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Vortice Limited has always been committed to educating its customers about the importance of ventilation and is now thrilled to get behind DEFRA’s new clean air strategy consultation. This new draft outlines very simply that ‘Air pollution is the top environmental risk to human health in the UK, and the fourth greatest threat to public health after cancer’. The draft clearly shows the connection between suitable, correct ventilation and good indoor air quality which maintains the health and wellbeing of the occupants.

Vortice knows only too well the importance of this and has made it its mission over the years to be a voice within the industry ensuring customers get a correct and compliant ventilation system by offering a complete design, aftersales and training service.

The DEFRA consultation also discusses how occupant behaviour can affect the ventilation requirements of a home. Vortice has listened to housebuilders and specifiers and works hard to provide a range of ventilation solutions for many different applications to improve indoor air quality in airtight dwellings.

For new build properties, Vortice offers a range of whole house solutions such as the compact Vort HR 200 BP heat recovery unit which has a 100% fully filtered bypass meaning no outdoor pollutants can enter the home. The unit also has a smart controller which indicates when the filters require cleaning and changing. For existing households there is a wide range of stylish bathroom, utility and kitchen fans, complete with many sensor options such as the attractively designed Punto Evo Flexo axial fan.

Marketing Manager Jennifer Quinn said ‘Vortice welcomes this new Government strategy as this will underscore what we have been talking about for years. It is important for us as a ventilation manufacturer always to offer a compliant solution suitable for the end application and to provide education to the installer and end user. We find lack of education is the key issue here so it is great to see this consultation highlighting the risks of bad ventilation and what damage this can have on the occupant’s health.”

Vortice will be promoting good practice during Green Great Britain Week, which begins on 15 October 2018 and is designed to engage the public in the debate on air quality alongside climate change and highlight the economic opportunities it offers for the UK.

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