In the heart of Bristol’s bustling commercial district stands a beacon of innovation and sustainability: One Portwall Square. This groundbreaking office development, adjacent to Temple Meads Station, prioritises occupant wellbeing and environmental responsibility in a post-COVID world. TRILUX, the renowned technical lighting expert, was pivotal in providing a comprehensive lighting solution for this award-winning project.

Design for Wellbeing and Sustainability

One Portwall Square, crafted by construction specialist Skanska and designed by Allford Hall Monaghan Morris (AHMM), has been recognised with the prestigious 2023 BCO National Award for Best Commercial Workplace. The six-story building embodies human-centric design principles, boasting contemporary architecture and flexible floorplates. Its dedication to natural light, ventilation, and spaciousness creates a sanctuary for its occupants. Sustainability is at the core of the building’s ethos, with certifications including BREEAM Excellent, EPC Rating ‘A’, Wired Score Platinum, and Active Score Platinum.

TRILUX: A One-Stop Lighting Solution

TRILUX’s lighting package perfectly aligned with the project’s vision, focusing on sustainability, wellbeing, and efficiency. From the welcoming ambience of the reception to the task-oriented illumination of office spaces, TRILUX’s contribution was integral. The lighting scheme, featuring E-LINE continuous row systems, Sonnos downlights, and B.VEO track, blends functionality with aesthetics seamlessly.

Picture stepping into an office illuminated to 350 lux, effortlessly adapting to the rhythms of the day. TRILUX’s strategic lighting design maximises natural light, reducing reliance on artificial lighting. With over 54% of the space meeting Daylight Autonomy Standards, the workspace is both sustainable and energy-efficient. Smart lighting with presence detection minimises wastage and adapts to occupancy levels, enhancing efficiency.

Efficiency Enhanced Through Technology

A centralised lighting management and reporting system, coupled with TRILUX UK’s remote access solution, ensures optimal efficiency. Remote monitoring and fault rectification capabilities enable seamless maintenance, contributing to the longevity of the lighting infrastructure.

Eddie Aze, Senior Electrical Engineer at SRW, Skanska UK, stated,

“TRILUX was a great choice for the lighting needs of this award-winning office facility. Their range covers every office lighting demand, meeting the modern needs of a post-COVID workplace.”

One Portwall Square is a successful fusion of contemporary design and innovative technology. It celebrates human wellbeing and environmental responsibility, setting a new standard for sustainable office developments.




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Zentia, the UK’s market leader in complete ceiling solutions, is excited to announce the grand opening of its Innovation Centre in Gateshead, created to contribute to the growing vibrancy of the North East as a national hub for architects and specifiers seeking inspiration and industry networking. 


Zentia, previously part of Armstrong Ceiling Solutions, faced a significant rebranding in 2020 to separate itself as an innovative, quality brand. Zentia continues to offer the same high-quality products, but builds on its digital approach, and works to continually strengthen partnerships, connections and communication. 


As a part of Zentia’s mission for strengthening connections, it has created an Innovation Centre at its grid plant on the Team Valley site. It features a large conference space that can accommodate up to 60 people and is equipped with AV facilities for presentations, as well as a thoughtfully designed ceiling grid that displays Zentia’s latest product innovations. The centre also has two smaller meeting spaces that can accommodate six and 10 people.



The Mayor of Gateshead, Councillor Eileen McMaster,  officially opened the Innovation Centre in early December, signifying its importance as a regional and national milestone.


Graham Taylor, Sales and Marketing Director at Zentia said

“We are excited to open our new innovation centre and provide architects and specifiers with a space to experience our products in a real-world setting. We believe that this centre will provide a space where architects and specifiers can come to learn about our products and how they can be used to create acoustically comfortable and visually appealing spaces.”


Mayor of Gateshead, Councillor Eileen McMaster, said:

“Zentia’s new Innovation Centre is a fantastic facility and a testament to the company’s significant investment in the Gateshead area. It’s amazing to see a UK manufacturer creating local job opportunities for our communities and I’m confident that this will open up lots more opportunities for Zentia.”



