Gatic Civil Drainage, the global leader in access covers and civil drainage systems expands its growing Filcoten® range with Parkline. Introduced for car park applications, and ideal for renovations of existing parking decks, Parkline comes with the same high performance benefits as other products in the Filcoten range.

Filcoten is an innovative grated channel drainage system manufactured from a breakthrough High Performance Concrete (HPC). It provides market-leading levels of installed strength and stability for significantly longer, trouble-free operational life. It is also 100% recyclable and the only drainage channel to be made with renewable energy.

Filcoten Parkline is suitable for load ratings of up to C250 and is wheelchair friendly with almost no height difference to the surrounding road. It is ideal for replacing existing drainage systems, with an innovative locking system for quick and easy installation, and secure drain covers that can be easily removed for cleaning and access as required. Its cross-section and monolithic construction prevents noise when cars cross over it, and prevents grates from getting clogged. Its intelligent design includes innovative connecting elements made from corrosion resistant stainless steel for efficient water conductivity.

Sales Director Martin Neale comments: “Gatic is committed to ongoing improvement and development of its products so we can supply the best solutions for a wide range of drainage projects. Our Filcoten range includes Pro G, Pro V, Tec, Self, Pave and now Parkline with load classes from A15 for pedestrian areas to F900 for heavy duty applications where a more robust system is required.”

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Filcoten, Gatic’s market leading lightweight channel drainage system, has been installed at the new McDonald’s restaurant in Tonbridge. Filcoten Pro G NW100 c/w F900 Grate was supplied through civil drainage merchant MPS and installed by contractor Galamast, who handle most of McDonald’s construction projects. Galamast chose Filcoten because of its leading strength, installed performance and environmental benefits.

Filcoten® is manufactured from a breakthrough High Performance Concrete (HPC) that is setting new standards in flexural and compressive strength, and in the long-term performance of channel drainage. In comparison with resin and fibre reinforced concretes, Filcoten is 70% lighter and its bond to an identical concrete surround is five times stronger, significantly improving the installed channel’s resilience to traffic loading, ground movement and thermal cycling.

Its flexural strength is approximately double that of conventional HPC, which means fewer breakages in transit, in stock, and installation, and a considerably longer, trouble-free operational life. And due to Filcoten’s composition and close control of the curing process it achieves a compressive strength 50% higher than conventional HPC without having to revert to the use of chemical stabilisers, additives or releasing agents.

Filcoten is 100% recyclable and is the only drainage channel to be made with renewable energy. It is non-flammable and UV resistant unlike resin or polymer based products. Filcoten’s unique combination of high strength, high durability and geometric stability provides engineers and contractors with a market leading channel drainage solution.

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Gatic, a global leader in engineered surface water drainage and access covers, has appointed Keith Lambourne MBE, MIEx to support its strong growth in exports. Following a record year, Gatic is expanding and investing in its teams to lay the foundation for further international growth and to boost the Alumasc Water Management Solutions (AWMS) brand. Keith boasts 40 years’ experience in construction exports and 50 years in the construction industry. His wealth of knowledge will help drive the business forward and strengthen Gatic’s leading position in international markets.

Keith previously worked for global players such as Peter Savage and SKK Cyprus, and subsequently spending 26 years as Export Director for ACO International. In his new role, Keith will be responsible for identifying new export markets and promoting the benefits of AWMS and Gatic’s systems and solutions to specifiers and engineers around the world.

Keith comments: “I’m looking forward to developing and seizing new business opportunities for Gatic and AWMS. Both are leading brands in their own right with clearly defined benefits and USPs across their wide range of rain-to-drain water management solutions. I’m ready to hit the ground running and help make a difference.”

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Gatic has completed a new 80-page product guide for its extensive range of surface water drainage. The comprehensive brochure includes detailed information on Gatic’s innovative Slotdrain, Filcoten® and ProSlot ranges, as well as Harmer’s SML below ground drainage for the complete solutions package.

The brochure goes into some detail on load classes, product applications, technical tables, 3D render images and technical support. It also covers Gatic’s free Drainage Design Software and its association with MicroDrainage software.

