Installing both heat interface units (HIUs) and underfloor heating (UFH) within communal heating schemes is a great way to improve the efficiency of both the primary and secondary systems. Furthermore, this winning combination is now deemed best practice for heat networks, as recommended in industry codes such as CIBSE CP1.

One Bristol based HVAC company, Giacomini UK, has set about making it as easy as possible for construction managers to meet these guidelines. Its team of UK engineers, including CIBSE Certified Heat Networks Consultants, are well-versed in supplying tailored UFH, HIU and flow control packages to communal heating schemes, with the demand for their joint packages accelerating.

Heat interface units are driven by consumer demand, only extracting what they need from the primary system to accurately provide the consumer with the correct amount of domestic hot water or heating. Whilst on the secondary side, the lower flow and return temperatures of underfloor heating enable the boilers to operate at a higher efficiency.

This combination along with flow control provisions, such as differential pressure control valves, will improve the efficiency of the central boiler plant and help to bring the building design is in accordance with current industry guidelines.

One recent project, which combined all three of the above fields of Giacomini’s expertise, was a large residential and work space development in London, which saw over 2,000 square meters of underfloor heating pipework being installed, alongside 31 twin plate heat interface units and several pairs of differential pressure control valves and static balancing valves.

Discussing the increasing demand for combined services projects, Matt Lowe, managing director of Giacomini UK, commented: “In the past, customers largely came to us needing one service but increasingly we are finding that people are recognising the benefits of having all services provided by one manufacturer. Not only does it boost the efficiency of the system as the components are designed to work together, but it also eases installation as all enquiries go through one point of contact who ensures the same high level of quality throughout.”

Further afield, Giacomini has designed joint packages for a variety of communal heating projects including a 60 bed extra care scheme, 34 amenity flats and 85 luxury apartments.

For each project, Giacomini’s team of technical engineers provided guidance on the design of the heat network to make sure it is done in accordance to CIBSE Heat Network Code of Practice CP1. The team is also equipped to advise on diversity, flow rates, velocities, pressure losses and assist with calculating peak demand.

For further information about Giacomini’s heat network packages please call 01454 809100, or visit
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