Titon has added the new CME3 Q Plus to its range of continuous mechanical extract units, developed to meet the requirements of System 3 in accordance with Part F of the Building Regulations. The combination of aesthetic smooth lines and impressive airflow makes it ideal for ceiling installation in flats and apartments. Its compact profile allows it to be fitted in airing cupboards, storage cupboards or loft spaces. Plus, having round circular ports makes it ideal for refurbishment or replacement of existing older units.

Suitable for use in dwellings with up to six wet rooms, the new, low noise unit has an impressively large duty range of over 120 l/s (400m3/hr) at reasonable static pressure (100 Pa). Compatible with both 100mm and 125mm diameter ducting, the CME3 Q Plus also utilises an electronically commutated (EC) motor to ensure high levels of energy efficiency. Other features include a fully adjustable boost overrun timer (0-30 minutes), as well as an optional adjustable humidity sensor (between 55% and 85% RH) that increases the unit’s speed.

Installation is simplified thanks to an innovative sub-assembly and unique packaging design, while the unit can be commissioned, cleaned and serviced without disturbing the ducting.

Commenting on the new product, Lee Caulfield, Sales Director of Titon’s Ventilation Systems Division, said: “The new CME3 Q Plus is ideal for the continuous extract of stale, damp and polluted air to the outside environment. When used in conjunction with Titon trickle vents, it meets all the necessary requirements of System 3, as well as SAP Appendix Q. The combination of circular ducting and the EC motor has resulted in very competitive offering which we can pass on to our customers, all housed inside a compact and easy to install unit that will satisfy the needs of mechanical engineers and contractors alike.”

Titon’s CME3 Q Plus is available in volt-free or switch live outputs, and can be mounted on any plane. It has a wide duty range and is demand control ventilation ready. Units are available throughout Europe and are supplied in the UK with a three-year guarantee as standard.

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Titon has launched a brand new website, showcasing its full range of products, across both the company’s Ventilation Systems and Window & Door Hardware divisions. The site can be accessed at and has been designed with end users and customer support in mind.

The new, responsive site boasts a fully in-depth ‘resources’ section, which can then be filtered across the whole Titon portfolio. This is supplemented by a ‘knowledgebase’ containing up to date details of the UK Building Regulations, as well as the company’s latest BIM and CPD information.

The website also contains dedicated sections tailored for self builders, fabricators, specifiers and homeowners respectively. This then allows users to stipulate the exact resources they are looking for, allowing the relevant information to be accessed quicker. For example, acousticians can locate information about noise levels in just a few clicks, while specifiers can find relevant product test results in the same amount of time. This is in addition to being able to download manuals and technical data, as well as read about the company’s latest news and case studies.

There are also new selector filters which allow users to easily highlight their desired product(s) within either the MVHR, handles or vents range; this enables users to then simply and quickly identify the options available for their specific requirements.

Titon has also introduced a ‘Find my product’ section – a selectional tool allowing visitors to search by division and product type in order to locate a specific item; whether it is a ventilation controller or a window handle, this function covers the entire Titon portfolio, while providing extensive information on the end product once it has been selected. Visitors to the site can submit a photograph of an existing installed product in order to identify a suitable replacement or obtain essential servicing information – a feature which has been designed with homeowners in mind.

Another addition is the dedicated ‘investors’ area, which incorporates the latest information from Titon Holdings Plc, including financial statements, shareholder information and up-to-date stock market details. There is also a native language distribution selector that allows non-English speakers to communicate with the company without translation, as well as download available resources in their respective language.

Commenting on the new look site, Tyson Anderson, Sales & Marketing Director at Titon, said: “Our business has moved on significantly in recent years, so it was time to update our website in order to reflect this. Having such a vast portfolio in both the hardware and ventilation sectors, we felt it was important to provide customers with an enhanced user experience. The result is a fantastic looking site offering comprehensive information about every facet of Titon.”

He continued: “The website is the result of lots of research and workshops, as well as in-depth interviews with key stakeholders and customers, followed by extensive periods of testing. Titon now has a good looking, functional website that will benefit all our customers, regardless of the sector they operate in.”

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Titon has added the energy efficient HRV20 Q Plus to its range of MVHR products. The new model has been designed to offer increased airflows of up to 194 l/s (700m3/h), making it the most powerful MVHR unit Titon has ever produced.

The HRV20 Q Plus has been specifically designed to enhance SAP performance via Appendix Q, by combining extremely low power consumption and a heat exchanger capable of achieving efficiencies of 89%. As a result, units can easily be fitted as part of a ventilation system inside larger apartments or dwellings.