Sales Director Martin Neale comments “Our wide range of civil drainage means customers benefit from a versatile choice of surface water channels, high capacity channels, linear and slot drainage. The new product guide helps specifiers, engineers and contractors choose the right solutions for their projects, whether it’s a light pedestrian scheme or an airport where a more robust system is required.”

Gatic’s innovative surface water drainage products are also supplied by Alumasc Group under its umbrella brand: Alumasc Water Management Solutions (AWMS).

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Gatic’s CastSlot drainage system has been installed at Queens Retail Park, a new 16 acre retail development in Preston. The new shopping centre currently comprises 80,000 sq ft. of open retail space and parking capacity for over 800 visitors. Designed by architects Cassidy and Ashton, the project is known as ‘Gateway to Preston’ as it develops into a highly visible entrance to the city.

Aldi supermarket is one of the main stores that anchor the site at an impressive 18,500 sq ft. The area required major works of the external soft and hard landscaping and Gatic’s CastSlot with a Treadsafe option was specified as the slot drain for the landscaped areas.

Working with Castle House Construction and supplied through specialist civil merchant JDP, CastSlot was a perfect fit for the prestigious new development. Ideal for car parks, the innovative slot drainage system is designed with an unobtrusive profile that sits discreetly within concrete, asphalt or block paving. Its Treadsafe option reduces the slot opening from 30mm wide to 2 x 9mm wide slots making the channel safe to cross for pedestrians. The reduction in slot opening has no impact on the intake capacity of the system.

Andy Lyon, Project Manager, Castle House Construction comments: “The retail park has been carefully landscaped to make an attractive and pleasant shopping destination. We were impressed by Gatic’s CastSlot Treadsafe system – it’s an easy to install, reliable and cost effective drainage solution. Gatic’s technical support was impressive too. The team were on hand to help with any technical issues and worked closely with us. The finished site looks great and the scheme obtained a BREEAM ‘very good’ rating.”

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It was local council concerns of the perceived risks from SARS and other airborne viruses that resulted in an innovative, new drainage solution at the iconic O2 arena. Once Greenwich Council dismissed the option to use open stacks within the tented area of this iconic London landmark, it was down to the UK’s best plumbing engineers to resolve the issue.

Studor, with their deep knowledge of drainage ventilation systems, worked together with ME Engineers and a team at Heriot-Watt University. The Studor System solution incorporated Studor Air Admittance Valves (AAVs) coupled with P.A.P.A. (Positive Air Pressure Attenuator) units. The P.A.P.A. acts like a shock absorber, dissipating pressure waves and stopping them bouncing around the plumbing system, thereby eliminating the need for roof penetrations at the O2.

“The O2 was a difficult project because it was breaking new ground and no typical model existed,” explained Studor expert Steve White. “The data we produced included flow calculations, flow rates and pipe sizing to deal with air and transient pressures.”

The university team which worked alongside Studor, determined that any gas build-up would follow the water flow. By placing all urinals on a twelve-hour flush cycle they greatly alleviated the potential of any gas build-up problem.

“This resulted in the world’s first sealed drainage system, totally without the need for any open vents,” said White from Studor. “It not only maintained the clean lines of the iconic roof but also minimised the environmental impact and kept costs down by reducing materials and labour.”

The O2 has an overall diameter of 365m, a circumference of 1km and is 50m high at its central point. When at full capacity, the building can hold 60,000 people and has 548 toilets.

While inside the O2 the full drainage and ventilation system is sealed, the outside pump stations are on pillars with open vents that are spaced 300 metres apart to dispense any odours are generated within the complex.

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Gatic Civil Drainage, a global leader in engineered surface water drainage and access covers, introduces a new range of high-performance access covers for paved areas. Suitable for up to D400 weight loading, the new Pave range is ideal for urban public places and parking areas.

Gatic® Pave is a comprehensive system of single, duct and multi span access covers and frames for use in paved areas where an aesthetic finish with a paviour infill is required. The components of Pave covers are manufactured from ductile iron to BS EN 1563 and structural steel sections (removable beams) to BS 4-1 which are supplied with a galvanised finish.

