Deceuninck Commercial Sales Manager John Duckworth explains how the company’s holistic approach to commercial projects benefits the specifier, contractor and end user.

Windows are a key part of the build process, providing natural light, protection from the elements and ventilation. They also have great architectural importance by helping to define the overall character of a building and create visual interest.

The latest innovations in window technology has given developers and specifiers a choice of materials, styles and designs to choose from. The very best of this technology also works seamlessly with modern construction methods to create the right aesthetics, reduce installation time and improve the building’s overall performance. Choosing the right supplier is critical in this process.

Deceuninck is a leading window systems company with strong ties in the commercial and housebuilding sector. We work with a number of large developers including Crest Nicholson, Catalyst Housing, Countryside Properties and Berkeley Group. Developers choose Deceuninck because our high performance window systems are engineered for aesthetics, with perfect symmetry and balanced sightlines, and they’re tried-and-tested for commercial applications. Linktrusion™ is our flagship window technology that combines pultruded glass-fibre with PVC-U in Deceuninck’s 5000 window for light and strong windows with slim sightlines and outstanding thermal efficiency. In terms of performance and benefits, Linktrusion™ combines the very best of PVC-U and aluminium, and developers love it, often choosing Deceuninck windows over aluminium, and in Deceuninck’s Grey Matt foil on grey substrate, it’s hard to tell them from aluminium.

Commercial partnership

Product is half the story and Deceuninck’s success comes down to our holistic approach to commercial projects. We work closely with developers, specifiers, fabricators and contractors to look at the full picture of how windows work within the build, be it timber frame, steel frame or modular, to get the best results for our clients.

Our commercial team works with partners to ensure products not only meet technical specifications but are correctly installed and perform effectively in the finished project. We supply accurate data and test results on performance and acoustics, a growing and important point of specification. Working with Bluesky Certification and the University of Salford, we’re the first PVC-U systems company to commit to acoustic testing of our full range because it gives fabricator customers a big advantage in the tender process.

The Hinkley Point Worker Accommodation development is an example of a technically demanding project in which 80% of the 1,400 windows were installed into pre-fabricated modules off-site. Working in partnership with fabricator Dempsey Dyer, Deceuninck’s technical team ensured our Tilt and Turn windows met the highest energy and weather requirements both off-site and in installation. Once assembled, the windows passed the most stringent CWCT water testing, normally only used for curtain walling. Deceuninck’s technical team worked with Dempsey Dyer to successfully cut the windows’ decibel rating down by RW35db to RW40db and RW43db, helping to minimise the impact of noise on workers and make a quieter, healthier environment.

The Woodward Building at Imperial College London is another example of Deceuninck’s strong ties with developer, contractor and fabricator. Despite the complex requirements for aesthetics, weather performance, acoustics and safety, Deceuninck and fabricator Dempsey Dyer successfully broke the original specification for aluminium, bringing a 30% saving for the client. Our 2500 Tilt and Turn window impressed developer Berkeley Group with outstanding performance: Class 4 Air permeability; Class 8A Water tightness and Class A5 2000Pa exposure. The windows delivered U-Values of 1.5 and G-Values of 0.27 to prevent overheating in the building. Safety and durability were also important factors, and Deceuninck’s Tilt and Turn window is ideal for high-rise and student developments because it can be locked in the tilt mode for added safety and unlocked by maintenance teams when cleaning is required. The installation process included full EPDM shrouding and on-site water testing, and was completed on time and in full. Due to the success of this project, Berkeley Group has awarded Dempsey Dyer further contracts, and Deceuninck is now an approved supplier for the developer.

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Advances in window systems and exciting new composite materials are turning perceptions on their heads and extending the limits of commercial windows and doors.

First generation PVC-U windows and doors were bulky and unattractive and came in a very limited range of colours. And if you wanted very big windows and tall, or very tall doors standard PVC-U isn’t the answer. So, specifiers have traditionally favoured aluminium for commercial projects for aluminium’s strong, slim profiles and wide colour selection. But the rate and scale of development in commercial windows has been phenomenal, and it’s now possible to have the best of aluminium with the best of PVC-U in one window. Specifiers can now have the warmth and energy efficiency of PVC-U and the sustainability, strength, looks, and the colour choice of aluminium in high performance composite commercial windows.

Linktrusion™ – the latest exciting commercial innovation by Deceuninck

This new solution is based on Deceuninck’s Linktrusion™ technology, and it comes with many exciting new benefits.

Linktrusion™ composite technology is a true innovation that breaks new ground in the commercial sector. This patented technology is used in our composite 5000 window system which incorporates immensely-strong pultruded glass-fibre in the profiles, plus optional patented thermal reinforcement with embedded steel wires in a low density insulating foam core encased in recycled PVC-U for excellent U values.

Windows manufactured with Linktrusion™ are as strong as steel reinforced windows, but 30% more thermally efficient, with up to 40% savings on materials and weight. Linktrusion™ technology is the first to remove the need for traditional steel reinforcement, and its inherent great strength allows specifiers to consider using very tall windows and very large doors (1100 x 2500 or 1150 x 2400 for a single door). The windows have slim sightlines, are available in countless Decoroc and foiled colours and are 100% recyclable. Feedback from specifiers has been extremely positive. London and Quadrant (L & Q) for example specified this ground-breaking technology for their recent flagship complex in Abbey Road, Barking. L&Q is one of the UK’s leading housing associations and one of the largest residential developers in London. The organisation wanted windows with top performance and aesthetics. Using Deceuninck’s unique LinktrusionTM technology the project was completed in Decoroc Anthracite grey RAL 7016 – a very popular choice of colour in the commercial sector.