The HRV20 Q Plus is available in two models – the Eco HMB and the Eco B – each boasting a 100% airflow diverting Summer Bypass, as recognised in the UK Product Characteristics Database. Intelligent humidity options are also available. The Eco HMB is fitted with the new aura-tTM touch screen controller, which is integrated as part of the unit itself as standard. The Eco B Model is compatible with the Eco aura range of controls (auralite® status indicator, aura-tTM, auramode® and aurastat® controllers), or has the option of having an aura-tTM unit.

Other benefits of the new unit include an extremely low specific fan power (SFP) of 0.43 W/l/s, plus features such as a fully adjustable boost overrun timer, which can be used with a non-latching (momentary) switch to prevent the unit from accidentally being left in ‘boost’ mode. This is complemented by intelligent frost protection and independent fan adjustment. All models are volt free, with live switching control also on B models. The filters are ISO Coarse 65% (G4) supplied as standard, with the option of upgrading to the ISO Coarse 65% (F7) type.

Commenting on the new product, Lee Caulfield, Sales Director, Titon Vent Systems Division, said: “The new HRV20 Q Plus unit offers higher airflow rates than previously available, as requested by our customers’ requirements. Not only is this the highest capacity unit in our entire range, it also benefits from an array of control options, without compromising on energy efficiency, making it ideal for architects, contractors and mechanical engineers alike. The new HRV20 Q Plus reflects Titon’s commitment to development and understanding market needs, while showcasing our engineering expertise and capabilities.”

Available in the UK and Europe, the new HRV20 Q Plus is effective at reducing pollutants in the home and improving indoor air quality (IAQ), helping to combat the risk of Toxic Home Syndrome. All models accept 200mm diameter ducting and are supplied complete with a 3-year guarantee as standard.

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Titon has introduced a new CPD seminar aimed at increasing awareness of how purge and overheating affects everyday quality of life.

The latest seminar has been created to help specifiers and designers within the residential sector interpret the current regulations regarding ventilation and overheating. It will also aid them with identifying areas that need special attention during the design and build of a dwelling.

The CPD, which is designed to last an hour, is an ideal opportunity for specifiers and designers to speak to dedicated engineers who understand and can explain the importance of understanding this hot topic. The seminar aims to cover the forms of ventilation available and how it fits in with Part F and Part L(a), as well as giving an insight into overheating.

The CPD focuses on how purge ventilation design plays an important part within a dwelling. It also covers compliance with Building Regulations, and gives an overview of overheating.

Commenting on the newly created CPD, Lee Caulfield, Sales Director, said: “The issue of purge and overheating in dwellings is a key one, as it needs to be addressed at the earliest stages of building design. We believe this CPD will give designers and specifiers the tools to deliver the best possible outcomes for their projects, as well as a thorough knowledge and understanding of the complex requirements when it comes to ventilation strategies.”

To register for the new CPD from Titon, visit Seminars can be conducted at a specifier’s or designer’s premises, or at Titon’s offices in Essex.

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Titon has joined forces with West Bromwich-based window hardware and accessories manufacturer Kenrick, to become a distributor for the company’s window and door multi-point locking range. The addition of the Kenrick products complements Titon’s existing window and door hardware offering, and creates a broad and comprehensive selection for Titon’s customers in the UK fabricator market.

The Kenrick multi-point lock portfolio includes standard espagnolettes, security espagnolettes, shootbolts and door locks, with all products available in a number of variants, including easy-fit options, according to customer requirements. They are suitable for use on aluminium, timber or PVCu, and an extensive range of profile-specific keeps are available, while new keeps can also be designed to suit new profiles.

The new distribution partnership follows a successful trial period in which Essex-based Titon sold a limited range of Kenrick items to a small number of its existing customers who specified the use of the products.

Kenrick was founded by Archibald Kenrick as an iron foundry in 1791, and the company still manufactures from the same West Bromwich premises today. With the exception of standard espagnolettes, its entire range is SBD (Secured by Design) accredited, so has passed the PAS24 security testing, allowing it to work effectively in tandem with Titon’s own SBD-approved products, such as the Asterion Three Star door cylinder, friction hinges and handles.

“Kenrick has been successfully producing multi-point door locks and window hardware for many years to build up a sizeable customer base,” said Titon Sales and Marketing Director, Tyson Anderson. “As an established brand ourselves, we are delighted to have gone into partnership with such a well-respected business boasting a long heritage.”

He added: “We are confident that Titon’s considerable expertise in this field, combined with our constantly expanding sales network, will assist in growing Kenrick’s customer base even further.”

