Sika supplied the corrosion-resistant repair solution as part of a huge refurbishment involving six social housing tower blocks.

The Brentford Towers in west London form an imposing cluster in an estate within the capital’s Hounslow district. Built between 1968 and 1978, the towers contain 88 homes in each of 6 twenty four storey point blocks with exciting views over the Thames and West London. Over time, the structures’ concrete façade had become cracked and spalled in areas, leading to Hounslow Council implementing a repairs programme as part of a major overhaul of the buildings.

UK Gunite was selected to apply the Sika repair system on behalf of the project’s main contractor, Engie UK. With work starting in 2017, it initially involved applying Sika® FerroGard®-903+, a surface-applied mixed corrosion inhibitor. This ingenious solution, which is based on organic compounds, is designed for use as an impregnation of steel- reinforced concrete. It is spray-applied and penetrates concrete to form a protective monomolecular layer on the surface of the reinforcing steel, thus delaying the corrosive process and the rate it progresses.

Surface cracks and spalling were then repaired using Sikagard®-545 W Elastofill. This quality product provides a crack-bridging intermediate coat, which closes pores, cavities and blowholes. It also offers excellent resistance to water ingress and damp. Sikagard®-550 W Elastic provided the concrete surface’s crack-bridging protective coating. Class ‘O’ fire-rated, Sikagard®-550 W Elastic the product is particularly ideal for exposed concrete structures susceptible to cracks and openings and the like. For the Brentford Towers refurbishment, Sika’s repair and corrosion protection solution was used across a surface area covering 25,000m².

John Dorling at Engie, said: “This was a huge project to undertake. Therefore, we required a concrete repair and protection system that was proven to be effective over large areas. The spray-applied Sika® FerroGard®-903+ was not only the best solution in terms of the protection it offered, it was also the most time and cost-effective, as its penetrative properties negated the need to break-out large areas of concrete. The Sikagard®-545 W Elastofill was also a revelation in terms of its crack-bridging ability and the light-grey finish it provided.”

Cllr Lily Bath, Cabinet Member for Housing and Social Inclusion, Hounslow Council, said “We are excited to be working with Sika, Engie and other suppliers to repair and return these iconic buildings to the landmark status that they have in West London, and to a condition that our residents deserve.”

By specifying Sika’s concrete repair and corrosion protection system, the project’s clients, Hounslow Council, have a 15-year guarantee on work involving large areas of concrete with carbonation beyond the depth of the reinforcement. Therefore, the structural integrity of these striking tower blocks has been future-proofed for the reassurance of client and occupants.

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Eight years after being put on the ‘At Risk’ register by English Heritage, the landmark Terry’s Chocolate Factory has a new lease of life, following extensive refurbishment. The 1926, Grade II listed building now starts a new chapter as a care village owned by Springfield Healthcare.

Once home to famous brands such as Chocolate Orange, the factory and offices were closed in 2005 and fell into disrepair over the subsequent decade. Eventually the building, which is part of a 27-acre site, was acquired by Henry Boot Developments for conversion. The renovations included a full roof refurbishment that was undertaken by Hull-based roofing contractor L.A. Hall using a Sika Sarnafil single ply system.

One of the key focuses of the work was to preserve and retain the art deco features of the building while increasing its lifespan. A vital element of the repairs was the work on the existing flat and slate roof areas that were in a very poor state, and a roof for the new additional floor of the building.

Principal contractor Simpson (York) Ltd., brought L.A. Hall on board to complete the roofing works, which comprised a number of disciplines, including heritage Westmorland slating, single ply, zinc cladding and leadwork.

L.A. Hall suggested using a Sika Sarnafil system for the flat roof areas, as it matched the client’s requirements for longevity and sustainability, and is the company’s preferred membrane choice. The project’s conservation officer was initially concerned that the system would be too shiny, but Sika Sarnafil provided a number of samples, and after discussions, the specification was welcomed by all parties.

The project was complex due to the multiple roof areas and detailing. To begin, the existing slating on the central north light roof slopes, which were remaining in place as part of the new scheme, were re-covered using a fully adhered Sika Sarnafil system including G410-EL membrane in Lead Grey.

In addition to the existing roof areas, an extra floor to the building was constructed around the north lights. Its steep slated mansard-type external elevation included approximately 60 dormer windows, which required zinc on all the vertical faces and Sarnafil on the tops. The flat roof area of the extension was then also covered in the Sarnafil system, along with 140m of parapet guttering detailing, and a new roof terrace area.

