A range of products is now proving popular with construction companies looking for innovative and modern methods following its launch earlier this year.

Skeletank is now set to take the UK house construction market by storm, offering a solution to addressing the issues faced by residential builders when designing and installing surface water drainage systems.

Providing innovative sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) designed specifically for residential properties, Skeletank is only available from Hydro Water Management Solutions (Hydro WMS) and is the first modular systems of its type in the UK.

Adhering to the management train laid out in CIRIA C697, Skeletank systems bring with them a host of benefits for residential developers, social housing companies, local authorities and construction companies.

Potential benefits include releasing more land for development; substantial reduction in upfront costs of adoptable networks; improved cash-flow for developers; CDM and Health & Safety benefits and most importantly, the reduction of flood risk.

Director of Hydro WMS Brian Byrne explains further: “Skeletank systems offer ground breaking design benefits to residential drainage schemes, gathering rainwater at source and allowing its controlled release, either naturally back into the environment, or into the sewer network at a manageable rate.

“The systems have been specifically designed to provide flexible solutions to problems that face those building residential property every day. They meet the best-practice requirements of all current SuDS guidance and legislation.”

Providing a more natural approach to managing rainfall, Skeletank is a Surface water drainage system (SuDS) that can deliver provide both infiltration and attenuation. Skeletank solutions are suitable for pervious, impervious and soft-landscaped surfaces making them incredibility flexible in use.

Designed to manage surface water run-off within the grounds of each individual property, the system can return the water to the ground and/or store the water before releasing it in a controlled manner to the mains sewer network, or adjacent watercourses.

This modern method of managing surface water run-off at source can reduce the up-front cost of adoptable networks and provide major cash-flow benefits to developers. It may also be possible to reduce the size of open water features on site, such as ponds, thus allowing more room for more properties on the same sized site.

The main components of Skeletank systems are designed to be installed at a shallow level beneath hardened surfaces with minimal cover. This also proves extremely cost-effective, especially where there are ground issues such as contamination, high water tables or underlying rock layers. This reduced excavation means that the CDM benefits are huge, and staff safety is looked after, which is important in the world of construction.

Brian concluded: “It is an exciting time for Skeletank as more and more home builders are having to look for innovative ways to deal with water and there are now stringent SuDS guidelines to be followed. We not only make life easy, but we offer so many other benefits, that Skeletank is poised to be a market leader used by large and small private and public developers.”

More information about the Skeletank range is available at www.skeletank.co.uk