The benefits of Pave include non-rocking under slow moving traffic, a watertight joint under normal rainwater conditions, and closed keyways fitted with plastic plugs to prevent ingress of dirt. Pave is also extremely secure and vandal resistant – the covers cannot be removed without the correct lifting key, making unauthorised removal virtually impossible. Locking bolts can be fitted as an additional security feature.

Gatic Managing Director Peter Burnap comments: “With a history of installations dating back more than eighty years, Gatic is without doubt the proven international standard for engineered, heavy duty access covers and drainage gratings. Our access covers are subject to continuous development to meet the ever increasing and diverse demands of our roads and infrastructure. Our wide range of ductile iron and machined access covers in a variety of surface finishes and load ratings ensure we have a solution for every size and specification of project.”

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Hydro International is launching The Hydro-Brake® Flow Control Series, a versatile toolbox of precision-engineered devices for surface water, watercourse, foul and combined sewer network control.

Building on Hydro International’s leadership in flow control technology for more than 35 years, the launch unites each product in the series with the reputation for quality and repeatable, high performance embodied in Hydro-Brake® brand name.

Comprising Hydro-Brake® Flood, Hydro-Brake® Optimum, Hydro-Brake® Agile and Hydro-Brake® Orifice, the Hydro-Brake® Flow Control Series provides sustainable, performance-optimised water attenuation and control, whatever the project.

Alex Stephenson, Market Development Director for Hydro International said: “The name Hydro-Brake® has always been synonymous with rigorous research and continuous product development. The Hydro-Brake® Flow Control Series now offers designers, developers and contractors scalable, precision flow control performance for every site and budget – from flows of just a few litres per second up to major flood defence schemes of many thousands of litres per second.

“In all parts of the UK, new regulations and technical guidance are driving forward the implementation of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) and improved flood defences, while water and sewerage providers are finding their networks stretched beyond the capacity for which they were first designed and constructed. Choosing from the Hydro-Brake® Flow Control Series will help problem-free progress though planning consents, construction and adoption.

“Choosing a Hydro-Brake® flow control means you can be sure of a device that is optimised for through-life value, to deliver buildable, predictable and maintainable projects.”

The Hydro-Brake® Flow Control Series comprises:

  • Hydro-Brake® Flood, a highly sustainable, precision-engineered vortex flow control for flood defence from small dispersed schemes to major watercourse control.
  • Hydro-Brake® Optimum, Hydro International’s flagship passive flow control device, independently accredited by both the BBA and WRc, the only vortex flow control for which the head and discharge relationship can be custom engineered for each design, saving space and costs.
  • Hydro-Brake® Agile, a float-activated flow control that achieves a constant rate of discharge, and therefore the minimum upstream storage over a wide range of heads, particularly suitable for constrained sites.
  • Hydro-Brake® Orifice, a precision-cut orifice plate that delivers cost-effective, precise flow control.

Hydro-Brake® Flow Controls can be supplied pre-fitted in precast, reinforced concrete chambers for quick and easy installation, with the potential to significantly reduce CDM (Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015) risks on site.

Designers and developers need to adapt their drainage designs to meet increasingly varied planning and environmental stipulations. Hydro International’s technical team is available to advise on correct flow control selection and design and ensure flow rates and upstream storage requirements are balanced to provide the best-possible drainage performance over the duration of a storm.

For more information about the Hydro-Brake® Flow Control Series, call the Hydro-Brake® Hotline on 01275 337937, email or visit

Polypipe, the UK’s leading manufacturer of engineered sustainable drainage solutions, has seen its popular Ridgistorm-XL large diameter piping system installed as part of a water management attenuation solution for residential developers Kensington Developments.

Situated in the village of Marton, near Blackpool, the Magnolia Point development consists of 45 detached and 38 semi-detached three and four bedroom new family homes.

Due to the layout of the site, there was a limited public open space available to install a suitable attenuation system capable of storing the required stormwater for the development. Polypipe was approached to review the initial site drainage plan and worked alongside Consultant Engineer, Elluc Projects Ltd to design an alternative solution to meet the needs of both a 1 in 30 and 1 in 100 year storm events under Section 104 agreement.