Nigel Drysdale, Technical Advisor at Sika Sarnafil said “We had a great number of details to consider in order to preserve the original look of the building. For example, the architect and conservation officer required a timber mop roll detail to the perimeter of the main roof and the dormers. So all the parties worked closely to achieve a practical and aesthetic solution, which involved creating detailed life-sized models of key elements. This collaborative and applied approach gave the conservation officer confidence that the detailing was sympathetic to the building’s heritage and that’s what we eventually installed.”

The L.A. Hall team overcame various challenges, including working on sloped areas, tight time scales and challenging winter weather, but thanks to the skill of the fitters and the flexibility of the Sarnafil system, the project was finished to an impeccable standard and on time.

All members on the team agree that the newly refurbished roof looks stunning and will defend this iconic building from the elements for many years to come.

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The roof refurbishment of Kirkgate Market in Leeds is a story of problem solving and partnership. Rising to the challenge, Protech Roofing and Sarnafil Plus delivered an exemplary solution, which allowed the market to remain open throughout.

Europe’s largest covered market, Kirkgate has 800 stalls attracting over 100,000 visitors a week. As part of a £14m refurbishment to improve the market for the stallholders and the public, the leaking roof, extending over both the 1976 and 1981 halls, needed renewing while the building was fully operational. Being such an important and iconic city landmark, viewable from many of the surrounding buildings, attention to detail and aesthetics were also incredibly important to the final result.

The Sarnafil Plus team did the groundwork to secure the tender with the architect, asserting the benefits of a Sarnafil system, Sarnafil Plus technical support and guarantee. Following this, Protech Roofing, a registered Sarnafil contractor, spent many hours visiting the site and attending meetings, gaining the trust of all parties.

Eamonn Cahill, Interserve senior project manager, said “Protech showed outstanding levels of proactive problem solving and integrity throughout the project. The Sika Sarnafil membrane has given the market hall roofs a smart, clean finish with the durability to keep the building weatherproof for years to come.”

The original design specification called for the existing felt waterproofing to be removed back to the metal decking. However, as this would cause massive disruption and with no guarantee of a watertight building. To combat this issue, Protech recommended a mechanically fastened Sarnafil system that could be overlayed onto the existing substrate.

A full Sarnafil Plus survey and moisture mapping revealed the worst areas for water ingress before the project started to assist with planning the work.

The nine-month project saw a team of between eight and 10 people working on the roof through all four seasons, including rain showers and temperatures of over 27°C., without the project or waterproofing ever being compromised.

Sarnavap 5000E SA a cold applied, self-adhesive vapour control layer was used to ensure temporary waterproofing for the market while the roofing work was being carried out. The SarnaTherm insulation boards were mechanically fixed into the existing roof and installation of Sarnafil S327-15EL Light Grey membrane with stainless steel fixings created a durable, weathertight and aesthetically pleasing finish. Sarnafil membranes are certified by the British Board of Agrement to have a service life in excess of 40 years, giving the client confidence in the durability and longevity of the roof.

A further feature of Sarnafil roofing systems that appealed to the client was that the Sarnafil S327-15EL Light Grey membrane is cold applied – welded together using hot air rather than with a naked flame. The system can be used without restrictions as it meets the fire performance requirements of BS476-Part 3:2004 and BS EN 13501-5:2005. This was an important safety consideration as the market had suffered a terrible fire back in 1975.

Six rooflights over 51m long were replaced with SarnaLites, situated close together in rows, making sure that the market continued to benefit from natural daylight. This part of the refurbishment was carried out at night to limit any disruption to the market below.

Sarnafil Plus visited the site regularly and a successful final inspection resulting in the issuing of a Sarnafil Plus guarantee.

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Sika has the solution to eliminate an ever-present public nuisance and prevent expensive and regular clean-up bills – currently in excess of £1 billion in the UK each year – in the process. The global building product manufacturer has developed a product which not only removes recurrent graffiti with a simple jet wash; it acts as an effective deterrent to illegal fly-posting.

The removal process couldn’t be simpler. Sikagard®-850 AG Anti-Graffiti and Anti-Poster provides a permanent, transparent coating to mineral and coated substrates, as well as wood and metal. Brush, roller or spray-applied, all that’s required to ensure this superb system repairs a defaced structure is water jetting or a cold water hose and rubbing the graffiti with a clean cloth.

