The prestigious Axiom building situated in Great Victoria Street, Belfast has undergone an upgrade of its washroom and shower areas across five floors and Vortice fans have been chosen for the ventilation installation.

Belfast based Crystal Air undertook the project and Director Mark Mawhinney said: “This is a well specified project where every element has been selected both for its quality and subtle appearance. The new 250 diameter silent twin fans by Vortice were chosen for their excellent performance levels as well as their sleek Italian design.”

The Vort TF acoustic twin cabinet range of fans is IPX2 rated and comes in four different models which can be selected according to the specific fan power required. The range is ideal for the application required in the Axiom building where quiet running, high performance ventilation was needed.

For more information about Vortice ventilation fans visit www.vortice.ltd.uk.
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