One of the UK’s leading windows and doors systems company, Deceuninck, recently hosted an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of their innovative manufacturing plant and warehouse for Editors of the industry’s trade and commercial media. Buildingspecifier was there (golden ticket in hand!) and we caught up with Managing Director Rob McGlennon shortly after the tour:

What lead Deceuninck to host this event?

“We’ve worked with the industry’s magazines for a long time now, but many of them haven’t visited Deceuninck. We know from experience that it’s one thing to read about people or companies, or come across them at industry events for example, but it’s quite another to visit their premises and meet the people that work there, in all areas of the business. It shows people who you really are. I’m proud to say that visitors to Deceuninck have always said they’ve found us to be a friendly, down to earth, approachable team of people and are impressed by the size and scale of our operation. From the feedback we had from our press day, the Editors of our industry magazines seemed to agree.

What do you think visitors took away with them as a lasting impression?

“We gave our visitors insight into what’s important to Deceuninck, including building long standing relationships and developing new products for the good of the market, as well as giving both sectors of the market an overview of the complete Deceuninck picture. The commercial press we work with for example weren’t aware of the over and above support we offer our trade fabricators, just as the trade media weren’t aware of the comprehensive list of commercial case studies we have worked on with our commercial fabricators, including Hinkley Point, Fairview Homes. Abbey Road and Kennedy Gardens.

“Without giving anything away, we also gave the Editors a sneak preview of some of the new products they can expect to hear about in 2018, in addition to the Heritage Window Collection and more recently Grey Substrate product launches of this year.

Let’s talk a little bit about colour – with an impressive range colourways and such a large warehouse for stock, do you think that Deceuninck can reduce downtime for end contractors by lowering lead times?

“Absolutely. Minimising downtime for specifiers is of the utmost priority for us, as it leads to real time tangible savings for our customers. We achieve this through innovation of our product range and honing the overall delivery process to make it efficient as possible.

“Our visitors were shown our impressive warehouse that allows us to deliver our 26 colourways from stock, for both profile and ancillaries. We performed a fun exercise before we started the tour whereby one of our visitors chose a specific product and a specific colour combination, which we then challenged ourselves to find quickly and easily in our warehouse. Considering our warehouse has been likened to Amazon or T5, you can imagine how much of a challenge this could be without the right systems in place. Thanks to our advanced set-up however, we were able to demonstrate precisely how efficient an operation it is.

“On the topic of colour, we also announced that we have now hit the 50% colour milestone – in fact 51% of our products are now supplied in colour, because we can do it so easily. Two of our largest customers are also now doing 50% colour. The demand is there, as an industry we just need to meet it, which means delivering quality colour products, without extended delivery times.”

Can we come back again?

“Yes! At Deceuninck, we are always keen for people to come and visit us in Calne, customers and prospects alike, but it was nice to take a day out to build further on the relationships we have with the industry’s press, for our benefit and of course the benefit of our customers.”

Contact Deceuninck today for more information on 01249 816 969 or visit
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