Water ingress was being experienced to the exposed Asphalt split level decks at Sunbury Cross Shopping centre. With the site providing nearby residents with their only parking means, it was vital the system used to waterproof the existing surface allowed for a rapid installation which could withstand long-term vehicular stress. Sikafloor® RB58, a quality, highly-crack bridging system from global building product manufacturer Sika, met all the project’s requirements.

Sunbury Cross multi-storey car park in Middlesex serves the High Street’s busy shopping centre. The asphalt surface of its top two decks – which are reserved for residents – had become cracked and blistered due to long-term exposure to the elements. Contractor Makers Construction was appointed by clients, real estate leaders Colliers International, to install Sikafloor®-RB58 to refurbish the damaged surface as part of a five-week programme of repairs.

Selected for its dynamic crack-bridging, incredibly fast curing-times and high abrasion resistance, Sikafloor®- RB58 comprises of a fully reinforced system to guarantee the surface is watertight and free from cracks which allow the passage of water.

Wayne Greenwood, Site Manager at Makers Construction, commented: “Sikafloor®-RB58 was perfect for this project. The Sikafloor Primer allowed us to adhere directly to the asphalt, minimizing the surface preparation required.”

As part of the repair system, Sikafloor®-10 Pronto, a medium-viscosity, fast-curing primer was applied to the car park’s 3,000m2 asphalt surface. To fully strengthen the base coat, glass fibre reinforcement mat, Sika® Reemat Premium, was applied and embedded into the Sikafloor 32 Pronto. A further layer of Sikafloor®-32 Pronto filled with 1:2 Sikafloor® -Pronto Filler was also applied and fully broadcast with Quartz Sand.

Sikafloor®-18 Pronto, which offers excellent mechanical and chemical resistance, provided the system’s fast-curing, solvent-free seal, giving the floor a superb skid and slip-free finish sufficient to meet HSE regulations.

Wayne Greenwood added: “Sikafloor®-RB58 Pronto is incredibly easy to apply and as promised; fast-curing, which was vital to ensure the project was completed in good time.”

Despite work being intermittently disrupted by bad weather, repairs to the car park decks were completed on schedule and to the client’s full satisfaction. Sikafloor®-RB58 has ensured residents have renewed, hard-wearing, aesthetically pleasing and safe car park decks which offer long-term resistance to the elements as well as traffic-based wear and tear.

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