• Wood panelling, avocado bathrooms and built in bars named as fixtures most likely to put UK homebuyers off
  • On average UK homebuyers would reduce their offer by a massive £5,000 if a property still had an avocado bathroom
  • 324,000 UK homes still have outdated avocado bathroom suites

Research into the nation’s most hated retro décor trends by has revealed the 10 interior design trends most likely to devalue your home are:

  1. Wood panelling (46% of UK homebuyers wouldn’t buy a property if it still had old fashioned wood panelling)
  2. Avocado bathrooms (44%)
  3. Built-in bars (41%)
  4. Woodchip (41%)
  5. Artex ceilings (40%)
  6. Heavily patterned carpet (35%)
  7. Textured wallpaper (34%)
  8. Crazy paving (33%)
  9. Brick fireplaces (33%)
  10. Built in wardrobes over the bed (30%)

According to the study, UK homebuyers would look to knock £4,877.46 off the purchase price of a property if it still had an outdated avocado bathroom suite. One in six of us (16%) would expect to pay at least £5,000 less and 6% of 25-34 year olds would seek a price reduction of at least £10,000.

New year – new bathroom?

It would seem despite the nation’s love for all things interior design, just over one per cent of the British public (1.2%) still have one of the infamous avocado suites lurking in their bathroom – this equates to a staggering 324,000 of the notorious green eyesores still at large in the UK.

The Avocado Amnesty

Following the results from the research, has launched an ‘Avocado Amnesty’ to help the nation upgrade their bathrooms. The bathroom retailer has pledged to help every avocado bathroom owner get a stylish new bathroom they can be proud of – from a complete bathroom makeover, to free baths and more.

If you are, or you know someone who is still living like it’s the 70s, head to the Avocado Amnesty here.

Almost three quarters of the UK (75%) think avocado bathroom suites are ugly and three out of four people (71%) say if they bought a new home and it had an avocado bathroom suite, it would be the first thing they’d rip out. But despite this, a fifth of UK homeowners (20%) confess they’ve never updated their bathroom, and around a quarter of the UK (23%) admit to being embarrassed by their outdated bathroom when their friends come over to visit.

Commercial Director at, Harshad Gorasia commented “Once upon a time, avocado bathroom suites were the height of fashion and a statement feature for homes up and down the UK, but now they tend to look tired, outdated and in need of recycling. Given that so many of us have never updated our bathrooms, it’s not surprising to see there are still over 300,000 in the country. More than half of the nation says a relaxing bath is their favourite way to unwind and de-stress, so we think everyone should have a bathroom they’re proud of, where they can relax, switch off and have a good soak at the end of a long day.”

Hot on the heels of its very first homogeneous vinyl collection, produced in its new state-of-the-art production facility, Forbo Flooring Systems has now launched a second range: Sphera Energetic. Reflecting the latest education trend colours, and with low emissions and high LRVs, this new phthalate free collection will contribute towards a stimulating, yet healthy indoor environment for any educational establishment.

Forbo’s Sphera Energetic is a bold and exciting new range that challenges traditional flooring design in schools and colleges. End users are presented with a fresh and playful colour proposition consisting of 52 shades: 41 ‘flecked’ colours alongside 11 complementary ‘vivid’ hues, which feature corresponding highlight chips to create an integrated flooring solution. The colour options are ideal for zoning and way-finding through corridors as the palette has been designed with intrinsic tint combinations to create stand out and inspiring flooring schemes.

Janet Lowe, Head of Marketing UK and Ireland at Forbo Flooring Systems commented: “The new Sphera Energetic range delivers an exciting proposition for educational design: a stylish and contemporary yet wholly practical flooring solution. Benefitting from the SMART-top finish, the new collection is resistant to chemicals, scratches and stains, making it ideal for busy classroom areas and corridors.

“Sphera Energetic’s colour palette offers high Light Reflectance Value (LRV) ratings, which will help you to maximise any form of lighting within a building – helping you to create a better and healthier environment for pupils and staff. It is also phthalate free and has very low emissions of 10ug/m2 after 28 days.”