Forging strong ties with commercial fabricators and contractors

Deceuninck has an exciting portfolio of commercial projects including Imperial College London (1,100 apartments), Hinkley Point staff accommodation (1,400 apartments), Ocean Village in Southampton (700 frames), and Trafford House in Basildon (4,500 apartments). We develop strong, close relationships with commercial partners to help them meet project specifications, and our technical support team is available to help with complex issues such as weather performance, energy efficiency and increasingly, acoustics.

Acoustics is fast becoming a critical factor in commercial specification, with developers keen to reduce the impact of noise pollution. That’s why Deceuninck is currently investing in systematic acoustic testing of its full range. As far as we’re aware, we’re the first PVC-U window systems company to make this commitment. Working in partnership with one of the country’s leading acoustic testing centres at the University of Salford, we’ve completed testing of our 2500 and 5000, and Fully Reversible Window, with further testing in progress.

Deceuninck’s acoustic expertise was crucial in the Hinkley Point C staff accommodation development. Developers and planners needed to reduce the impact of noise on workers so tasked Dempsey Dyer and Deceuninck to cut the decibel rating down by RW35db to produce windows of RW40db and RW43db.

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One of the UK’s leading windows and doors systems company, Deceuninck, recently hosted an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of their innovative manufacturing plant and warehouse for Editors of the industry’s trade and commercial media. Buildingspecifier was there (golden ticket in hand!) and we caught up with Managing Director Rob McGlennon shortly after the tour:

What lead Deceuninck to host this event?

“We’ve worked with the industry’s magazines for a long time now, but many of them haven’t visited Deceuninck. We know from experience that it’s one thing to read about people or companies, or come across them at industry events for example, but it’s quite another to visit their premises and meet the people that work there, in all areas of the business. It shows people who you really are. I’m proud to say that visitors to Deceuninck have always said they’ve found us to be a friendly, down to earth, approachable team of people and are impressed by the size and scale of our operation. From the feedback we had from our press day, the Editors of our industry magazines seemed to agree.

What do you think visitors took away with them as a lasting impression?

“We gave our visitors insight into what’s important to Deceuninck, including building long standing relationships and developing new products for the good of the market, as well as giving both sectors of the market an overview of the complete Deceuninck picture. The commercial press we work with for example weren’t aware of the over and above support we offer our trade fabricators, just as the trade media weren’t aware of the comprehensive list of commercial case studies we have worked on with our commercial fabricators, including Hinkley Point, Fairview Homes. Abbey Road and Kennedy Gardens.

“Without giving anything away, we also gave the Editors a sneak preview of some of the new products they can expect to hear about in 2018, in addition to the Heritage Window Collection and more recently Grey Substrate product launches of this year.

Let’s talk a little bit about colour – with an impressive range colourways and such a large warehouse for stock, do you think that Deceuninck can reduce downtime for end contractors by lowering lead times?

“Absolutely. Minimising downtime for specifiers is of the utmost priority for us, as it leads to real time tangible savings for our customers. We achieve this through innovation of our product range and honing the overall delivery process to make it efficient as possible.

“Our visitors were shown our impressive warehouse that allows us to deliver our 26 colourways from stock, for both profile and ancillaries. We performed a fun exercise before we started the tour whereby one of our visitors chose a specific product and a specific colour combination, which we then challenged ourselves to find quickly and easily in our warehouse. Considering our warehouse has been likened to Amazon or T5, you can imagine how much of a challenge this could be without the right systems in place. Thanks to our advanced set-up however, we were able to demonstrate precisely how efficient an operation it is.

“On the topic of colour, we also announced that we have now hit the 50% colour milestone – in fact 51% of our products are now supplied in colour, because we can do it so easily. Two of our largest customers are also now doing 50% colour. The demand is there, as an industry we just need to meet it, which means delivering quality colour products, without extended delivery times.”

Can we come back again?

“Yes! At Deceuninck, we are always keen for people to come and visit us in Calne, customers and prospects alike, but it was nice to take a day out to build further on the relationships we have with the industry’s press, for our benefit and of course the benefit of our customers.”

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More than a dozen PVC-U and aluminium systems producers are showing at The FIT Show when it opens on April 12th, 13th and 14th next year, the biggest gathering of such companies for a decade.

With many of the industry’s established stalwarts exhibiting there are also one or two newer names joining the throng and all are claiming something new on offer, including brand new systems. However, all are keeping their big items under wraps for the time being.

FIT Show managing director Paul Godwin worked on Glassex for more than a decade and says this is the most impressive gathering of such companies for probably 10 years: “There has been a significant rationalisation of the systems companies since the heady days of the ‘80s and ‘90s but the dozen plus systems companies exhibiting at next year’s FIT Show is the best turnout for a decade, and includes most of the big names.

Companies exhibiting so far include: Deceuninck, Duraflex, Eclectic, Eurocell, Ikon, Liniar, Profile 22, Rehau, Selecta, Spectus, Swish, Synseal and VEKA.

“This is great news for the window industry,” Paul continued. “That these companies are investing millions of pounds in design, development, new machinery and tooling at this time is great news for all of us. It shows great faith in the future of the industry.

“As many of these companies are revealing brand new, ground-up systems, it presents an excellent opportunity for fabricators and installers that may be looking at additional or alternative systems, who can use the opportunity to compare most of the major brands, all under the same roof at the same time.”

Paul suggests that it shows an extraordinary commitment to The FIT Show: “That The FIT Show has become a key part of the window, door and conservatory industry’s calendar is confirmed by these and other exhibitors coordinating their product development cycle with the Show. We see that as a big responsibility and will be pulling out all the stops to make sure the 2016 FIT Show is the best so far. It is already the biggest in terms of the number and variety of exhibitors and should be in everyone’s diary: 12th, 13th 14th April 2016 at the International Centre Telford!”

More information on The FIT Show can be found at: