Marmoleum Solid is the contemporary new linoleum collection from Forbo Flooring Systems. Authentic in nature, its five individual ranges provide the foundation for creating pure, distinctive and modern spaces.

Created from 97% natural, raw materials (including linseed oil and wood flour), 72% of which are rapidly renewable, and with a 43% recycled content, Marmoleum already has exemplary sustainability credentials. The introduction of the new Marmoleum Cocoa range goes one step further by adding a seventh natural ingredient, upcycled cocoa shells from a Dutch chocolate producer.

An innovation in construction and aesthetics, the result is a rich organic scattering that introduces a completely new tactility for Marmoleum. This has led the range to win the 2017 IF Design Award for product design – adding to the many accolades and Ecolabels Marmoleum already holds, such as Nature Plus, Blue Angel and the Nordic Swan.

Adding an entirely innovative dimension in embossing is the new Marmoleum Slate range. It features a naturally inspired texture that exudes sophistication, offering the timeless aesthetic of stone, with the warmth and purity of linoleum.

Completing the collection are Marmoleum Concrete, now featuring a flash of colour shimmer, and a variety of plain to semi-plain aesthetics that run across the remaining Walton and refreshed Piano ranges.

Julie Dempster, Marketing Manager at Forbo Flooring Systems explains: “Marmoleum Solid is a contemporary collection that sits perfectly with today’s desire for more solid visuals and raw tactility. The concept of which is designed to combine beautifully with other building materials such as wood, glass and metal.

“Marmoleum Solid shows that linoleum flooring has the capacity to move beyond the classic marbled structures, and will encourage designers to consider using it in spaces such as retail, leisure and hospitality and offices, where other finishes are often more predominant.”

The Marmoleum collection is a prime example of Forbo’s ‘Committed to the Health of One’ programme, which strives to create better indoor environments. It is naturally bacteriostatic, does not harbour allergens and holds the Allergy UK Seal of Approval. Marmoleum has extremely low VOCs contributing to positive indoor air quality and has high LRV’s which help create positive environments in which to work, live and play. It is also protected by the unique water-based ‘Topshield 2’ finish, which ensures no hiding place for dirt or bacteria. By including a seventh natural ingredient from another industry into the Marmoleum Cocoa range, Forbo is continuing in its efforts to reduce waste and improve recycling.

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Forbo Flooring Systems has launched Coral Click, a new versatile easy-to-fit modular matting system that bridges the gap between heavy duty, rigid engineered barrier systems and textile ‘wipe off’ matting. Coral Click delivers an attractive, cost effective and practical entrance flooring solution, well suited to the requirements of any project where disruption and downtime have to be minimised.

Comprising durable PVC tiles with contemporary Coral Brush textile inserts, Coral Click is an ‘off-the-shelf’ matting product that will effectively remove dirt and moisture from the soles of shoes and wheels treads, and withstand heavy traffic.

Available in 12mm and 17mm depths, the 24 x 24cm Coral Click tiles are exceptionally easy to install and handle thanks to their innovative ‘press and lock’ construction. With a choice of five Coral Brush inserts and different layout options, design never needs to be compromised. Tiles can be fitted in a variety of methods for improved aesthetics, including monolithic, quarter-turn and brick patterns.

Janet Lowe, Head of Marketing UK and Ireland, at Forbo Flooring Systems said: “Our new Coral Click range effectively bridges the gap between the two different types of entrance flooring systems available on the market; textile and rigid profiles – whilst providing excellent value for money.

“The closed construction of the Coral Click tiles will not only help to prevent heel trap, but it will also easily retain soiling and moisture and release it effectively when cleaned. Just two steps on Coral Click is enough for it to absorb up to half the water that would otherwise be carried inside, thanks to the Coral Brush inserts.”

Coral Click has a five-year guarantee and is suitable for a variety of applications. As the range does not contain any metal, it is particularly suited to retail premises as it will not interfere with electronic-tagging systems which are usually located near entrance doorways.

