At the refurbishment of the multi-storey car park on Walkden Street in Mansfield, Sika supplied a comprehensive range of repair systems to transform the ageing site into a safer, brighter and more accessible modern parking facility.

Built in 1964, the Walkden Street car park features a total of 433 parking spaces located on six decks split across three levels. Following the failure of the top deck’s original waterproofing membrane applied many years earlier, the reinforced concrete structure was beginning to show signs of spalling and corrosion damage, and was in need of repair.

With the top deck closed for safety reasons since 2012, and with less than 20% of the spaces in use, a fast and market proven solution was required to return the car park to full service as quickly as possible. Offering a long track record of successful car park refurbishments, Makers Construction Ltd were appointed by Mansfield District Council following a competitive tender process to carry out the essential renovation works.

Makers carried out major structural repairs, waterproofing and redecoration – with the client turning to the proven performance of Sika as a single source supplier for the vast array of repair and protection solutions.

Due to the failure of the existing top deck waterproofing membrane, water ingress had caused a series of defects in the construction joints, lower deck systems and concrete soffits. Following an on-site survey to identify the key areas of degradation, Sika provided a number of concrete repair solutions including Sika MonoTop concrete repair mortars and Sika Galvashield galvanic anodes for corrosion control for the soffit areas, followed by the application of Sikagard-675 anti-carbonation coating.

This was also used on the lower decks to seal around gully outlets to prevent water ingress into the shops below.

Approximately 4,600m2 of Sikafloor® Pronto fast-curing decking system was applied to the entire deck area and access ramps to provide a slip resistant and hard wearing waterproof surface. Utilising its fast setting properties, Makers ensured works could be completed quickly and with minimal disruption to ensure the project remained on schedule.

As part of the Council’s aims to improve the customer experience at Walkden Street, each of the parking spaces was also increased in size from 2.4 metres to 3 metres in width. Although this reduced the number of parking bays from 433 to 368 spaces, the additional space for each car provides more accessibility for both families and drivers of large, modern cars.

With the renovation of the Walkden Street multi-storey car park complete, and the site re-opened to the public from May 2015, the specification and high quality application of a range of Sika solutions has helped to deliver a structurally and aesthetically sound parking facility that is fit for the future.

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