Giacomini, a leading manufacturer of HVAC components, has released an update to its R146M dirt separator valve. This development follows the business’s successful launch of its patented adjustable magnetic dirt separator (R146C) last year.

The new valve has an extended range, and can tolerate temperatures up to 130 degrees Celsius, meaning that the valve is now suitable for medium-temperature hot water (MTHW) systems.

A key market for MTHW systems are large sites, such as hospitals, where process applications require higher temperatures than low-temperature hot water (LTHW) systems can deliver. Due to the functionality of the new R146M valve Giacomini can now fulfil the needs of these markets.

A dirt separator protects the system, and its essential parts, from both magnetic and non-magnetic dirt and debris that can build up over time and circulate through the system. This can cause blockages and hinder the system’s efficiency.

The R146M dirt separator valve further extends Giacomini’s successful flow control range, which also includes DPCVs, Static and Dynamic Balancing Valves, Boiler Safety Manifolds and Hydraulic Separators.

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