Forbo aims to develop products that can create better quality environments in which people can live, work and learn. Its Coral collections help to ensure that buildings are safe and hygienic in all weather conditions. The WELL Building Standard also recommends the use of entrance matting as an important tool to reduce pollutants entering the building.

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Hot on the heels of its very first homogeneous vinyl collection, produced in its new state-of-the-art production facility, Forbo Flooring Systems has now launched a second range: Sphera Energetic. Reflecting the latest education trend colours, and with low emissions and high LRVs, this new phthalate free collection will contribute towards a stimulating, yet healthy indoor environment for any educational establishment.

Forbo’s Sphera Energetic is a bold and exciting new range that challenges traditional flooring design in schools and colleges. End users are presented with a fresh and playful colour proposition consisting of 52 shades: 41 ‘flecked’ colours alongside 11 complementary ‘vivid’ hues, which feature corresponding highlight chips to create an integrated flooring solution. The colour options are ideal for zoning and way-finding through corridors as the palette has been designed with intrinsic tint combinations to create stand out and inspiring flooring schemes.

Janet Lowe, Head of Marketing UK and Ireland at Forbo Flooring Systems commented: “The new Sphera Energetic range delivers an exciting proposition for educational design: a stylish and contemporary yet wholly practical flooring solution. Benefitting from the SMART-top finish, the new collection is resistant to chemicals, scratches and stains, making it ideal for busy classroom areas and corridors.

“Sphera Energetic’s colour palette offers high Light Reflectance Value (LRV) ratings, which will help you to maximise any form of lighting within a building – helping you to create a better and healthier environment for pupils and staff. It is also phthalate free and has very low emissions of 10ug/m2 after 28 days.”

Sphera Energetic is manufactured using SMART (Sustainable Modern Advanced Robust Technology) technology; the in-line coating and subsequent embossing process results in superior appearance and durability, which sees the collection achieving the highest abrasion wear rating group T (tested to EN660-2).

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Forbo has refreshed its popular Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) collection, Allura, in response to the growing trend for combining shapes, sizes and colours to create contemporary floor spaces,. By playing with scale, direction and combinations across the range, the manufacturer has introduced new shapes and sizes to the market, alongside innovative digital print options.

The Allura collection now includes new large scale 180 x 32cm giant oak planks and 1m x 1m tiles, as well as small 50 x 15cm planks. The new XXL plank sizes have been designed to help achieve the illusion of larger and lighter areas in buildings where space is limited, and can be used to create more spacious and social interiors whilst emulating the Scandinavian design trend for a neutral feel and finish. The smaller planks can be used creatively in smaller areas or within the body of more traditional floor designs. A new Hungarian Point plank, cut on a 45-degree angle allows realistic herringbone and chevron designs to be created with ease.

Part of Forbo’s largest wood offer to date, there are also exciting new contemporary solids and more planks than ever before, with in-register embossing to bring designs to life. For a fresh approach to stone, the new marble options bring a soft, natural angular flow to a timeless floor design.

“Allura is 100% phthalate free, REACH compliant and produced in Europe with low emission levels“, says Julie Dempster, Marketing Manager at Forbo. “The excellent dimensional stability ensures safe and hygienic floors, as dirt isn’t trapped in the seams; and the superior embossed lacquering system guarantees long lasting appearance retention and improves the resistance to stains and scratches. Our customers will also find natural stress-reducing designs and high LRVs in the collection. These are just some of the many ways in which Allura can help to create better indoor and outdoor environments.”

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Forbo Flooring Systems has developed a new Flotex Plank collection, allowing users to create stunning, contemporary floor designs for areas where safety, hygiene and well-being are priorities.

Combining the comfort of carpet, the durability of a resilient floor covering and the design versatility of a plank format, the new design collection lends itself perfectly to contemporary workspaces, as well as high traffic areas such as hotels and transport hubs.

