Global building products manufacturer, Sika, has launched a new concrete repair solution that provides greater long-term protection for buildings and sets a new standard for low environmental impact concrete by significantly reducing CO2 emissions.

Sika has invested in the trusted Sika MonoTop® brand which rewrites the rule book in terms of low-carbon concrete repair. With 45 million buildings in the UK alone thought to be in need of refurbishment in order to comply with regulation energy performance, Sika’s sustainable MonoTop® range is the ideal repair solution for addressing such an issue. Its sustainable, reliable performance follows years of research by Sika’s technical teams, resulting in a proven, premier solution that compared to other concrete repair solutions, uses less carbon emissions – up to 1 tonne of CO2 per 100m2.

John Baron at Sika, said: “We are extremely excited to be launching this new system, an evolution of Sika’s trusted MonoTop® brand. MonoTop® is a key part of Sika’s long-term policy to create solutions which are as renowned for their sustainable performance as their excellent repair performance. We are very proud of this product. It will serve our buildings and the construction industry as a whole very well.”

To provide a clearer picture of how the new, sustainable MonoTop® system’s performance compares to other concrete repair solutions, the amount of CO2 it saves – based on a ratio of 1 tonne of CO2 per 100m2 of material – is the equivalent of:  1


An average petrol car driving for half a year

One car on electricity driving for one year

Electricity consumption by 0.65 households in one year

72 trips by train between Amsterdam and Paris

2.6 economy flights between Amsterdam and Rome


Additionally, the MonoTop® system’s user-friendly benefits are enhanced by its dust-reducing properties which limit particle emissions by up to 70% during application to create safer, less-polluted, more comfortable on-site working conditions for operatives. The sustainable composition of MonoTop® is also noteworthy, with each British Standard-approved product within the system, including the bonding binder and the concrete and levelling mortars, containing recycled waste materials.

The quality of the MonoTop® system is supported by Sika’s premier customer service, with our technical teams available to offer client support – from specification to installation – to guarantee your building or repair project is a concrete success.

John Baron at Sika, added: “As a leading manufacturer, we feel a great responsibility to innovate products which raise standards in building and repair. MonoTop® sustainable mortars are a fruition of that aim. Following its launch, we believe its rightful position will be at the forefront of the marketplace for concrete repair.”


1: Figures supplied by Climate Neutral Group

For more information on the benefits of the new MonoTop® sustainable range and how its specification can ensure the success of your next building or repair project



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