Zumtobel together with its sister brand Thorn, both lighting brands of the Zumtobel Group, collaborated with Allford Hall Monaghan Morris Architects (AHMM) and Thornton Reynolds Building Services Consultants, to provide a state-of-the-art lighting solution for the transformation of Arthur Stanley House (ASH) in Fitzrovia. This landmark project combines the charm of the 1960s with cutting-edge post-Covid technology, creating a world-class office building that sets new standards in sustainability and flexibility.


Fitzrovia, a vibrant neighbourhood in central London, welcomes its first world-class office building with the refurbishment and extension of Arthur Stanley House. Originally designed by TP Bennett Architects, this 52,000-square-foot office block, nestled within the Charlotte Street conservation area, has undergone a remarkable transformation led by Allford Hall Monaghan Morris Architects (AHMM) and Thornton Reynolds Building Services Consultants. A combination of Zumtobel and Thorn lighting solutions ensured flexibility for the incoming tenant fit-outs while maintaining high energy efficiency and sustainability.

Geraint Hayes, Senior Architect at Allford Hall Monaghan Morris explains,

“The reinvention of Arthur Stanley House plays on a balance of new meets retained. Our approach was based on stripping back the found condition to expose and celebrate the original brick, concrete and terracotta hollow pot soffits. Therefore, anything added to the building as part of the refurbishment needed to be sympathetic to what is a very honest design. Alongside the look and feel, the detail of the lighting system was an important factor as we needed a product that was elegant with minimal sightlines to avoid any clutter to the characterful terracotta soffits.”

Meeting the Challenge

Geraint continues,

“A high-quality lighting system was imperative to the success of the office floors plates to ensure the right balance between raw nineteen sixties concrete and new construction.   Therefore, Zumtobel’s TECTON C was specified for its ultra slim profile and ‘plug and play’ functionality. The track is available in a range of lengths which offers full flexibility when space planning non uniform floor plates.”

To meet the demanding UGR requirements, the Zumtobel Group team delved into the details, conducting thorough investigations of the floor finishes for the space. It was discovered that the floor had a higher than ‘normal’ reflectance; this was resolved through the use of Zumtobel’s TECTON C Wide Beam which played a vital role in achieving the desired lighting conditions.

Overcoming these hurdles through careful analysis and collaboration, the Zumtobel Group successfully provided an exceptional lighting solution that met the project’s stringent requirements and aligned with the architect’s vision.

Flexible and Sustainable Lighting

As well as different variants of the TECTON range, Zumtobel’s SLOTLIGHT infinity, TUBILUX Slim, PERLUCE, LINCOR, ONDARIA, VIVO, and PANOS infinity pendants, recessed and surface-mounted options, offered a versatile lighting system. Zumtobel’s RESCLITE PRO emergency lighting and PURESIGN exit signs help guide people in the event of an emergency. Thorn’s Aquaforce Pro, Forceled, and Glacier LED luminaires further enhance the lighting experience. The complete system is controlled via Zumtobel’s LITECOM controls complete with their eBOX central emergency lighting system.

Steve Reynolds, Director at Thornton Reynolds, shares insights about the lighting objectives, Zumtobel’s products, and their collaboration experience, stating,

“Our objective for the lighting in Arthur Stanley House was to achieve a modern and efficient office lighting installation. We wanted to create an environment that promotes productivity and enhances the overall aesthetic appeal. The TECTON luminaires, fixed to the soffit, perfectly achieved our target. Their innovative design and performance capabilities ensured a high-quality lighting installation that met our expectations.”

Creating a Striking Ambiance

The luminaires have added a touch of elegance and functionality to the interior spaces. With carefully planned lighting placements, Arthur Stanley House boasts captivating visual effects that enhance productivity, comfort, and well-being.

Geraint comments,

“Zumtobel Group’s early engagement provided design and technical advice which proved to be immensely important in delivering our vision for ASH. This collaboration allowed us as architects to provide our client with a finished building that has very little, if any, change from the original design.”

Steve adds,

“We found Zumtobel Group to be very helpful throughout the project. Their team demonstrated excellent commercial alignment, ensuring a seamless process from initial discussions to finalising the contractor order. The collaborative approach and support from the Group made the project execution smooth and efficient.”