Offering six new designs: Triad, Box-cross, Lava, Seagrass, Concrete and Wood, in plank sizes of 100x25cm, the collection provides endless design possibilities, from colourful and complex layouts to minimal, sophisticated aesthetics, which use shape and pile direction to create a stimulating floor pattern.

Julie Dempster, Marketing Manager at Forbo, said: “With people now spending an estimated 80-90% of their time indoors, the industry is now recognising the impact creating healthy interiors can have on the well-being of a building’s occupants. This new collection combines the outstanding indoor air quality performance of Flotex with surprising designs and a modular format, so users don’t have to choose between functionality and high design.”

Flotex has been awarded the prestigious “Seal of Approval” from Allergy UK as, with the correct cleaning regime, it will not harbour dust mites. Thanks to the anti-microbial treatment Sanitized®, Flotex also offers constant protection against mould odours and bacteria, including MRSA and E-coli

Julie concludes: “At Forbo, it’s the company’s ambition to design and manufacture floor coverings that benefit every individual by helping to provide safe, hygienic and comfortable living and working environments. The Flotex Plank collection contains 67% recycled content (by weight) and is 100% waterproof, which means that only water and standard materials are required for an effective clean, using minimal hazardous chemicals that would have a detrimental effect on the building’s environment. “

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Forbo’s new Marmoleum Linear sheet collection enables end users and specifiers to define spaces through intriguing floor designs, by playing with texture, colour and installation directions.

Recently presented with the iF Design Award, recognised as a symbol of design excellence around the world, the collection is divided into three ranges that reflect the latest trends across the office, retail, leisure and hospitality sectors.

Striato Original offers a natural, earthy colour palette of twelve shades that enhance the contemporary linear design that runs throughout the collection. The Striato Textura range amplifies the linear design further still, with two styles of embossing that create more tactile and captivating aesthetics – complementing the shades of Striato Original.

For those wanting to inject colour into an interior, the Striato Colour range has four vibrant tones and four neutral shades that have a flash of bright colour across them.

Julie Dempster, Marketing Manager at Forbo, commented: “The beauty of the new Marmoleum Linear collection is that individual products can be used on their own to create great effects, or can be mixed and matched with colourways from our other solid and patterned ranges.

“By playing with installation angles, a design that is as visually impactful as a chevron effect can be produced using a single colourway. Or, to create a quirky, boutique feel, circular, triangular or hexagonal shapes can be cut into the sheet product. Specifiers can also combine the new textures with smooth finishes to add an extra dimension.”

Marmoleum is a wholly sustainable floor covering, made up of 97% natural raw materials, 72% rapidly renewable and 43% recycled content. The Topshield2 finish provides an easy to clean surface and helps to reduce maintenance costs.

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The patients and staff of Chorley Hospital’s Urgent Care Centre can view the colourful life of the ocean’s coral beds, thanks to Forbo Flooring Systems’ digitally printed vinyls that allow designers and specifiers to create completely bespoke floor coverings without compromising on quality.

David Simmons, Interior Designer at Frank Whittle Partnership said: “We wanted to create a stimulating and vibrant environment for the patients and staff of the hospital, and one that they would be proud of. A range of Forbo’s floor coverings was specified for the project including Eternal and digitally printed vinyl, as the vibrant colours and the ability to create bespoke designs fitted the brief perfectly.”

For the children’s waiting area, an underwater scene of colourful tropical fish was digitally printed onto vinyl flooring to create a playful environment for the young patients to enjoy, and to distract them at what could be a traumatic or upsetting time.


Throughout the corridors, reception and main waiting areas of the centre, David chose to use Eternal in Silver Chestnut, because of its heavy wear resistance and superior appearance retention – key requirements for a busy hospital environment. The natural wooden aesthetic of the floor covering acted as a backdrop for the contrasting bright and vibrant Eternal colourways installed in the wards and consulting rooms of the centre and at the reception desks. Shades such as Petrol Sparkle, an eye-catching blue, and Honey Sparkle, a mustard-like tone, were installed to brighten up the wards and create a very individual environment.

