Modular building projects are on the increase, reports Giacomini UK, and most notably in the education sector.

Giacomini UK, one of the UK’s leading underfloor heating providers, has recently noticed an influx of modular projects with its three most notable all being for primary schools or nurseries.

Modular underfloor heating systems consist of pre-built modules, which are installed in transportable sections of various sizes. The sections are created in a controlled factory environment and are then delivered to site and craned into position to simply be connected together.

This innovative system results in projects being completed punctually and quickly as, by using the modules, efficiency and installation speed are maximised with limited disruption on site. However, most importantly for the schools involved, the biggest benefit of using modular underfloor heating is that it is very cost efficient and helps keep the project comfortably within budget and effortlessly within the tight timeframes such as school holidays.

Giacomini was selected by Hull based Servaccomm for the projects which saw the company supplying the underfloor heating materials for the plated modular systems, as well as factory pressure pre-testing the systems and fitting the manifolds on site.

The first project was at Prae Wood primary school in St Albans where the UFH was installed on the ground and first floors as part of the school’s £2 million expansion. This was followed by two further school projects, which saw Giacomini UK and Servaccomm install modular systems within a state-of-the-art nursery and primary school in Milton Keynes.

Matt Lowe, managing director of Giacomini UK, commented: “Underfloor heating is proving to be increasingly popular within schools due to its safety benefits as well as being cost efficient. Further to this, by working with Servaccomm’s modular builds we can ensure minimal disruption is caused to the customer, due to the majority of the construction and installation taking place in the factory with only the final connection taking place on site.”

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