This collaboration has not only revitalised Arthur Stanley House to BREAAM excellence but has also set a new benchmark for lighting excellence in the heart of Fitzrovia. The fusion of timeless design, state-of-the-art technology, and sustainability has transformed this iconic building into a beacon of inspiration for the future of office spaces.



TECTON C L1500 – TECTON VIVO – TECTON with PANOS infinity – SLOTLIGHT infinity – TUBILUX Slim – PERLUCE – RESCLITE PRO (TECTON and standalone variants) – PURESIGN – ONDARIA – LINCOR – eBOX – LITECOM controls – PANOS infinity pendants, recessed and surface


Aquaforce Pro – Forceled – Glacier LED





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TRILUX Delivers Innovative Lighting Solutions to Enhance Productivity and Occupant Well-Being

 Saffron House Transformed into a Human-Centric Oasis with Tunable White Lighting


Saffron House, a prime office space in Farringdon, London, recently underwent a renovation to provide a modern, adaptable, and health-focused workplace. The Anslow Partnership, a leading building services consultancy, sought to create a lighting design that prioritises employee satisfaction and well-being while meeting the sustainability goals of a BREEAM ‘Excellent’ certification.

Following COVID, employees’ satisfaction and health are prioritised when designing new office spaces. Light greatly impacts employees’ sense of well-being and ability to concentrate, and more and more companies are beginning to recognise this.

TRILUX, a renowned lighting solutions provider, was selected as the trusted partner for the project. Given the basement location and lack of natural daylight, TRILUX recommended Human Centric Lighting (HCL) fittings to enhance the well-being and productivity of occupants.

HCL fittings mimic the natural rhythm of sunlight, changing their luminous intensity and light colour from cool white in the morning to warm white in the evening. This helps to strengthen the human biorhythm and improve overall well-being.

Stephen Hewett, Principal Electrical Engineer The Anslow Partnership, commented, ” Here, we wanted to explore holistic office lighting concepts and offer customised light that can be flexibly regulated and optimal working conditions, including lighting that maintains and improves the workforce’s health.”

The project called for easy adaptability as the office is yet to be rented. The ideal solution was suspended lighting fittings that could be easily repositioned once the space is occupied.


Innovative Lighting Control

TRILUX delivered on the project’s lighting needs with the highly efficient So-Tube ACT (HCL) LED luminaires using DALI DT8 control system. These suspended, stylish luminaires offered tunable white light with adjustable colour temperature and intensity, allowing precise control throughout the day. The system was divided into eight zones with presence detection to ensure optimal illumination and energy efficiency.

Enhancing Well-Being with Tunable Lighting

Saffron House’s lighting design embraces Human Centric Lighting principles, recognising the important role light plays in influencing circadian rhythms, productivity, and overall well-being.

When tenants move in, sensors will detect motion in any of the zones and switch on the lighting to the correct colour temperature for the time of day and season. For example, in the early morning, the light output would be around 3000K, similar to the warm glow of sunrise. At 2pm, the light output might be 5500K, mimicking the cool, bright light of midday. And at 8pm, the output might be 2700K, promoting relaxation and winding down for the evening.

The lighting will then automatically adapt and change throughout the day, mimicking the natural colour and intensity of sunlight.

Scene plate controls allow for the overall control of the office space, as well as individual control over groups of lights that utilise track lighting.

Additionally, emergency lighting, general purpose lighting, and exit signage are all connected to the DALI control system with scheduled function and duration tests programmed for ease of maintenance. All test reports are stored on the controller, ensuring easy maintenance and safety compliance.

Stephen Hewett comments:

“Working with TRILUX has been a positive experience. Their dedication to creating lighting solutions that prioritise the well-being of occupants and their deep understanding of how lighting impacts productivity and satisfaction made them the ideal partner for this project.”

With its adaptable and health-focused lighting design, Saffron House serves as a beacon of productivity and well-being in the heart of London’s business district. TRILUX’s commitment to delivering human-centric lighting solutions continues to shape the future of office spaces, prioritising the comfort and efficiency of its occupants.

