Panasonic has launched its latest controller, an innovative and easy to use interface that offers full functionality with an integrated schedule timer and system controller, making managing heating and cooling systems easier than ever before.

Marc Diaz, UK & Ireland Country Manager comments “This new Panasonic control system, the CZ-64ESMC3, is a significant step forward not just in the functionality it offers, but also in how the user actually operates the system. The new controller features a digital screen and large, simple buttons making it much easier to use, so that even those without experience of heating and cooling systems can operate them and achieve the best solution for their needs.”

The CZ-64ESMC3 will be available from November 2015, and includes Panasonic’s popular schedule timer, which gives users full flexibility over when they want their property heated or cooled. Users can adjust the system for holidays, pausing operations for long periods of time so that energy isn’t wasted heating/cooling an empty home or office. The controller also allows six operations per day to be programmed, including operating or stopping units, and allowing or prohibiting access by individuals. This again ensures that the system is run as efficiently as possible, and that disruption is not caused by unauthorised individuals making frequent changes to operations.

In the past, simply having a schedule timer would not have been sufficient, as it could not control the operation mode or temperature setting, and would have required a separate system controller. However, this new solution integrates these functions, removing the need for more than one controller. By bringing the schedule timer and the system controller together into one easy-to-use unit, installation is simplified, reducing the amount of wiring needed and the complexity of the system.

With the integration of the system controller the user has much more control over their heating and cooling rather than simply setting a schedule of operation for the system. The user can allocate up to 64 units into zones, and then divide the zones into groups, allowing them to control up to 64 individual groups. Settings within each group can then be controlled such as operation mode, fan speed and air flow direction, creating a totally flexible heating and cooling system.

By integrating the schedule timer and system controller into an advanced unit with a digital display, Panasonic has made operating and controlling heating and air conditioning much easier, ensuring more efficient and effective systems.

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