Sphera Energetic is manufactured using SMART (Sustainable Modern Advanced Robust Technology) technology; the in-line coating and subsequent embossing process results in superior appearance and durability, which sees the collection achieving the highest abrasion wear rating group T (tested to EN660-2).

For more information please telephone 0844 822 3928, email or visit

Forbo’s new Marmoleum Linear sheet collection enables end users and specifiers to define spaces through intriguing floor designs, by playing with texture, colour and installation directions.

Recently presented with the iF Design Award, recognised as a symbol of design excellence around the world, the collection is divided into three ranges that reflect the latest trends across the office, retail, leisure and hospitality sectors.

Striato Original offers a natural, earthy colour palette of twelve shades that enhance the contemporary linear design that runs throughout the collection. The Striato Textura range amplifies the linear design further still, with two styles of embossing that create more tactile and captivating aesthetics – complementing the shades of Striato Original.

For those wanting to inject colour into an interior, the Striato Colour range has four vibrant tones and four neutral shades that have a flash of bright colour across them.

Julie Dempster, Marketing Manager at Forbo, commented: “The beauty of the new Marmoleum Linear collection is that individual products can be used on their own to create great effects, or can be mixed and matched with colourways from our other solid and patterned ranges.

“By playing with installation angles, a design that is as visually impactful as a chevron effect can be produced using a single colourway. Or, to create a quirky, boutique feel, circular, triangular or hexagonal shapes can be cut into the sheet product. Specifiers can also combine the new textures with smooth finishes to add an extra dimension.”

Marmoleum is a wholly sustainable floor covering, made up of 97% natural raw materials, 72% rapidly renewable and 43% recycled content. The Topshield2 finish provides an easy to clean surface and helps to reduce maintenance costs.

For more information please call 0844 822 3928, email or visit

The School of Pharmacy, part of University College London is one of the most highly rated pharmacy schools in the UK.

Dating back to 1842 the school is dedicated to teaching and research in pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences.

As part of a refurbishment project, architects Potter Raper Partnership specified Kemmlit’s recently launched Primo Kn cubicles for the male and female student toilet facilities.

With smooth-surfaced doors in lemon green and contrasting quartz grey walls made of 42 mm thick composite elements with internal aluminium frames, the Primo Kn cubicle system was installed by Kemmlit’s own specialist contractors.

Additional scope of works supplied by Kemmlit included; bench seating, vanity units, and duct panelling.

A special protective layer on all surfaces increases PRIMO Kn’s scratch and abrasion resistance capability and, in order to withstand intense wear, the system includes a substantial three-roller edge hinge with a stainless steel axis.

As you would expect from Kemmlit, PRIMO Kn is available in a number of design options including a suspended version or a floor to ceiling system for increased privacy.

Offered in a range of colours including the option of customised digital print, PRIMO Kn is supported with a range of accessories including: LED door handles, headrails, hinges, support feet and sanitary equipment.

For more information please visit

Armstrong Ceilings has further simplified its ground-breaking TechZone™ system, which was the industry’s first easy-to-specify-and-install ceiling solution with integrated technical services, to be offered as a standard solution.

TechZone™, which was pioneering when it was launched in 2009, is now available as four standard layouts which easily organise lighting, air diffusers and returns into 100mm and 150mm wide technical zones.

A range of compatible fixtures from Armstrong’s partner companies for the building services elements (Trox for air diffusers and XAL and Zumtobel for lighting) have also been prequalified for fit and finish to give a clean, monolithic look using standard ceiling panels and suspension systems.

All specifiers have to do is design the layout from either Armstrong’s CAD/Revit library or their own imagination, then choose the field panels, technical panels, suspension systems and perimeter treatments.