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Zumtobel and its sister brand Thorn, both lighting brands of the Zumtobel Group collaborated with 5plus architects, MZA consultants, Ardmac main contractor, Emtec sub-contractor, and Rexel wholesaler to implement an energy-efficient lighting scheme at the iconic 100 Barbirolli Square. The Group’s innovative lighting solutions successfully met the brief, providing a warm and inviting atmosphere throughout the building.


Barbirolli Square holds historical significance as the birthplace of the renowned Hallé orchestra. Founded by conductor and cellist John Barbirolli, the orchestra quickly gained international recognition for its diverse talent and artistic excellence. Today, 100 Barbirolli Square symbolises this triumph of creativity and resilience during a time of global conflict.

The Zumtobel Group Lighting brands played a pivotal role in the £20 million upgrade of the prominent 1990s office block in Manchester. The three-year project involved a complete refurbishment of the 150,000 sq ft building, across 12 floors, including reception spaces. The aim was to create a visually appealing lighting design that utilised exposed services while reducing energy consumption.

Incorporating Sustainability

The refurbishment project at 100 Barbirolli Square also prioritised sustainability and occupant well-being. The design features a sophisticated and understated style, with exposed concrete, poured concrete flooring, raw polished plaster, natural materials, and air purifying plants. Moreover, the introduction of a large cycle hub with changing rooms directly accessible from the street encourages alternative and sustainable transportation options. A flexible studio/gym and spacious changing rooms were included to promote the health and well-being of the building’s users.

A lighting solution to match the building aspirations

Working closely with the architect and consultant, Zumtobel developed a comprehensive lighting solution for the project. Central to the scheme was their newly launched, SLOTLIGHT infinity ID, which perfectly matched the design aesthetic and provided excellent lighting performance. The SLOTLIGHT infinity ID, known for its wide-angle uplighting, ensured there were no hotspots on the ceiling, enhancing the overall visual appeal. The warm 3000K colour temperature created a cosy atmosphere against the concrete soffits, contributing to the building’s inviting ambiance.

Additionally, other Zumtobel products, including SLOTLIGHT infinity, PANOS infinity-P R70, Comsign, RESCLITE PRO, and SUPERSYSTEM integral, were strategically installed in different areas of the building. Thorn Lighting’s Aquaforce Pro and Chalice were also used in the basement plant, back-of-house, and cores.

The use of LED technology and intelligent controls significantly reduced energy consumption, aligning with the project’s sustainability goals.

Emmet McAteer, 5plus Architects:

“Our aim was to strip the building back to its frame and design a high-specification environment that meets the needs of modern occupiers. The lighting solution provided by the Zumtobel Group perfectly complements the architecture. The SLOTLIGHT infinity ID not only delivers exceptional lighting performance but also enhances the visual aesthetics of the space. It beautifully integrates with the exposed services, creating a seamless and harmonious design.”

 Some impressive results

The lighting installation at 100 Barbirolli Square delivered impressive results in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability. Lighting traditionally accounts for approximately upwards of 25% of the energy used in an office building, here the use of the Zumtobel Group’s LED luminaires and intelligent controls reduces this by more than 50%, limiting the environmental impact.

The following statistics highlight the overall project’s success:

  • Embodied carbon saving: 71% over an equivalent new building.
  • Whole life carbon saving: 20% over an equivalent new building.
  • EPC Rating: B

“Chris Bryant, Director at MZA consultants comments: “”The selection of Zumtobel Group lighting solutions for 100 Barbirolli Square proved to be an excellent fit. Not only did they fulfil our energy efficiency criteria, but they also delivered exceptional lighting quality and the product range across the brands provided us with the necessary design flexibility. The collaborative effort between the Zumtobel Group brands and our project team resulted in a successful implementation that aligned with our envisioned outcome.”



For more information on Zumtobel Lighting please


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Zumtobel – SLOTLIGHT infinity ID – SLOTLIGHT infinity – PANOS infinity – P R70 – Comsign  – RESCLITE PRO – SUPERSYSTEM integral


Thorn – Aquaforce Pro – Chalice




Shopping in a New Dimension: EDEKA Paschmann’s Future-E-Centre Unveils Captivating “Essthetics” and Light Architecture


EDEKA Paschmann, a beacon of exceptional shopping experiences for over 50 years, has transformed into a retail powerhouse with eleven stores and over 1,000 workers. The inauguration of their latest establishment in Mülheim an der Ruhr, spanning an impressive 6,000 square meters, heralds the birth of a Future-E-Centre that seamlessly fuses the concepts of “Essthetics” and light architecture.