David continued: “We also interspersed blocks of bright Eternal colours throughout the waiting areas. These blocks matched colours used in rooms on the wards as well as the reception desks and other furniture.

“We are very pleased with the overall design of the hospital and we were very fortunate to have a forward-thinking client that was brave enough to embrace the colourful design scheme.”

Forbo’s Eternal range is coated with a PUR Pearl finish which makes floors easy to clean and ensures low lifecycle costs – ideal for hospitals where budgets are tight and where staff and patients require a hygienic environment in which to work and be treated.

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Architects at Nicoll Russell Studios have worked closely with Forbo Flooring Systems to create an attractive and welcoming interior environment at The Kelpies Visitor Centre at Helix Park in Falkirk.

The centre provides an all-weather, all-year-round facility from which visitors can admire the magnificent 30m high Kelpies, the world’s largest equine sculptures. It also incorporates a cafe, exhibition space and a retail area.

Euan McCallum, Senior Associate at Nicoll Russell Studios, said: “When it came to specifying flooring for the centre, we initially contemplated having an exposed concrete finish, which would reflect the industrial heritage of The Kelpies. However, our client was concerned that the concrete may feel too hard beneath visitors’ feet and potentially be unwelcoming. So, we contacted Forbo for help as we were aware of the Allura Stone luxury vinyl tile range, which offers an appearance similar to polished concrete but without the associated costs and drawbacks.”

The main public areas of the centre have been fitted with Allura Stone LVT in three colourways – Grigio Concrete, Charcoal Concrete and Natural Concrete. The natural aesthetics and 50 x 50cm format were chosen to blend effectively with the granite paving of the plaza outside. The installation pattern not only reflects the exterior paving layout but also echoes the patterns of the stainless steel cladding panels on the Kelpies themselves.

Other Forbo products installed as part of the floor scheme include Nuway Grid entrance matting with Coral Anthracite inserts to complement the Allura Stone floor coverings, and Surestep safety flooring to help prevent slips and trips in back of house areas such as kitchens and staff rooms.

Euan concluded: “Throughout the entire project, Forbo were very helpful providing advice and all the samples we wanted. They not only assisted with the product selection, they also provided us with technical assistance and gave us a fully detailed specification for laying the materials on the substrate. Overall, we are all very pleased with the finished project and the help we received from the company.”

The innovative use of the floor coverings at The Kelpies Visitor Centre helped the project to win the 2016 Fly Forbo competition.

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Tessera Teviot, one of the most widely used ranges in Forbo Flooring System’s extensive portfolio of carpet tiles, has received a stylish colour refresh to maintain its leading position.

Forbo has updated and extended Tessera Teviot’s attractive colour palette with new classic, contemporary and high impact shades, all designed to enhance the creative versatility of this practical yet high performance flooring option. This new and more diverse colour palette makes Tessera Teviot the ‘go-to’ collection for commercial, educational and public sector applications.

With over 10 million square metres already installed, Teviot is the most popular low-level loop pile carpet tile in the Tessera collection. Manufactured from 100% Aquafil polyamide, the quality and durability associated with this trusted brand remains unchanged. A high castor chair rating and hardwearing resilience ensures Tessera Teviot copes effectively with heavy traffic conditions in busy environments.

Now featuring 48 colours, in contemporary solid and the more traditional mottled designs, the new range offers greater design scope and a wider appeal.

As well as the 29 best sellers from the original range, the refreshed colour palette introduces 19 new shades. Modern neutrals, such as Sable and Mercury, along with blue tones, like new Neptune and Duck Egg, provide a revitalised palette for office applications, whilst a brighter primary colour palette creates the option of bringing in fresh colour pops such as Skyblue, Raspberry and Mandarin – perfect for education interiors.

Commenting on this new and improved range, Forbo’s Janet Lowe, UK Market Manager, says: “Tessera Teviot can be specified wherever an attractive and particularly hardwearing modular floor covering is required, while our diverse new colour palette will open the door to whole new level of design opportunity for flooring contractors, specifiers and their clients.”

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