A new brochure on its range of flooring systems has been published by Fermacell.

Leading building boards manufacturer Fermacell has launched a comprehensive guide to planning and installing its dry flooring systems.

The 64-page A4 manual details how Fermacell’s dry flooring systems are a practical and cost-effective alternative to conventional wet screed to concrete floors and how their excellent thermal conductivity makes them a very efficient overlay to underfloor heating systems. In addition, an optional wood fibre layer to the gypsum fibreboard base gives it excellent acoustic properties.

The brochure details the advantages of working with fermacell flooring systems (their light weight and dry and fast installation times, to name just a couple) and gives an overview of areas of application such as home, office and shopping areas, and areas where people congregate, as well as the loads to factor in for each.

It also advises on the substrates that fermacell flooring can be installed on (such as solid floors, timber joist floors with structural decks and trapezoidal steel sheet floors) and how they should be prepared. Step-by-step guides illustrate this process as well as how they can also be enhanced with a honeycombed acoustic infill.

Specific advice is given on flooring that is exposed to moisture and humidity, where fermacell’s cement-based Powerpanel H2O can be specified. A step-by-step guide details this particular installation procedure. And a table details guideline values for tolerance levels for completed fermacell floors over coverings such as carpet, cork, ceramic tiles, parquet and laminate.

Six pages are given over to example drawings of construction details for all the different flooring combinations, with another 11 pages advising on building physics and construction performance in areas such as fire protection and sound insulation. Material usage tables and installation times complete the picture.

Fermacell’s new flooring brochure is available to download from http://www.fermacell.co.uk/en/content/1038.php.

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