Since its inception in 1973, the Paschmann family has championed a philosophy underpinned by freshness, quality, and personalised service. A testament to this ethos, the company has thrived and actively evolved. This evolution, marked by a steadfast determination to grow and a relentless dedication to customer satisfaction, is the pinnacle in the new E-Centre — a space where innovation and customer-centricity combine in remarkable ways.

Venturing beyond the confines of traditional retail, the new E-Centre redefines shopping dynamics. Elevating products and seasonal themes to new spatial levels, the establishment invites customers to explore displays and creative lighting that interact harmoniously with the expansive interior, amplifying the sensory experience.

Key collaborators in this immersive journey include “Upel” from Essen and “Shop Zwo” from Düsseldorf, who shaped the store’s design and ambience, and OKTALITE, the retail lighting specialist from the TRILUX Group. OKTALITE’s lighting concept masterfully utilises the room’s full dimensions, including its 5-meter height, effectively breathing life into the architectural landscape.

“Our team at OKTALITE used the unique room height to enhance the shopping experience,” remarks Till Meckenstock, the dedicated project manager. “Creative ceiling elements and large displays are focal points, accentuated by lighting at an unusual installation level — nearly five metres, instead of the typical 3. This elevation of light brings not just breadth, but also an added dimension of attention.”

Beyond aesthetics, EDEKA Paschmann’s store concept and lighting seamlessly merge to form a holistic, immersive encounter. The store’s layout presents classic assortments in attractive store designs that emulate distinct themes such as the “fruit house,” “noodle factory,” and “cheese island.” Further enriching the experience, customers can explore the “Gourmeteck” and the “Fischbude,” while the “Depot” offshoot, acting as a shop-in-shop, entices with decorative offerings.

While aesthetics reign supreme, energy efficiency remains paramount.

“Even with a heightened installation level of lighting, we’ve managed to achieve both attractive and efficient lighting solutions,” reveals Till Meckenstock. “By harnessing precise beam characteristics and the LIVELINK Retail lighting management system, we’ve harnessed the power of Bluetooth Low Energy technology to network and control all luminaires. The outcome? A bespoke lighting concept with minimal energy consumption.”

The lighting ranges throughout the store include the area-wide use and interaction of the two luminaires, QUIRA PLUS and CANILO PLUS. Both products have flexible beam characteristics from narrow to wide. The QUIRA PLUS power package is ideally suited for precisely illuminating the goods. The LED recessed luminaire can be tilted up to 15 degrees and remain flush with the ceiling. It can be swivelled up to 70 degrees in vertical illumination for targeted accents. CANILO PLUS, on the other hand, is the ideal choice for ambient lighting, gondola heads, and promotion areas. The E-LINE-NEXT continuous-row lighting system and the versatile GRADO pivoting track spotlight in recessed and surface-mounted versions complement these products.

EDEKA Paschmann’s new Future-E-Centre is an example of inspired retail design, where architecture and lighting craft an engaging, unforgettable shopping experience.

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A Perfect Blend of Aesthetics and Functionality at HC Miraflores Hospital

TRILUX, a renowned leader in lighting solutions, has successfully partnered with the HC Miraflores Hospital in Zaragoza, bringing together aesthetics and functionality to create an exceptional lighting environment. The HC Miraflores Hospital was recently honoured with the prestigious Ricardo Magdalena Architecture Trophy, recognising its architectural excellence.

Healthcare facilities face unique challenges in meeting the stringent requirements necessary to ensure the well-being of patients and healthcare personnel. Among these challenges, lighting stands out as a crucial aspect in designing and constructing a new health complex. Lighting must be tailored to the specificities of each environment and the diverse activities within the facility.

Recognising the importance of lighting in healthcare environments, TRILUX provided the ideal solution for the lighting needs of HC Miraflores Hospital. With an extensive portfolio, remarkable adaptability, and efficient production centres, TRILUX rose to the challenge of illuminating this state-of-the-art medical facility.