This negates the need for detergents, aggressive cleansers, hot water or high-pressure cleaning. Unlike alternative sacrificial systems, the substrate does not require recoating following graffiti removal using Sikagard®-850.

Following application, Sikagard®-850 leaves a glossy film. This enhances the colour of the substance it’s applied to and means posters, which have been pasted illegally, will fall off in a matter of days. As well as its excellent gloss retention, the system supports dirt pick-up resistance and displays high levels of resilience to UV and heat. It is also water vapor breathable.

Bob Orishaguna, Buildings Manager – TM Refurbishment at Sika, said: “Graffiti has become an extensive problem, spreading from the largest cities to highway bridges and trains. The availability of Sikagard®-850 could significantly reduce the clean-up bill for private and public bodies nationwide, significantly reducing the £1 billion sum spent in the UK each year on graffiti removal costs.”

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Thanks to Sika, a vehicle workshop involved in the repair and maintenance of some of the world’s most expensive cars has been supplied with a durable, high-gloss floor to protect the high-powered, high-specification machines it services.

The Ferrari Garage in Greater Manchester contains a hive of engineering expertise. For the refurbishment of the workshop’s 700m2 floor, it was vital the new system contained hard-wearing, non-slip properties, whilst offering a smooth, seamless finish to benefit mechanics and exquisite motors alike. Sikafloor®-263 SL, a two-part, multipurpose binder system, proved ideal.

In preparation for the built-up floor system’s installation, IRL Group Ltd – the project’s contractors – ground and shot-blasted the existing surface. Sikafloor® Level-30, a polymer-modified, pumpable, self-levelling, fast-drying cementitious screed was initially applied to the substrate in areas of anticipated heavy traffic which required higher thickness.

Sikafloor® 161 primer was then applied to the whole floor, and when cured, Sikafloor®-263 SL was installed to a thickness of 2mm. Based on epoxy resin, the system offers excellent chemical and mechanical resistance for heavy-wearing concrete and cement screeds in areas such as assembly halls, workshops, garages and loading ramps.

The floor’s high-gloss, light-grey finish was supplied by Sikafloor®-264, a two-part epoxy roller and seal coat with high-slip resistance: essential traction provision for rear wheel drive cars such as Ferraris which need to journey on and off ramps during maintenance. The Greater Manchester workshop has space for the service of up to five vehicles at any one time, hence the need for a smooth floor which didn’t compromise on tyre-grip.

Mark Ollerenshaw, Managing Director at IRL Group Ltd, said: “For a floor upgrade in an environment involving big-wheeled vehicles, the surface we provided had to have proven, durable qualities. Sikafloor was absolutely ideal. Its high-gloss finish complimented its hard-wearing, high-slip resistance, resulting in the perfect floor system for a project involving prestigious cars and an abundance of highly-technical equipment.”

The garage remained closed whilst the floor refurbishment was carried out. It meant contractors had a strict seven-day deadline to complete the project and ensure the business reopened on the agreed date. Sikafloor’s easy application and reliable performance ensured the timeframe was met, leaving the workshop with a safe, smart, durable floor fit for a Ferrari.

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The flexible, easy-to-apply, aesthetic properties of Sika-Trocal ’s watertight single-ply membrane proved the ideal solution for a stylish and unusual roof design – the crowning glory of a new, multimillion pound community church.

The £4.5million C3 Centre in Cambridge was built to host community events as well as serve as a place of worship. The two-tier building’s architecturally-striking feature is its ‘fantail’ roof. Tapering to a point at one end, the roof’s design presented a challenge to Farrans Construction, main contractors of the church building project.

The company required a roofing system which not only offered the optimum watertight performance; it had to complement the structure’s eye-catching design. With Cambridge Flat Roofing specified to carry out its installation, the Sika-Trocal SGK system met the contractor’s brief to perfection.

Suitable for both new build and refurbishment applications, in both warm roof and cold roof construction, Sika-Trocal SGK is the best-cost performance bonded membrane for use on all types of substrates. Offering excellent flexibility and high resistance to ageing and weathering, Sika-Trocal SGK ensures a long-lasting, low maintenance roof covering.

Wayne Farrington, Director at Cambridge Flat Roofing, commented “The roof looks pretty spectacular and certainly offered a challenge in terms of its construction. There’s no doubt the Sika-Trocal SGK system’s specification aided the building process.

“It not only looks as good as it performs, it was simple and quick to install. It made a potentially tricky installation, quite straightforward.”