Field panels are Armstrong’s Ultima+ and Ultima+ OP, Perla and Perla OP 0.95 and Optima mineral tiles and planks with Microlook 90 or SL2 edge profiles. These tiles and planks deliver environmentally and acoustically as Perla OP 0.95 was the first mineral tile in the world to be Cradle to Cradle certified, the Ultima+ range was the first mineral ceiling tile range in the world to be Cradle to Cradle certified, and the suspension system – the Prelude 15 XL2 grid – is now also Cradle to Cradle certified, making the complete system (tiles and grid) the ultimate green ceiling system. In addition, Perla OP 0.95, Ultima+ OP and Optima all deliver to sound absorption Class A.

The improved TechZone™ system has enabled Armstrong to meet the growing trend for linear lighting.

At the same time, Armstrong has teamed up with XAL Lighting to launch the On Centre linear lighting solution. It makes it even easier for architects and specifiers to create inspiring ceiling designs with higher ceiling heights, zero plenum interference and on-centre continuous or non-continuous layouts.

The unique solution is designed to be installed as a full new system but it can also be retrofitted to existing 600mm by 600mm ceiling modules to bring an even cleaner monolithic visual to open and closed-plan spaces in buildings such as offices, schools, hospitals and retail outlets.

The integrated system allows the high-performance XAL Leno Grid Led luminaire to be installed from below to eliminate the requirement for ceiling re-work when it is specified with factory-finished Armstrong ceilings panels (Ultima+, Ultima+ OP and Perla OP 0.95) and the Prelude 15 XL2 suspension system. It also integrates with Axiom pre-engineered perimeter systems and transitions and can be incorporated into canopies.

Architects and designers simply follow the TechZone™ specification phases of choosing a standard layout or creating their own, then choosing their panels, suspension systems, perimeter treatment and accessories. Armstrong’s 600mm by 600mm mineral tiles are typically used throughout, with the 600mm by 550mm brought in when there is a linear light to fit. Lighting strips can be as long as 2,400mm.

The new premium system gives an ultra-contemporary visual with the narrow 100mm linear lighting centred on the grid using standard ceilings and suspension systems to create custom looks. The lighting goes between and parallel to the grid main runners so only requires an additional hanger for installation, making it as quick and easy to install as standard systems.

TechZone™ incorporating linear lighting has its own dedicated CAD drawings available from Armstrong’s Architectural Specialities office and is covered by Armstrong’s 30-year system warranty*.

*For the Armstrong components, not XAL’s.

For more information please visit

An extension to the Dame Kelly Holmes Sports Centre at Farnborough Sixth Form College, to provide additional facilities for students, is using Quadra pre-formed plywood column casings, which were supplied and installed by Encasement, to conceal structural steelwork and improve interior aesthetics.

Originally opened in 2007 in honour of the British double Olympic gold medallist, this latest expansion of the college’s wide-ranging sports and P.E. facilities is designed to link the Dame Kelly Holmes Centre with a separate sports hall, while also providing much needed additional recreation and social space for students.

The new annexe, which also incorporates a large foyer area, uses extensive glazed curtain walling that extends for more than 50 metres from the new entrance along the full length of the building and is supported by 16 structural columns, which are concealed by the rectangular Quadra casings.

Manufactured from strong 8mm thick pre-formed plywood, 15 of the casings measure 368mm x 200mm, while the final one is 368mm x 350mm to accommodate a double structural support. Each casing is finished in durable Formica ‘Dusty Jade’ matt green laminate. The casings also incorporate matching infill strips to give an integrated finish to the vertical joints and feature 100mm high brushed aluminium collars at ceiling and floor level.

While most of the Quadra casings stand 3.0 metres high, during installation Encasement needed to trim and tailor some casings to allow for two changes in the level of the floor, which increases along the building’s length of the extension by approximately 300mm.

Encasement’s Managing Director, Martin Taylor, explained: “This is an ideal application for Quadra casings, as they’re not only strong and durable, for use in high traffic public areas, but can be finished in virtually any colour to integrate or contrast with a building interior.”

He added: “Our Quadra and Circa pre-formed plywood column casings are just part of our extensive range, which also includes Forma metal casings and Vecta wall lining solutions, all of which are widely throughout the education sector in public areas, classrooms and lecture theatres, as well as for main entrances and foyers.”

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Rinnai’s Energysaver range of fanned convection powered flue gas-fired space heaters are designed specifically for use in schools, community centres, libraries, conservatories and churches and other large spaces, where they have earned themselves great popularity with end-users and installers.

Now, with a new super energy efficient addition to the range in the form of the Rinnai Energysaver 559FT with sleek good looks, and a matching new streamlined look for the popular Energysaver 309FT, Rinnai is leading the field in large interior space convector heating.

Sporting a modern, sleek casing, the heaters simply blend into the background in line with modern demands for modern interior aesthetics while offering exceptionally high efficiencies in operation and reduced running costs.

Changes have been made to the operation board which is now an easy to use touch control pad sited conveniently and discreetly on top of the appliance, (rather than on the front with a flip up cover). The unit is also supplied with a child lock to eliminate any problem of small hands tampering with the controls.

Added to these advantages are the timer function and eco mode which are combined with the new unit’s ability to heat spaces fast.

The 559FT has an input of 6.4kW and output of 5.2kW. The streamlined unit measures 554mm x 750mm x 250mm.

The Rinnai Energysaver 309FT, like the 559FT, sports a similar sleek casing and turns in net efficiencies of 88%.

It has an input of 3.4kW and output of 2.92kW. The streamlined unit measures 695mm x 465mm x 257mm. Natural Gas usage has been pegged at 0.31m3 while LPG consumption is 0.26kg/hr.

Also available is the Energysaver 1004T with its impressive input of 11.6kW and outputs 10.23kW. Its measurements are 670mm x 930mm x 315mm and it has energy efficiencies of 96% under the guidance of Part L 2014. This puts it in the top rank of space heaters in its class.

Like the Energysaver 559FT and 309FT, the 1004T heater is also suitable for central timer control. This feature allows the building manager to run any number of Rinnai space heaters off a central time clock providing heat to the largest of spaces. The Energysaver Multi controller is not limited to single Energysavers as the flexibility of the system guarantees units can be mixed and matched to satisfy even the most unique of buildings.

Rinnai Energysaver range delivers energy-efficient and consistent warm air powered by Natural Gas and LPG options and is built with fully modulating burners so heat output and energy input is reduced as the space warms up.

The Rinnai Energysaver range comprises fanned convection-powered flue models that exceed seasonal thermal heating guidance under Building Regs Part L.

In a building with high vaulted ceilings, with conventional convector heaters the heat will immediately rise to the ceiling. With the Energysaver range Rinnai has successfully come up with a solution that heats from the floor up and by modulating gas usage in relation to room temperature, provides unparalleled levels of comfort combined with efficiency.

For more information on the RINNAI product range visit

Redring’s Selectronic Premier care shower range is now available with a class-leading conditional five-year warranty.

The UK’s number one care shower, which achieved the highest A class energy efficiency rating in line with the Energy-related Products Directive, will be supplied with the warranty on new purchases, providing guaranteed performance and peace of mind to specifiers and end-users.

The thermostatic shower has been a popular choice in the care sector for over 25 years, due to its ability to deliver water at a constant and safe temperature. Large one-touch buttons offer easy control, and audio feedback allows all changes to be clearly communicated to the user.

The inclusion of smart data logger technology means that showering patterns can be tracked at all times to save energy and monitor usage, and a unique fault-finder system allows problems to be easily diagnosed and solved.

The introduction of the five-year guarantee coincides with the launch of a new Selectronic product brochure, complete with full details of the range and an information leaflet to explain the benefits of Selectronic to carers and end-users.

The new guarantee provides two additional years, above the existing three-year warranty and is conditional on the purchase being registered with Redring within 30 days, via the warranty card supplied in pack.

For further information on the Selectronic Premier range or to download the new brochure, please visit

Venture Lighting Europe has launched its very first range of VLED Filament Lamps for the domestic and commercial markets.

