Many existing, new and retrofitted buildings exhibit large gaps between design aspirations and in use performance. To meet policy objectives and meet the needs of building owners and occupants, in-use performance needs to improve rapidly and radically. Ambitious new start-up organisation, The Building Performance Network (BPN) hopes to influence change in policy, procurement and practice, both politically and technically across the UK and global Construction markets.

Whilst many people are now aware of performance gaps for energy use and CO2 emissions, fewer people are aware that issues are also evident in technical performance, occupant satisfaction, operating costs, environmental impact and importantly the health of the occupants.

Data is the key to understanding whether we are making the right choices throughout the lifecycle of the building. The UK suffers from a disjointed building performance evaluation sector, where data are inaccessible, study methods are not clear or shared, and decisions are often made on poor or limited data.

The Building Performance Network (BPN) will be an independent not for profit organisation, operating in all building related sectors. It will work to bring together individuals and organisations with an interest in improving building performance in operation. It is founded on the principles of integrity and robustness to ensure that it remains credible and authoritative. It is open to all, not just the existing Building Performance Evaluation industry.

The BPN has the following key objectives:

  • Bring people together with an interest in building performance
  • Understand how building performance data is collected and analysed to ensure members have reliable data on which to base their decisions
  • Move forward the practice of building performance evaluation to make it accurate and useable for the sector
  • Share and make members aware of a wide range of studies undertaken in the UK, creating a data-sharing platform to move the building performance agenda forward
  • Use data to influence change in policy, procurement and practice

The BPN is founded on the principle that participation should be open for all and that the member organisation has an interest in the performance of buildings in-use. It is constituted as an independent, non-profit organisation, which requires some core funding.

Members will be a part of an exclusive collective group of expert organisations shaping the building performance landscape and be seen as a credible collaborator by Government and other organisations with an interest in this field. If you want to support engagement with government in a unified industry approach, have a say in what is proposed as industry standards and enjoy a host of annual benefits then click here to find out how you can become part of this ambitious and fast growing organisation: http://building-performance.network/

Download the prospectus here.
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