Work on the church roof started in March 2015. As well as the installation of Sika-Trocal SGK on the 1,500m2 main roof, Cambridge Flat Roofing applied Sika-Trocal’s Type SGmA single-ply membrane as part of a sedum roof build-up on a lower area of the building.

The fully-adhered Type SGK roofing membrane is approved by the British Board of Agrément (BBA) to have a life expectancy in excess of 35 years. Its easy application ensured the church’s stunning roof was completed ahead of the client’s strict eight-week deadline to ensure this gloriously-designed building will remain watertight and functioning as a vital community hub long into the future.

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Water ingress was being experienced to the exposed Asphalt split level decks at Sunbury Cross Shopping centre. With the site providing nearby residents with their only parking means, it was vital the system used to waterproof the existing surface allowed for a rapid installation which could withstand long-term vehicular stress. Sikafloor® RB58, a quality, highly-crack bridging system from global building product manufacturer Sika, met all the project’s requirements.

Sunbury Cross multi-storey car park in Middlesex serves the High Street’s busy shopping centre. The asphalt surface of its top two decks – which are reserved for residents – had become cracked and blistered due to long-term exposure to the elements. Contractor Makers Construction was appointed by clients, real estate leaders Colliers International, to install Sikafloor®-RB58 to refurbish the damaged surface as part of a five-week programme of repairs.

Selected for its dynamic crack-bridging, incredibly fast curing-times and high abrasion resistance, Sikafloor®- RB58 comprises of a fully reinforced system to guarantee the surface is watertight and free from cracks which allow the passage of water.

Wayne Greenwood, Site Manager at Makers Construction, commented: “Sikafloor®-RB58 was perfect for this project. The Sikafloor Primer allowed us to adhere directly to the asphalt, minimizing the surface preparation required.”

As part of the repair system, Sikafloor®-10 Pronto, a medium-viscosity, fast-curing primer was applied to the car park’s 3,000m2 asphalt surface. To fully strengthen the base coat, glass fibre reinforcement mat, Sika® Reemat Premium, was applied and embedded into the Sikafloor 32 Pronto. A further layer of Sikafloor®-32 Pronto filled with 1:2 Sikafloor® -Pronto Filler was also applied and fully broadcast with Quartz Sand.

Sikafloor®-18 Pronto, which offers excellent mechanical and chemical resistance, provided the system’s fast-curing, solvent-free seal, giving the floor a superb skid and slip-free finish sufficient to meet HSE regulations.

Wayne Greenwood added: “Sikafloor®-RB58 Pronto is incredibly easy to apply and as promised; fast-curing, which was vital to ensure the project was completed in good time.”

Despite work being intermittently disrupted by bad weather, repairs to the car park decks were completed on schedule and to the client’s full satisfaction. Sikafloor®-RB58 has ensured residents have renewed, hard-wearing, aesthetically pleasing and safe car park decks which offer long-term resistance to the elements as well as traffic-based wear and tear.

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At the refurbishment of the multi-storey car park on Walkden Street in Mansfield, Sika supplied a comprehensive range of repair systems to transform the ageing site into a safer, brighter and more accessible modern parking facility.

Built in 1964, the Walkden Street car park features a total of 433 parking spaces located on six decks split across three levels. Following the failure of the top deck’s original waterproofing membrane applied many years earlier, the reinforced concrete structure was beginning to show signs of spalling and corrosion damage, and was in need of repair.

With the top deck closed for safety reasons since 2012, and with less than 20% of the spaces in use, a fast and market proven solution was required to return the car park to full service as quickly as possible. Offering a long track record of successful car park refurbishments, Makers Construction Ltd were appointed by Mansfield District Council following a competitive tender process to carry out the essential renovation works.

Makers carried out major structural repairs, waterproofing and redecoration – with the client turning to the proven performance of Sika as a single source supplier for the vast array of repair and protection solutions.

Due to the failure of the existing top deck waterproofing membrane, water ingress had caused a series of defects in the construction joints, lower deck systems and concrete soffits. Following an on-site survey to identify the key areas of degradation, Sika provided a number of concrete repair solutions including Sika MonoTop concrete repair mortars and Sika Galvashield galvanic anodes for corrosion control for the soffit areas, followed by the application of Sikagard-675 anti-carbonation coating.

This was also used on the lower decks to seal around gully outlets to prevent water ingress into the shops below.