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Leading ventilation and window hardware manufacturer Titon has made two key new additions to its Ventilation Systems sales team by appointing Oliver Gledhill and Ken Johnson as Area Sales Managers. Both will be reporting to UK Sales Director Lee Caulfield.

Based in West Yorkshire, Oliver will be responsible for growing sales in the Yorkshire and North East. Previously a Technical Sales Engineer with Giacomini, he has industry experience, having dealt previously with contractors, specifiers, consultants and distribution.

Commenting on his new role, Oliver said: “I am delighted to be joining such a forward thinking and innovative company as Titon. I am looking forward to growing ventilation sales, specification and awareness in Yorkshire and the North East, as well as helping the company to achieve its goals.”

In his spare time he is involved with his local cricket club, and coaches the U11 team, which his son also plays for. He enjoys spending time with his wife and three children, and doing a spot of DIY in the winter when there’s no cricket.

Ken is based in Stoke on Trent and will be covering the North West area. He has spent 12 years in the ventilation sector, having previously worked with Vortice.

He said of his new role: “Titon has fantastic manufacturing facilities and a comprehensive range of excellent MVHR products. I look forward to growing the business via strong partnerships and making Titon the number-one choice in the North West.”

Ken enjoys supporting his football club Birmingham City, where he and his two sons are season ticket holders. He is also a keen cook and gardener.

Commenting on the appointments, Sales Director Lee Caulfield said: “Due to the continued success of our ventilation systems business, we’ve strengthened the sales team with two new area sales managers. We are delighted to welcome Oliver and Ken to the company – they both have a wealth of experience and we are sure they will enable us to continue our growth, ensuring Titon’s products reach an even wider audience.”

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Leading ventilation and window hardware manufacturer Titon has appointed Mark Barzotelli as Area Sales Manager for its Timber and PVCu division.

Mark will be covering the South and South West area of England, along with South Wales. Reporting to Titon’s National Sales Manager Matthew Yates, he will be responsible for sales and specification of Titon’s expanding window and door hardware ranges – including trickle vents – to fabricators of PVCu or timber windows and doors.

Formerly a Sales Manager for Essex-based hinge, fitting and window hardware producer Nico Manufacturing, where he worked for 11 years, Mark brings with him a wealth of experience in window and door hardware. He also has an HNC diploma in building construction.

Commenting on his new role, Mark said “Having been in the industry for some time, I know the Titon team well and I’m delighted to have joined them at such an exciting time for the company. I’m looking forward to working on increasing sales and developing awareness of the brand’s excellent products.”

Mark lives in Brixham in Devon. His pastimes include motorcycling and raising money for charity – he has previously completed a charity motorbike ride from Lowestoft to Land’s End to raise money for the Devon Freewheelers, a team of volunteers who deliver essential medical supplies, including blood for transfusions, around the UK. He was also part of the Teignmouth Lifeboat Crew for 8 years.

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Titon has extended its range of MVHR units with the introduction of the new, ultra-compact HRV 1.6 Q Plus. Designed specifically for the modular construction market, the new high-performance unit measures just 600mm wide, enabling it to fit into tight spaces for easy installation and access.

The new HRV 1.6 Q Plus combines low power consumption with a heat exchanger offering efficiencies up to 89%, which enhances SAP performance via Appendix Q. Furthermore, despite its compact size, the lightweight HRV 1.6 Q Plus can achieve excellent flow rates of up to 100 l/s or 359 m3/h, while the unit has also been independently tested by the BRE.

Other benefits of the new unit include an extremely low specific fan power (SFP) of 0.49 W/l/s, as well as intelligent frost protection, with a stepped reduction of supply rates preventing freezing. The HRV1.6 Q Plus also has a fully adjustable boost overrun timer and ‘Summer Mode’ facility built-in as standard.

The HRV 1.6 Q Plus Eco version is available in ‘Eco HMB’ and ‘Eco B’ models – each offering a 100% airflow diverting Summer Bypass, as recognised and listed in the UK Product Characteristics Database. There are additional intelligent humidity options available and units can be fitted with Titon’s auralite® status indicator, while Eco B models also have the option of the company’s auramode®, aurastat® and the new aura-tTM controllers.

Commenting on the product, Lee Caulfield, Sales Director, said: “We have developed the new HRV 1.6 Q Plus to provide a powerful yet compact unit that can be used when space becomes an issue. Suitable for larger apartments or small to medium-sized dwellings, the HRV 1.6 Q Plus offers high levels of efficiency and is ideal for modular construction.”