The selected system was required to fit within an area of 1.25km² and store 680m3 of stormwater. In order to meet these requirements Elluc Projects Ltd specified an attenuation tank formed of 482m of Ridgistorm-XL 1200mm diameter SN2 pipe and fittings. Polypipe was able to take into account the site conditions in order to engineer the Ridgistorm-XL system to exact structural calculations. These calculations ensured that the Ridgistorm-XL system was designed to accommodate vehicles onsite, both during the backfilling and post installation.

The modularised system boasted 17 pipe runs as well as 20 prefabricated fittings, including 17 1200mm 90 degree bends, C and F sections, as well as 3 1800mm RIDGISTORMAccess Manholes. The system was connected together with sealing rings, the simplest jointing method which does not require welding, helping to save time during the installation.

Manufactured in Polypipe’s in-house specialist facility, the Ridgistorm-XL system was delivered to site in ready-to-install modular units, allow for easy handling, whilst reducing the need for heavy plant and minimising time and installation cost.

Richard Fox, Quantity Surveyor at Kensington Developments, said: “It was of paramount importance that the attenuation system used could be designed to fit into our limited available footprint. Polypipe’s pre-fabrication facilities meant that the system was designed and delivered to fit. The pre-fabricated fittings also assisted for a speedier installation, and reduced health and safety risks on site.”

Vikki Woodhouse, WMS Residential Manager at Polypipe Civils, said: “We have vast experience in providing water management solutions. The Ridgistorm-XL attenuation tank needed to be designed to fit within the limited space available and so Polypipe’s technical experts were on-hand to advise on the design from the beginning of the project. We were given a very unique project and designed a fully engineered system, taking all of Kensington Development’s requirements into consideration providing expert stormwater for the site.”

The installation of the Ridgistorm-XL attenuation system was completed in September 2015.

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A range of products is now proving popular with construction companies looking for innovative and modern methods following its launch earlier this year.

Skeletank is now set to take the UK house construction market by storm, offering a solution to addressing the issues faced by residential builders when designing and installing surface water drainage systems.

Providing innovative sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) designed specifically for residential properties, Skeletank is only available from Hydro Water Management Solutions (Hydro WMS) and is the first modular systems of its type in the UK.

Adhering to the management train laid out in CIRIA C697, Skeletank systems bring with them a host of benefits for residential developers, social housing companies, local authorities and construction companies.

Potential benefits include releasing more land for development; substantial reduction in upfront costs of adoptable networks; improved cash-flow for developers; CDM and Health & Safety benefits and most importantly, the reduction of flood risk.

Director of Hydro WMS Brian Byrne explains further: “Skeletank systems offer ground breaking design benefits to residential drainage schemes, gathering rainwater at source and allowing its controlled release, either naturally back into the environment, or into the sewer network at a manageable rate.

“The systems have been specifically designed to provide flexible solutions to problems that face those building residential property every day. They meet the best-practice requirements of all current SuDS guidance and legislation.”

Providing a more natural approach to managing rainfall, Skeletank is a Surface water drainage system (SuDS) that can deliver provide both infiltration and attenuation. Skeletank solutions are suitable for pervious, impervious and soft-landscaped surfaces making them incredibility flexible in use.

Designed to manage surface water run-off within the grounds of each individual property, the system can return the water to the ground and/or store the water before releasing it in a controlled manner to the mains sewer network, or adjacent watercourses.

This modern method of managing surface water run-off at source can reduce the up-front cost of adoptable networks and provide major cash-flow benefits to developers. It may also be possible to reduce the size of open water features on site, such as ponds, thus allowing more room for more properties on the same sized site.

The main components of Skeletank systems are designed to be installed at a shallow level beneath hardened surfaces with minimal cover. This also proves extremely cost-effective, especially where there are ground issues such as contamination, high water tables or underlying rock layers. This reduced excavation means that the CDM benefits are huge, and staff safety is looked after, which is important in the world of construction.

Brian concluded: “It is an exciting time for Skeletank as more and more home builders are having to look for innovative ways to deal with water and there are now stringent SuDS guidelines to be followed. We not only make life easy, but we offer so many other benefits, that Skeletank is poised to be a market leader used by large and small private and public developers.”

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