Approximately 4,600m2 of Sikafloor® Pronto fast-curing decking system was applied to the entire deck area and access ramps to provide a slip resistant and hard wearing waterproof surface. Utilising its fast setting properties, Makers ensured works could be completed quickly and with minimal disruption to ensure the project remained on schedule.

As part of the Council’s aims to improve the customer experience at Walkden Street, each of the parking spaces was also increased in size from 2.4 metres to 3 metres in width. Although this reduced the number of parking bays from 433 to 368 spaces, the additional space for each car provides more accessibility for both families and drivers of large, modern cars.

With the renovation of the Walkden Street multi-storey car park complete, and the site re-opened to the public from May 2015, the specification and high quality application of a range of Sika solutions has helped to deliver a structurally and aesthetically sound parking facility that is fit for the future.

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For a new production line floor at a bottling plant in Wales, a specialist floor surface system from Sika has delivered long term performance and excellent durability whilst meeting the demanding hygiene regulations within the food and drink industry.

The Radnor Hills Mineral Water Company in Knighton produces more than 175 million bottles each year. For a new bottling line, the floor surface had to meet industry standards, withstand heavy machinery and be easy to clean. Appointed to complete the application within the limited timeframe, specialist contractor Coatech turned to Sika and the company’s Sikafloor PurCem polyurethane resin system – a market proven high strength screed.

Following the re-screeding and sloping of an old warehouse floor to ease cleaning and drainage, Coatech diamond ground the screed to provide an effective key for the application of 100m2 of Sikafloor Purcem 20 which was laid to a depth of 9mm. The Sikafloor system was also used as a seal coat for covings, ensuring ease of cleaning and hygiene.

Offering excellent strength, Sikafloor 20N Purcem is a polyurethane modified cement screed that is highly resistant to chemicals, fatty acids and temperature. As the water-based system normally requires no primer, its installation is considerably less complex than many other systems, producing a joint-free surface that is slip and abrasion resistant.

Sika’s range of flooring systems for food and beverage production areas meets and exceeds client expectations, industry best practices and building regulations and legislation. All Sika flooring specifications are available via NBS+ and are supported with comprehensive technical support.

Now complete, the finished production floor at Radnor Hills Mineral Water can be steam cleaned to maintain the highest levels of hygienic surface demanded by the modern food and drink industry.

The careful and considered choice of product perfectly demonstrates how Sikafloor systems can help deliver high performance and cost-effective solutions for the most challenging and innovative commercial applications.

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When The Royal College of Ophthalmologists decided to upgrade the existing floor of a lecture room, the new flooring system had to be hard wearing, easy to maintain and offer superior acoustics – Sika ComfortFloor was up for the challenge.

Located near Euston Station in London, The Royal College of Ophthalmologists was refurbishing and upgrading a lecture room and required a replacement floor that was noise absorbent, easy to clean and would offer long term durability. To meet these requirements, the specification of ComfortFloor Pro, a seamless, liquid applied flooring system from Sika fitted the bill perfectly.

Sika ComfortFloor has recently become the first resin flooring system to achieve a BRE Green Guide Rating – attaining an A+ the highest rating available. This will help design teams achieve the highest BREEAM score possible for all project types, minimising the environmental impact of any building.

The successful application of 250m2 of Sika ComfortFloor Pro in a dusty grey colour by Sika approved contractor Surtech was completed throughout the lecture room and an adjacent corridor in the college. The team’s surface preparation consisted of diamond grinding the uneven sub floor which was followed by the application of the fast-setting Sikafloor Level 30 mortar at various depths to provide a flat surface to install the ComfortFloor System.

This was following by a layer of Sikafloor 161 primer before the application of the Sikafloor 330 by pin rake. To complete and seal the system, Surtech applied a topcoat of Sikafloor 305W by roller to create a joint free and seamless floor.

Available in a range of colours to meet numerous aesthetic requirements, Sika ComfortFloor Pro offers longevity, minimal maintenance and is perfect for applications where exceptional hygiene standards are vital. It can provide a seamless solution for food preparation areas, commercial kitchens, hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Combining innovation in product development, the highest standards of manufacturing and technical expertise, Sika’s comprehensive range of flooring solutions for domestic, commercial and industrial applications will meet and exceed client expectations, industry best practices, and building regulations and legislation.

The careful and considered choice of products at the Royal College of Ophthalmologists perfectly demonstrates how the Sika ComfortFloor system can meet the needs of the client with an efficient installation process suitable for the most challenging and innovative new build residential and refurbishment projects.

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