TRILUX, a leading lighting solutions provider, is proud to announce its successful collaboration with Kromwijk Elektrotechniek to provide a WELL and BREEAM certified lighting and management scheme for the newest distribution centre of fashion brand Scotch & Soda in Hoofddorp, Netherlands.

The new distribution centre has 16 loading docks, a large office, and a car park for 100 cars under the building. In line with the BREEAM and WELL guidelines, TRILUX provided all the lighting solutions for the distribution hall, the offices, the parking garage, and the building surrounds.

To ensure high sustainability and achieve WELL and BREEAM certification, the lighting scheme exceeded the standard requirements for workplace lighting. TRILUX’s experts and project leaders supported the installer in creating a lighting design to meet the end client’s wishes and needs.

Raymond van Dijken, the Sales Manager at TRILUX Benelux, highlighted the importance of the close partnership with Kromwijk Elektrotechniek. “From the start, we have worked with Kromwijk to jointly get a clear picture of the end customer’s wishes. With this information, we went to the drawing board and completely worked out the lighting concept. We have installed our highly efficient light line system E-LINE NEXT in the hall, the robust waterproof solution ARAGON FIT in the parking garage, the JOVIE in the outdoor areas and various functional and design luminaires in the offices and circulation areas.”

The TRILUX LIVELINK Premium light management system, links all the luminaires in an intelligent system to ensure maximum energy savings and to maintain flexibility during operation. For example, the lighting specialist has exceeded the requirements with higher-performing luminaires that deliver more lux to the work surface than necessary. Raymond said,

“we have dimmed these luminaires using LiveLink to extend their lifespan.”

He continues, “We are pleased to have successfully completed this project and shown great cooperation between the installer and end customer. Despite the turbulent market, everything was delivered on time, and the installer and end-user are very satisfied with the new building.”

For more information on the project, CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO


TRILUX is committed to providing high-quality lighting solutions that meet the needs of its customers while ensuring maximum energy savings and flexibility. With this successful project with Scotch & Soda, TRILUX reinforces its reputation as a leading provider of lighting solutions in the industry.


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