As the trend for classic filament lamps in bars, restaurants, hotels and homes following an industrial or vintage theme returns, Venture has created a highly efficient, low-energy alternative to the classic lamp using the latest high performance LED technology. Designed to be a direct replacement for halogen or incandescent lamps, Venture’s new stylish VLED Filament Lamps are A+ rated and can help businesses and homeowners save up to 90% in energy and significantly reduce carbon emissions.

The new VLED Filament Lamps, Venture’s latest addition to its growing range of VLED lighting solutions, carries many great benefits besides the attractive aesthetics, and can be selected in a range of traditional or alternative styles and a choice of outputs to find the right lamp to suit any application.

The VLED Filament Lamp is available as a GLS, candle, golf ball, globe or squirrel bulb, all of which offer a 300° multi-directional beam angle for a wide distribution of light across the room. Unlike other, traditional lamps, the LED technology means that the lamps reach the correct level of lighting instantly to avoid lengthy lamp ‘warm up’ times.

Available in 4W or 6W, the low-output lamps significantly reduce the electricity consumption of the scheme, which allows users to save a considerable amount of money on operating costs, with a very fast payback period of about one year. The VLED lamps also offer a 15,000 hour average lamp life, which is up to 15 times longer than average halogen or incandescent lamps. The VLED lamps are dimmable as standard to help save more energy where possible.

Based on the standard screw or bayonet fixing, the full range can be easily installed without the need for a professional electrician to allow businesses or homeowners to simply upgrade their existing lighting to these stylish lamps to create a warm, vintage ambience. The lamps can also be used as a stylish, contemporary alternative to standard bulbs to enhance the attractive aesthetics of pendant fixtures or chandeliers.

Designed for stylish interiors that reflect an industrial, vintage or contemporary design, Venture’s VLED Filament Lamps have been created with a colour temperature of 2700K to emit a warm colour light as standard, reflecting the original design of classic filament lamps. In having these warm light levels, a soft and relaxed ambience is created which is an increasing trend in the hospitality sector. Although the lamps have a low colour temperature, they also offer a high efficacy rate of up to 100 lumens per circuit watt to ensure high quality light is produced.

Venture Lighting Europe has produced an extensive brochure covering the full range of VLED Filament Lamps, highlighting their key features, benefits and application options, as well as an explanatory Payback Calculator to help customers understand the monetary savings involved with the lamp replacement. This brochure can be downloaded from the company’s website,

Further information on the VLED Filament Lamp range is available from Venture Lighting Europe on 01923 692600, by emailing: or by visiting the company’s website at

Birmingham’s new £50 million dental hospital and school of dentistry in Edgbaston is using 200 metres of custom designed elliptical aluminium column casings from Encasement to conceal primary structural steelwork used in the extensive feature curtain walling, which stands the full height of the four storey building.

Constructed on the site of the former BBC Pebble Mill TV studio, the new facility replaces the existing 50-year-old building adjacent to the local Children’s Hospital and is expected to treat more than 100,000 patients each year.

The large glazed facades at the front and rear of the hospital are key design features, which allow natural light into the building and their primary support structure of steel columns and beams are concealed with Encasement’s ‘Forma’ aluminium decorative casings to create a more aesthetic finish to the building’s interior.

Manufactured and installed by Encasement, every horizontal and vertical casing section, the tallest of which stands 25 metres high, was formed into a unique 1500mm deep semi-elliptical ‘aerofoil’ profile and finished in white PPC to complement building’s bright interior colour scheme.

Due to the complexity of the project, Encasement provided full CAD design assistance to develop the concept as part of the planning process prior, which not only helped during the design and manufacture stages, but also simplified the installation, as each 3 metre long ‘Forma’ casing section had to be secured to create smooth, virtually joint free finish.

Martin Taylor, Encasement’s Managing Director, explained: “This is one of the most challenging and rewarding projects we have undertaken. Not only were we working to extended heights, but the casings also used unique elliptical geometry and demanded the utmost precision when being installed to achieve the level of fit and finish required by the client.”

He added: “The end result, however, was worth all the effort and the Forma casing solution add the finishing touch to and exceptionally well designed, constructed and much needed state of the art facility, which is among the world’s best university dental hospitals.”


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