Marmoleum Solid is the contemporary new linoleum collection from Forbo Flooring Systems. Authentic in nature, its five individual ranges provide the foundation for creating pure, distinctive and modern spaces.

Created from 97% natural, raw materials (including linseed oil and wood flour), 72% of which are rapidly renewable, and with a 43% recycled content, Marmoleum already has exemplary sustainability credentials. The introduction of the new Marmoleum Cocoa range goes one step further by adding a seventh natural ingredient, upcycled cocoa shells from a Dutch chocolate producer.

An innovation in construction and aesthetics, the result is a rich organic scattering that introduces a completely new tactility for Marmoleum. This has led the range to win the 2017 IF Design Award for product design – adding to the many accolades and Ecolabels Marmoleum already holds, such as Nature Plus, Blue Angel and the Nordic Swan.

Adding an entirely innovative dimension in embossing is the new Marmoleum Slate range. It features a naturally inspired texture that exudes sophistication, offering the timeless aesthetic of stone, with the warmth and purity of linoleum.

Completing the collection are Marmoleum Concrete, now featuring a flash of colour shimmer, and a variety of plain to semi-plain aesthetics that run across the remaining Walton and refreshed Piano ranges.

Julie Dempster, Marketing Manager at Forbo Flooring Systems explains: “Marmoleum Solid is a contemporary collection that sits perfectly with today’s desire for more solid visuals and raw tactility. The concept of which is designed to combine beautifully with other building materials such as wood, glass and metal.

“Marmoleum Solid shows that linoleum flooring has the capacity to move beyond the classic marbled structures, and will encourage designers to consider using it in spaces such as retail, leisure and hospitality and offices, where other finishes are often more predominant.”

The Marmoleum collection is a prime example of Forbo’s ‘Committed to the Health of One’ programme, which strives to create better indoor environments. It is naturally bacteriostatic, does not harbour allergens and holds the Allergy UK Seal of Approval. Marmoleum has extremely low VOCs contributing to positive indoor air quality and has high LRV’s which help create positive environments in which to work, live and play. It is also protected by the unique water-based ‘Topshield 2’ finish, which ensures no hiding place for dirt or bacteria. By including a seventh natural ingredient from another industry into the Marmoleum Cocoa range, Forbo is continuing in its efforts to reduce waste and improve recycling.

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