TRILUX’s partnership with the Hernán Cortés Hospitals Group was instrumental in meeting the unique project requirements. The Group sought a reliable and innovative partner capable of delivering agile and adaptable lighting solutions to support their modern and technologically advanced facilities. With fewer luminaire references, TRILUX ensured aesthetic and technical uniformity throughout the hospital, covering all areas except for the operating rooms and reception.

Within the healthcare environment, lighting serves a dual purpose of functionality and ambience. In examination rooms, creating a calming and pleasant atmosphere for patients is essential, while treatment areas demand optimal lighting conditions for accurate diagnosis and medical procedures.

TRILUX addressed these diverse needs by installing their AMATRIS and SIELLA luminaires. In corridors and waiting rooms, AMATRIS luminaires provided a flexible and quick-installation solution, offering decorative potential and influencing the premises’ ambience through design and lighting effects. Incorporating SIELLA luminaires added an austere style and pleasant light, seamlessly integrating into any space.

TRILUX also introduced the OLEVEON FIT luminaire, featuring innovative 3D prism technology for homogeneous and glare-free lighting. This solution significantly reduced energy consumption while delivering exceptional light quality by leveraging modern LED technology.

TRILUX’s expertise in lighting solutions for healthcare facilities ensured the implementation of a future-proof lighting solution at HC Miraflores Hospital. By offering tailored lighting solutions to meet the specific needs of different areas within the hospital, TRILUX demonstrated its commitment to providing efficient and effective lighting solutions.

Discover how TRILUX’s expertise and know-how in healthcare lighting can support your facility with an optimal lighting solution. Enhance the well-being of patients and healthcare personnel while achieving a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality.





From Waste to Wow: TRILUX and Skanska’s circular lighting project saves 17 tonnes of CO2e and creates an inspiring workplace

UK, May 2023 – Skanska, a leading construction and development company committed to reducing carbon emissions, partnered with TRILUX to provide a sustainable and inspiring workplace for its UK head office. The project aimed to introduce more efficient lighting to match the existing look and type of luminaires, providing lighting control with minimal impact on carbon emissions.

Skanska, one of the world’s biggest construction firms, recently relocated its UK head office to Leavesden, Watford.

The goal was to create a smart, sustainable, and inspiring workplace that served as an agile hub for collaboration and digital work. The objectives of the new lighting within the new office were:

  • Reduce the lighting output to be more suitable for an office working environment
  • To match the look/type of luminaires within the existing office areas
  • Introduce lighting controls to enable areas to be adapted to the meeting environments.
  • Ensure that the new areas would be energy efficient


The Take Back Scheme

TRILUX engineered a solution to retain the existing fittings where possible and implemented a Take Back scheme for the old LC60 linear luminaires. The team took back the linear lengths of luminaires and stripped them down for repurposing and recycling. This included reusing all salvable material i.e. luminaire housing, terminal blocks, end caps and even the wire suspensions. The refurbished luminaires were updated with energy efficient LEDs and drivers.

Refurbishing for a more comfortable working environment

Additionally, it was noted that the existing linear lighting covering the open plan areas, initially designed for a call centre at 6000K, was too bright and cool in appearance, with the potential to cause headaches after a short period of time. TRILUX conducted testing to adapt the colour temperature of the existing fittings. The process involved filters; the team came to the site with calibrated lighting testing equipment, and a special amber filter was introduced and trialled to render the colour temperature of the existing fittings closer to 4000K to give a much warmer appearance while reducing the light output to suit the lighting requirements. These were fitted to the existing luminaire diffusers to seamlessly adapt the fittings without major work.


Reduced transport emissions

TRILUX ensured minimal packaging, one-trip collection, dismantling, documenting, photographing, and labelling of all components to reduce carbon emissions in transport and waste.

The project was delivered efficiently on time, and to budget. By refurbishing 650m of lights at Leavesden Park (via the use of colour filters) rather than buying new, Skanska has saved approximately 17 tonnes of CO2e as fewer raw materials were used. It is also important to note that outside of this figure, additional raw materials and carbon were saved by splitting some existing longer linear lengths of light to repurpose as shorter lengths. In both cases, waste was reduced, as less existing lighting had to be disposed of.

