When it comes to ventilation social housing has very specific needs. It is therefore important to select fans designed especially for the sector. Jenny Smith, Marketing Manager at Vent-Axia explains:

Keeping tenants happy is an important part of being a landlord. After all an unhappy tenant equals an unhappy landlord. At Vent-Axia we understand landlords’ concerns and design products to help ensure tenants and landlords alike are happy.

Happy landlords

For landlords this means a fan which offers simple specification, low maintenance and reliability. For example, the new Lo-Carbon Revive from Vent-Axia is designed to be versatile since it has a choice of run speeds for multiple installation options and can be ducted or through the wall, making specification easy. Plus Revive is low maintenance since its market-leading Multi-Vortex™ technology does not require a filter, while the highly sculpted interior actively repels dust, avoiding clogging, thus helping avoid call backs. Revive also boasts reliability backed by up to seven years’ warranty.

Happy installers

Installers need to be able to fit multiple fans on multiple sites as quickly and easily as possible. Featuring Smart Sense™ intelligent technology Revive is quick and easy to install with the fan featuring a simple alpha numeric LED display which is clear and easy to read and a three-button menu for commissioning and data gathering. Smart Sense™ technology even tells the LED display which orientation to use depending on whether it is wall or ceiling mounted. All of which saves time on site and reduces installation complications.

Happy tenants

But to ensure happy landlords you need happy tenants. A noisy fan will not only disturb tenants, it will make them aware the fan is running, this could potentially cause tenants to tamper with the fan to turn it off to avoid added energy costs. This can result in poor indoor air quality (IAQ) causing condensation and mould and subsequent damage to the fabric of a building, causing costly redecorating. Revive is designed therefore to be powerful enough to remove moist air to ensure good IAQ, but also quiet enough not to disturb while remaining energy efficient.

Revive’s Smart Sense™ technology can also provide real-time data via an intuitive interface to communicate the fan’s energy efficiency so landlords can reassure tenants of the low-running costs. Meanwhile, nuisance tripping is another reason tenants avoid using fans, Revive’s Smart Sense™ therefore features an ambient response humidistat to avoid this.

With tenant satisfaction vital, Revive’s innovative Multi-Vortex™ technology has a high-pressure hybrid impellor that is powerful and efficient, yet quiet. The fan operates discreetly removing moisture and stale air, leaving a comfortable home environment. Performing to its design intent with a tile-like grille, Revive draws air into the fan via its bell mouth design allowing air to enter the fan fluidly and silently. This offers tenants a quiet, unobtrusive fan without a spinning impeller visible, so they will hardly notice it. The tile-like grille also stays cleaner than open-grilled alternatives.

Meanwhile, Revive’s Smart Sense™ also allows multiple configurations so the fan can be commissioned to meet the needs of the property and the tenant. Quick and easy to select, it offers a bespoke solution where performance or noise is key.

However, despite the latest fans offering energy efficient, quiet comfort some tenants may still have concerns. To help Revive’s Smart Sense™ therefore includes a Day Logger which tracks how many days a fan has been running to ensure it is used as intended.

Landlords can also use the Day Logger to track energy use and interrogate the fan on how many days a fan has been on humidity boost mode, pull cord boost mode, or trickle. This information can help build a profile of tenant activity aiding landlords in investigating humidity problems. This allows landlords to work with tenants to ensure a healthy indoor environment.

For more information please visit www.vent-axia.com.
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