Rinnai’s Infinity range of continuous flow gas fired water heaters includes heavy duty and condensing units that are engineered to guarantee high efficiencies and low running costs – and exceed future and current regulations and standards like those proposed by Part L Building Regulations and ERP.

Rinnai is also the manufacturer and supplier of the Energysaver range of space heaters designed for fast and efficient heating. The range comprises of fanned convection-powered flue models that exceed seasonal thermal heating guidance under Building Regs Part L.

And now, new technologically advanced additions enhance the ranges still further.

Rinnai’s heavy duty condensing (HDC) Infinity models

NEW: The latest addition to the range is the Infinity HDC1600i renewables-ready low NOx series, the first heater of its kind to utilise Rinnai’s own patented pre-mix burner technology. The newly developed down-firing burner allows increased efficiency and reduces NOx gases. The Infinity 1600i series is available with an output of 58.4kw producing 16.2 litres of temperature controlled hot water per minute (or 972 per hour) raised at 60°C.

The HDC1200 internal and external models give an energy performance of 107% net efficiency while the larger Rinnai HDC1500 internal and external models turn in 105% net efficiency.

These Rinnai condensing continuous flow water heaters are extremely low NoX, less than 20ppm, with net efficiencies of 105-107% and flow rates up to an excess of 972 litres per hour @ a 60° temperature rise.

Rinnai Infinity bespoke solutions – compliance packages

NEW: Rinnai has devised a bespoke turn-key solution that has now been adopted as the preferred water heating choice for a global fast food chain. The Pack has been designed to provide better on-site efficiency and is supplied to site in bundles, including best in class Rinnai Infinity continuous flow gas fired water heaters and all relevant parts, including scale protection technology where necessary. The pack comes with bespoke installation instructions and schematics inclusive of commissioning sheets for sign off, ensuring a one hit install.

The ERP ready system offers proven 105% efficiency, supports G3 compliance and Legionella (ACOP L8) compliance as well as being best in class under Part L building regulations.

Rinnai Infinity Plus

The Infinity Plus solution for large commercial operations has been developed to provide never-ending hot water without costly storage and brings together multiple units of the company’s award-winning condensing continuous flow water heaters into single, easily manoeuvrable modules.
The comprehensive Rinnai Infinity PLUS range offers specifiers and end users a system that guarantees a constant flow of safe hot water at precisely the chosen temperature. Operated via an easy to use built-in digital controller, the water heater provides near mains pressure flow for as long as is necessary. Rinnai can design these systems to supply in excess of 24,000 litres per hour at 50°temperature rise.

Rinnai Infinity Plus storage

Using a modular system of either internal or external Rinnai HD or HDC condensing water heaters and a stainless steel storage vessel, demands in excess of 20,000 litres per hour can be satisfied. Rinnai Infinity Plus Storage packs represent the best value-for-money hot water storage solutions on the market today with everything delivered direct to site in one complete package.

Rinnai renewables heating solutions

Rinnai units used as a gas booster to solar thermal or heat pump installations. This maximises renewable gains. Rinnai infinity water heaters are the only booster that can modulate from 58kw to 2.4kw ensuring renewable hot water is only complimented by gas. A comprehensive range of renewables products including solar arrays is available.

Rinnai Digital, BMS Gateway and controllers

For commercial buildings, Rinnai’s development and investment in integral smart controls for its appliances makes them compatible with sophisticated BMS system. Rinnai BMS Gateway’s enable the interaction between the water heater and building management systems, allowing easy monitoring which in turn identifies areas where energy is being wasted, error messaging supporting first time repair, trend logging and much more.

Rinnai Solo

NEW: The Infinity Solo condensing low NOX is the first Rinnai product for the UK to combine the advanced technology of its wall mounted continuous flow water heaters with a stainless steel storage cylinder all in one compact footprint.

Because the cylinder is stainless steel it greatly reduces the weight compared to glass lined models, which makes transportation and installation easier. As well as the difference in weight, the cylinders available also have extremely low heat loss figures (as low as 1.5kW/h day), which means the customer pays less to maintain the heat within the tank. The Infinity Solo also has the fastest recovery times on the market these can be as short as 19 minutes.

Common flue header system

Rinnai has also pioneered a common header flue system to streamline manifolded installations of its award-winning Infinity condensing continuous flow gas water heaters. Previously multiple installations in an interior plant room would have meant each unit had to have its own flue and that meant punching a hole through the building fabric for each individual unit, a time consuming and expensive necessity.

Lime scale checker

Another simple but effective idea safeguards against lime scale build up occurring in Rinnai continuous flow water heaters a scale control system continually monitors the appliances for lime scale deposits around the heat exchanger and alerts the end user that it is time to perform a lime scale flush.

Energysaver space heaters

Rinnai Energysaver 559T, 309T and 1004T deliver energy-efficient and consistent warm air powered by Natural Gas and LPG options and are built with fully modulating burners so heat output and energy input is reduced as the space warms up. The units may also be controlled via a central timer for added economy and occupant comfort and are encased in a low surface temperature (LST) casing. The heaters are suitable for central timer control. This feature allows the building manager to run any number of Rinnai space heaters off a central time clock providing heat to the large of spaces.

The Rinnai Energysaver 559T unit turns in efficiencies of almost 92% when you are considering the effective heat generator seasonal efficiency required for UK building regulations. It has an input of 6.4kW and output of 5.2kW. The unit measures 554mm x 750mm x 250mm.

The Energysaver 1004T has an input of 11.6kW and outputs 10.23kW. Its measurements are 670mm x 930mm x 315mm and it has energy efficiencies of 96% under the guidance of Part L 2014.

The Energysaver 309T has an input of 3.4hw supported by 85.9% efficiency making it ideal for smaller light commercial and domestic installs.

HD range

Rinnai has a range of cost effective HD solutions ideal for light commercial and replacement products. The HD range consists of the HD50, HD70E, HD55i and HD55E. The units range from 54kw to 69kw and produce as little as 20ppm NOx whilst having the capability to produce up to 979 ltr/hr at a 50°C rise.

For more information on the RINNAI product range visit www.rinnaiuk.com.