COMPAC have just launched Unique Calacatta, a quartz worksurface that offers a stunning contrasting grey veining design on a pure white background.

Inspired by the beauty and elegance of natural stone, Unique Calacatta offers a mechanical and chemical performance that is superior to nature’s own.

Combining traditional skill with innovation, COMPAC has been able to create a worksurface that makes it possible to decorate private homes and public spaces with elegant overall compositions that transmit serenity and harmony.

The striking contrast of pure white with the powerful grey veins characteristic of marble will give any space clad with Unique Calacatta a truly magnetic personality.

Architects and designers can now specify this new finish for their projects with the confidence. Every reference in this new product category is unique on the market, because just like in nature, each slab presents different nuances and patterns in design.

Added to this is an enviable set of technical specifications, the natural hardness of quartz comes hand in hand with a waterproof, hygienic finish offering even greater resistance.

This means that Unique Calacatta is especially appropriate for intensive use areas such as kitchen surfaces, floor tiling or wall cladding.

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