Available in the UK and Europe, the HRV 1.6 Q Plus range accepts 125mm ducting without the need for adapters, while also benefiting from independent fan adjustment and volt-free switching control. As with all Titon MVHR systems, the HRV 1.6 Q Plus is effective in reducing pollutants inside a property and improving indoor air quality (IAQ), in turn reducing the risk of Toxic Home Syndrome.

The HRV 1.6 Q Plus is supplied with ISO Course 55% filters as standard (G3), with ISO Course 60% (G4) available as an option upon request. Units in the UK also come complete with a 3-year guarantee period.

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Titon has launched a comprehensive new range of accessories for use with its MVHR units. These include Titon’s new aura-tTM touchscreen controller, Anti-Vibration Mounting Kits, First Fix Solutions and Condensate Drain – each of which has been developed as part of the company’s ongoing commitment to producing the latest, most advanced ventilation systems on the market.

The new aura tTM is a simple yet striking backlit touchscreen controller for Titon’s range of MVHR units. The next evolution of Titon’s renowned aurastat® control, the device is easy to operate and can be used for programming or commissioning the company’s Q Plus range, as well as managing ventilation speeds. It has been designed for use with Titon’s high end ‘B’ model, with the HMB version coming out in summer 2018.

Elsewhere, Titon’s new Anti-Vibration (AV) Mounting Kits utilise specifically designed brackets, which isolate the MVHR unit from the wall. This helps to reduce any low levels of vibration-induced noise from being transmitted to the mounting structure. The brackets match the construction, quality and finish of Titon’s HRV Q Plus range, without obstructing any subsequently attached ducting.

Each Mounting Kit uses four rubber AV bobbins, which have been specifically selected for optimum performance, while the bracket design ensures the unit is kept close to the mounting surface.

Compatible with Titon’s HRV 1.75 – 10.25 Q Plus units, First Fix Solutions make installation of the ducting from the ceiling void to the ventilation unit faster and easier, while providing a high quality finish and appearance. Designed for use with Titon’s 90° elbows, First Fix Solution products are available in two sizes, the smallest of which has the same face area as the top of the unit, ensuring the ducting travels directly to the ports in the first fix. This option requires the use of Ø150 round to round elbows in the ceiling void due to the closeness of the ports.

Alternatively, the larger First Fix Solution is the same width as the unit, but greater in depth – allowing the use of Ø150 round to rectangular 220 x 90mm elbows, and therefore can be fitted in a lower ceiling void. (The 90° elbows are not sold as part of the kit and should be purchased from Titon separately.)

Finally, Titon’s new Condensate Drain Cover has been developed to conceal the service pipe on the underside of Titon’s HRV units, improving the overall aesthetic, while still being easy to remove if required. There are three sizes available, designed to fit HRV 1.25 Q Plus to HRV 1.35 Q Plus, HRV 1.75 Q Plus through to HRV 3 Q Plus and HRV 10M Q Plus to HRV 10.25M Q Plus respectively.


Each cover has a depth of 74mm, within which the drainage pipe must be installed in order for the product to fit the ventilation unit. The drainage trap cannot be fitted within this cover void, so must be located in a suitable, alternative position.

Further details about the new MVHR accessories can be found at:
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Titon has introduced the new, high performance inline Mixed Flow Fan range, which is suitable for bathrooms, kitchens and other residential applications. Capable of supplying or extracting air, depending on individual requirements, the fan can be fitted in a loft or ceiling. Available in diameters of 100mm, 125mm, 150mm and 160mm, the new unit also boasts three speeds and has been designed with small installers and end users in mind.

Simple to install and maintain, the Inline Mixed Flow Fan will be available from May 2018, and is ideal for removing internal condensation and eliminating the potential for mould growth within a home. The powerful in-duct mounted mixed flow fan is also capable of operating at higher working pressures in applications requiring high airflows, while keeping noise levels to a minimum.

In addition, the Inline Mixed Flow Fan offers ingress protection to IP55, complying with BS EN 60529 and ensuring sealing effectiveness of electrical enclosures against intrusion from dirt and foreign bodies. Plus, each fan has a high quality, ball bearing motor, as well as an overrun timer and LS live switching.

Commenting on the new product offering, Lee Caulfield, UK Sales Director at Titon, said: “We have introduced the Inline Mixed Flow Fan range to extend our extract ventilation portfolio. Previously, we only had a 125mm, third party model; now we have a full range of our own, which ventilates to an efficient level with minimal noise.”

Compatible with both rigid and flexible ductwork, all Inline Mixed Flow Fans are supplied with a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee as standard.

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