors the BP Swiss Rally Team so this is a natural extension to our Group sponsorship programme.”

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Vortice has launched its new website for the UK market at The site is mobile-friendly and in keeping with the group’s corporate websites around the world. Customers can order online, view technical details for each product and compare different products by specification.

Finance and Marketing Manager Hayley Powell said “We hope our customers find our new UK website easy to access, navigate and to purchase from. It contains a mine of information about all of our products as well as details about our CPD programme and BPEC installers training course.”

The new website includes details of distributors around the UK as well as downloadable product catalogues and details of how best to obtain technical and design advice.

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As Grange First School in Gosforth embarked upon a school extension project, ensuring good ventilation and air quality was an important element both for the comfort of the teachers and children and for their learning. The new classrooms for Early Years have now opened and the Vortice heat recovery systems installed have proved a great success.

Roy Brown, Area Sales Trade Manager for Vortice said “After considerable research, Newcastle City Council specified the Vort NRG 1500 ECR EH Diva heat recovery units for each of the new classrooms. These units are complete with CO2 demand control to ensure the correct amount of fresh air is delivered into the classroom dependent upon its requirement and occupancy levels. Stale extracted air is passed over a heat exchanger so that warmth is recovered and goes into the incoming fresh air, enabling good energy efficiency. “

The NRG units are all floor mounted as they are situated within resources store cupboards in the classroom, which have skylights to allow in natural daylight. This also means that the units are easily accessible to enable filter changes.

Roy Brown continues: “When you have around 32 occupants in a classroom all day, it is important for their health and wellbeing that the air is fresh. The Vort NRG range is ideally suited for schools and offices and with several configurations available there is sure to be one that suits your project.”

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