Nine Solitude constant flow decentralised mechanical extract ventilation (dMEV) units from Titon have been installed throughout two residential barns – collectively known as “North End Barns” – in Felsted, Essex. Not only is Solitude the most efficient dMEV available according to BRE tests, it also meets stringent 5 Pa back pressure requirements.

Of the two North End Barns properties, the first – the two-storey “Barn 2B” – has five bedrooms and benefits from three Titon Solitude units fitted on its ground floor. Elsewhere, “Barn 5” is a single floor property, boasting six Solitude products installed throughout.

In addition to the dMEV fans, the converted barns also benefit from a ground source heat pump-powered central heating system and high levels of insulation. The entire project was managed and built by local builder R.E. Butler Construction, while M&E works were carried out by Bates FMC Ltd. All work was completed in April 2017.

Discussing the installation, James Hughes, Business Development Manager at Bates FMC Ltd, said “We’ve used Titon on previous projects and have always been impressed by the quality of their products, as well as the sales team and level of customer service. In addition to offering exceptional levels of performance, the Solitude dMEV units also proved straightforward to install. It was simply a matter of the builders setting the flow rates according to the architect’s brief and then reporting back to building control.”

Solitude dMEV fans can be wall, ceiling, panel or window mounted and benefit from a unique impeller design, resulting in a combination of powerful performance and minimal noise. Additionally, the units use a boost with overrun timer that is adjustable between 0-30 minutes, manually activated via a remote switch (in the form of a room light switch).

All Titon dMEV fans are fully compliant with Part F of the Building Regulations and are supplied with a 30-month guarantee in the UK.

For more information about Titon and its range of whole house ventilation products, please visit: www.titon.co.uk
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