Titon has launched a comprehensive new range of accessories for use with its MVHR units. These include Titon’s new aura-tTM touchscreen controller, Anti-Vibration Mounting Kits, First Fix Solutions and Condensate Drain – each of which has been developed as part of the company’s ongoing commitment to producing the latest, most advanced ventilation systems on the market.

The new aura tTM is a simple yet striking backlit touchscreen controller for Titon’s range of MVHR units. The next evolution of Titon’s renowned aurastat® control, the device is easy to operate and can be used for programming or commissioning the company’s Q Plus range, as well as managing ventilation speeds. It has been designed for use with Titon’s high end ‘B’ model, with the HMB version coming out in summer 2018.

Elsewhere, Titon’s new Anti-Vibration (AV) Mounting Kits utilise specifically designed brackets, which isolate the MVHR unit from the wall. This helps to reduce any low levels of vibration-induced noise from being transmitted to the mounting structure. The brackets match the construction, quality and finish of Titon’s HRV Q Plus range, without obstructing any subsequently attached ducting.

Each Mounting Kit uses four rubber AV bobbins, which have been specifically selected for optimum performance, while the bracket design ensures the unit is kept close to the mounting surface.

Compatible with Titon’s HRV 1.75 – 10.25 Q Plus units, First Fix Solutions make installation of the ducting from the ceiling void to the ventilation unit faster and easier, while providing a high quality finish and appearance. Designed for use with Titon’s 90° elbows, First Fix Solution products are available in two sizes, the smallest of which has the same face area as the top of the unit, ensuring the ducting travels directly to the ports in the first fix. This option requires the use of Ø150 round to round elbows in the ceiling void due to the closeness of the ports.

Alternatively, the larger First Fix Solution is the same width as the unit, but greater in depth – allowing the use of Ø150 round to rectangular 220 x 90mm elbows, and therefore can be fitted in a lower ceiling void. (The 90° elbows are not sold as part of the kit and should be purchased from Titon separately.)

Finally, Titon’s new Condensate Drain Cover has been developed to conceal the service pipe on the underside of Titon’s HRV units, improving the overall aesthetic, while still being easy to remove if required. There are three sizes available, designed to fit HRV 1.25 Q Plus to HRV 1.35 Q Plus, HRV 1.75 Q Plus through to HRV 3 Q Plus and HRV 10M Q Plus to HRV 10.25M Q Plus respectively.


Each cover has a depth of 74mm, within which the drainage pipe must be installed in order for the product to fit the ventilation unit. The drainage trap cannot be fitted within this cover void, so must be located in a suitable, alternative position.

Further details about the new MVHR accessories can be found at: http://www.titon.co.uk/pages/ventilation-systems/mvhr-accessories.
For more information about Titon and its comprehensive range of whole house ventilation products and window & door hardware, please visit: www.titon.co.uk.
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