Installing both heat interface units (HIUs) and underfloor heating (UFH) within communal heating schemes is a great way to improve the efficiency of both the primary and secondary systems. Furthermore, this winning combination is now deemed best practice for heat networks, as recommended in industry codes such as CIBSE CP1.

One Bristol based HVAC company, Giacomini UK, has set about making it as easy as possible for construction managers to meet these guidelines. Its team of UK engineers, including CIBSE Certified Heat Networks Consultants, are well-versed in supplying tailored UFH, HIU and flow control packages to communal heating schemes, with the demand for their joint packages accelerating.

Heat interface units are driven by consumer demand, only extracting what they need from the primary system to accurately provide the consumer with the correct amount of domestic hot water or heating. Whilst on the secondary side, the lower flow and return temperatures of underfloor heating enable the boilers to operate at a higher efficiency.

This combination along with flow control provisions, such as differential pressure control valves, will improve the efficiency of the central boiler plant and help to bring the building design is in accordance with current industry guidelines.

One recent project, which combined all three of the above fields of Giacomini’s expertise, was a large residential and work space development in London, which saw over 2,000 square meters of underfloor heating pipework being installed, alongside 31 twin plate heat interface units and several pairs of differential pressure control valves and static balancing valves.

Discussing the increasing demand for combined services projects, Matt Lowe, managing director of Giacomini UK, commented: “In the past, customers largely came to us needing one service but increasingly we are finding that people are recognising the benefits of having all services provided by one manufacturer. Not only does it boost the efficiency of the system as the components are designed to work together, but it also eases installation as all enquiries go through one point of contact who ensures the same high level of quality throughout.”

Further afield, Giacomini has designed joint packages for a variety of communal heating projects including a 60 bed extra care scheme, 34 amenity flats and 85 luxury apartments.

For each project, Giacomini’s team of technical engineers provided guidance on the design of the heat network to make sure it is done in accordance to CIBSE Heat Network Code of Practice CP1. The team is also equipped to advise on diversity, flow rates, velocities, pressure losses and assist with calculating peak demand.

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Giacomini, a leading manufacturer of HVAC components, has released an update to its R146M dirt separator valve. This development follows the business’s successful launch of its patented adjustable magnetic dirt separator (R146C) last year.

The new valve has an extended range, and can tolerate temperatures up to 130 degrees Celsius, meaning that the valve is now suitable for medium-temperature hot water (MTHW) systems.

A key market for MTHW systems are large sites, such as hospitals, where process applications require higher temperatures than low-temperature hot water (LTHW) systems can deliver. Due to the functionality of the new R146M valve Giacomini can now fulfil the needs of these markets.

A dirt separator protects the system, and its essential parts, from both magnetic and non-magnetic dirt and debris that can build up over time and circulate through the system. This can cause blockages and hinder the system’s efficiency.

The R146M dirt separator valve further extends Giacomini’s successful flow control range, which also includes DPCVs, Static and Dynamic Balancing Valves, Boiler Safety Manifolds and Hydraulic Separators.

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Over the past year, Giacomini UK has been making vast steps to ensure its technical sales team is fully up-to-speed with the very latest in the industry and to ensure that its employees are experts in the sector.

As part of this, the technical sales team has been undertaking courses from the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) and Giacomini is delighted to announce that all of its UK technical sales engineers are now fully registered CIBSE Heat Network Consultants.

Technical support manager, Helen Gibbons was the first to receive the accreditation in June 2016, followed by Giacomini’s UK and Ireland sales manager, Alistair Moore, and technical sales engineer, Warren Smyth, in May 2017. Hot on their heels was Oliver Gledhill, also a technical sales engineer, who was the most recent member of the team to pass the exam, ensuring that the entire technical sales team are now CIBSE registered consultants.

This reiterates Giacomini’s position of expertise in the sector as well as being a leading supplier of heat interface units and a specialist in providing unique complete underfloor heating packages. It also demonstrates Giacomini’s knowledge of HIUs and the intricacies of communal heating and district heating networks.

Matt Lowe, managing director of Giacomini UK, commented: “Having our entire technical sales team become CIBSE recognised consultants is a huge achievement and something of which we are very proud of. This gives our team wider expertise within the building services sector. Engineering technologies are rapidly evolving; at Giacomini, we strive to retain our positions as leaders of this so having our team receive the CIBSE accreditation for being Heat Network Consultants is a great feather in our cap!”

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When energy industry guru Mike McDonald recognised that the commercial underfloor heating sector was becoming “commoditised”, with installers choosing a pick ‘n’ mix policy of bringing together the various components on a lowest cost basis, he took a decision to base his young business on a manufacturer’s brand.

With a life-time in the energy industry, including as Divisional Board Director at BSS and Managing Director of two BAXI Commercial Heating businesses, Mike approached Giacomini UK, a company whose products and expertise he knew well, and formed a strategic partnership with his Cardiff based Ecofit Energy Systems business.

“Five years later Giacomini accounts for more than 80% of our UFH products and we would not have enjoyed our great rate of growth without the support of Giacomini. We are a true partnership, playing to each other’s’ strengths. We identify and win the business, and they design the systems and provide the components, with full technical support,” says Mike.

Ecofit Energy Systems offers a complete design, installation, testing and monitoring service for environmentally friendly energy systems throughout Wales, the South West and along the M4 corridor into central London.

“When you are working with major commercial undertakings, local education authorities and universities, you need the confidence of the guarantees, product supply and technical support that only a major manufacturer, such as Giacomini, can offer,” he adds.

His is a real family business with his daughter Lauren as managing director and her partner Kieran technical director.

The business partnership goes from strength to strength and has recently won a contract to provide underfloor heating at five primary schools in Powys and its largest order yet, a 174 apartment development in Bristol. Mike often works with Giacomini’s approved sub-contractors as part of the package.

“It is rather like a marriage relationship. We have been together now for five years and are looking forward to even greater benefits from our partnership. Pooling our separate skills into one symbiotic relationship enables us to target bigger and more complex installations with confidence,” says Mike.

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Earlier this year it was announced that Giacomini UK would be sponsoring the North West 200 record holder and former British Superstock and Supersport champion, Alastair Seeley.

To celebrate the sponsorship Giacomini gave customers the chance to dine with Alastair and to join them at the North West 200 race.

Giacomini is a CIBSE approved CPD course provider, offering courses that CIBSE members can take to contribute towards their CPD qualifications. By completing the CPD booking form, for either Giacomini’s underfloor heating or heat interface unit courses, applicants were automatically entered into the competition.

The winners received a meet and greet dinner with Alastair, as well as grandstand seating and paddock passes to the NW200 race day, where Alastair successfully extended his record tally to 21 wins.

Both events were hosted by Warren Smyth, Giacomini’s technical sales engineer for Ireland.

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76% of people surveyed think country of manufacture is an important factor when it comes to purchasing. A survey, carried out by Giacomini UK, explored attitudes toward manufacturing and revealed some interesting post-Brexit insights.

When asked if the country of origin was checked before purchasing building and HVAC supplies, just 19% said that they never check which demonstrates the importance of a products’ origin when making decisions about purchasing.

83.5% of respondents said they prefer to buy products from a European manufacturer with just 8% saying that they would not ever buy a product if they knew it was made in Europe.

The survey also focused on more specific issues within the HVAC industry and asked respondents if heat interface units have made converting offices to residential properties more achievable. An overwhelming 84% agreed, which reinforces the noticeable growth that Giacomini UK has seen since regulations surrounding planning permission were altered, meaning that Class B1 offices could be converted to Class C3 residential dwellings without the need for specific planning and development permission.

Giacomini UK is the UK division of the Italian company, Giacomini, one of Europe’s largest producers of plumbing brassware and radiator valves and prides itself on its products being made to the highest specification at the company’s sophisticated manufacturing facilities in San Maurizio d’Opaglio, Italy.

Matt Lowe, managing director of Giacomini UK, commented: “Post-Brexit attitudes towards all the EU were always going to be interesting and our survey gave us some fascinating insight into mindsets and purchasing decision making factors. It would appear that people are now more conscious of where products come from but that EU are products still thought to be the best – despite the outcome of the referendum!”

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Modular building projects are on the increase, reports Giacomini UK, and most notably in the education sector.

Giacomini UK, one of the UK’s leading underfloor heating providers, has recently noticed an influx of modular projects with its three most notable all being for primary schools or nurseries.

Modular underfloor heating systems consist of pre-built modules, which are installed in transportable sections of various sizes. The sections are created in a controlled factory environment and are then delivered to site and craned into position to simply be connected together.

This innovative system results in projects being completed punctually and quickly as, by using the modules, efficiency and installation speed are maximised with limited disruption on site. However, most importantly for the schools involved, the biggest benefit of using modular underfloor heating is that it is very cost efficient and helps keep the project comfortably within budget and effortlessly within the tight timeframes such as school holidays.

Giacomini was selected by Hull based Servaccomm for the projects which saw the company supplying the underfloor heating materials for the plated modular systems, as well as factory pressure pre-testing the systems and fitting the manifolds on site.

The first project was at Prae Wood primary school in St Albans where the UFH was installed on the ground and first floors as part of the school’s £2 million expansion. This was followed by two further school projects, which saw Giacomini UK and Servaccomm install modular systems within a state-of-the-art nursery and primary school in Milton Keynes.

Matt Lowe, managing director of Giacomini UK, commented: “Underfloor heating is proving to be increasingly popular within schools due to its safety benefits as well as being cost efficient. Further to this, by working with Servaccomm’s modular builds we can ensure minimal disruption is caused to the customer, due to the majority of the construction and installation taking place in the factory with only the final connection taking place on site.”

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Giacomini is now a CIBSE approved CPD course provider and is offering two courses that CIBSE members can take to contribute towards their CPD qualifications.

The first in underfloor heating explores heat transfer, design factors and component applications and gives participants an understanding of how and why underfloor heating systems work. The 1 hour presentation covers:

  • Theory behind underfloor heating
  • Benefits of underfloor heating
  • System components
  • What influences the output?
  • System design
  • Types of floor build up

The second course focuses on Giacomini’s other specialist subject, heat interface units, and in 1 hour participants will learn about:

  • Central plant heating systems
  • The role of heat interface units
  • Types of heat interface units
  • Unit components
  • System design
  • Heat metering
  • System performance

Attendees will receive a certificate that will contribute towards CIBSE CPD requirements.

To arrange a seminar, or for more information, please contact Helen Gibbons, Giacomini’s technical support manager 07824 595527/01454 311012 or email

When undertaking a building project, construction managers can often be faced with multiple decisions about which supplier to choose. However, one company is making this process easier.

Giacomini UK has recently seen an increase in requests for a combination of its services to be used on sites. The company is already firmly established as a leading UK supplier of heat interface units, as well as a specialist in providing a unique complete underfloor heating package, taking projects from manufacture (with three production plants, all based in Italy), through to design and installation via its UK wide network of approved UFH installers. Recent new projects and enquiries have seen an increase in calls for the two services to be combined and sees Giacomini leading the way in the industry in offering a joint package.

Giacomini UK’s managing director, Matt Lowe, explains: “Aside from our brass valves and components range, there are two main strands to our business – underfloor heating and heat interface units. Historically, customers would be looking for just one of these services but we are increasingly being involved in projects that would like a joint UFH and HIU package”.

Some of the key benefits of selecting a single point of contact for both HIU and underfloor heating systems are; improved communication, by having a dedicated project engineer overseeing the orders; eases time constraints to help meet deadlines; and finally, ongoing support and maintenance is easier and more efficient.

Matt continued: “Using Giacomini for the underfloor heating and heat interface units makes complete sense. We can handle all enquiries and ensure everything runs smoothly, so that our customers do not have the stress of having to deal with multiple companies. It also ensures the same consistent high level of quality throughout the entire process.”

Recent development sites where Giacomini’s joint package has been called upon are all extra-care developments. This includes the Harmby Road site in Leyburn, North Yorkshire where over 4,500 m2 of underfloor heating and 26 twin 49kw HIUs have been installed. Other projects include Langley Court in Cambridgeshire where 55 of Giacomini’s hot water only heat interface units were installed alongside underfloor heating in the lounge and dining areas of the apartments. Another project was Butlers Green in Haywards Heath, Sussex where Giacomini’s underfloor heating was supplied throughout a 64 bedroom care home, as well as in ten additional retirement cottages, as well as 58 HIUs being installed.

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Giacomini UK is on a mission to create homes out of underused office spaces around the country!

In recent months Giacomini has been involved in many projects that transform commercial office units into residential areas. The latest project is on a site in Crawley, called Babcock House, where 185 apartments are being created in a disused eight storey office block.

The Babcock House site will create 185 units comprising of studio accommodation as well as one and two bedroom flats – all designed to a very high specification, along with having excellent communal facilities.

The work will involve re-roofing the building, renovating the external façade and installing 185 of Giacomini’s twin plated heat interface units to allow each apartment independently controlled, efficient heating and hot water in the multi-dwelling building.

Since regulations surrounding planning permission were altered, meaning that Class B1 offices could be converted to Class C3 residential dwellings without the need for specific planning and development permission, there has been a noticeable growth in projects of this nature.

Matt Lowe, Giacomini UK’s managing director, commented “The planning permission policy change for projects like this aims to support an increase in housing supply, bring empty properties into productive use and encourage regeneration of office space. The Crawley development is the latest project we have been involved in where we are utilising disused space to bring revenue and housing to the local economy whilst complementing the buildings’ existing features.”

The project, estimated to cost £16.5 million, is due to be completed by September 2016.

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