By repurposing, refurbishing and recycling luminaires and components, TRILUX and Skanska demonstrated their commitment to circularity and sustainability, contributing to a greener future.

Reece Bannister, MEP Project Manager at Skanska comments,

“Working with TRILUX on this project has been a positive experience and has built on our good relationship. They are a company that understands our values and goals. As a result, we were able to discuss how we could achieve our carbon reduction objectives by not stripping out, throwing the luminaires away and buying new. Working together, we found solutions that gave colleagues a great new office to work in.”


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TRILUX’s Innovative Light as a Service Financing Model Creates New Opportunities for electronic control systems specialist

Wiesheu Elektronik, a specialist in the development and manufacturing of electronic control systems for industrial applications, has recently undergone a lighting transformation of their 2,000 m2 head office in Burgstetten, Germany, thanks to TRILUX’s innovative Light as a Service rental model.

The project, which aimed to convert the lighting of the storage and production areas and its new office building, was completed with minimal effort and investment by Wiesheu Elektronik.

Wiesheu Elektronik took advantage of TRILUX’s Light as a Service rental model. This innovative financing option allows clients to enjoy modern, energy-efficient lighting systems without the burden of high investment costs. This model involves TRILUX planning, installing, and operating the lighting system, including all service and maintenance tasks. The client, in this case, Wiesheu Elektronik, rents the new lighting for seven years for an agreed monthly fee.

“We can enjoy a state-of-the-art, smart lighting system without any investment or risks since we are only dealing with fixed, calculable monthly costs,” explains Arndt Wiesheu, Managing Director of Wiesheu Elektronik GmbH.

TRILUX’s comprehensive portfolio and a highly competent and committed project team enabled the company to provide Wiesheu Elektronik with a tailor-made, high-quality, and energy-efficient lighting solution. The E-LINE NEXT LED continuous line was installed in the storage and production areas, while the FINEA LED light channel, Luceo Slim free-standing luminaires, and ONPLANA LED and SOLEGRA LED pendants were installed in the offices. All the luminaires are networked and controlled via the LIVE LINK PREMIUM light management system. In addition, daylight and presence detection sensors have been integrated to minimise energy consumption further.

“Our Light as a Service rental model offers seven years of carefree and balance sheet neutral lighting, allowing our clients to enjoy the benefits of a modern lighting system without the burden of high investment costs,” explains Tim Riedel, Project Manager TRILUX sales.

TRILUX is proud to have partnered with Wiesheu Elektronik on this project. It is confident that the Light as a Service rental model will continue to create new opportunities for other companies looking to upgrade their lighting systems.

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TRILUX, a leading lighting solutions provider, is proud to announce its successful collaboration with Kromwijk Elektrotechniek to provide a WELL and BREEAM certified lighting and management scheme for the newest distribution centre of fashion brand Scotch & Soda in Hoofddorp, Netherlands.

The new distribution centre has 16 loading docks, a large office, and a car park for 100 cars under the building. In line with the BREEAM and WELL guidelines, TRILUX provided all the lighting solutions for the distribution hall, the offices, the parking garage, and the building surrounds.

To ensure high sustainability and achieve WELL and BREEAM certification, the lighting scheme exceeded the standard requirements for workplace lighting. TRILUX’s experts and project leaders supported the installer in creating a lighting design to meet the end client’s wishes and needs.

Raymond van Dijken, the Sales Manager at TRILUX Benelux, highlighted the importance of the close partnership with Kromwijk Elektrotechniek. “From the start, we have worked with Kromwijk to jointly get a clear picture of the end customer’s wishes. With this information, we went to the drawing board and completely worked out the lighting concept. We have installed our highly efficient light line system E-LINE NEXT in the hall, the robust waterproof solution ARAGON FIT in the parking garage, the JOVIE in the outdoor areas and various functional and design luminaires in the offices and circulation areas.”

The TRILUX LIVELINK Premium light management system, links all the luminaires in an intelligent system to ensure maximum energy savings and to maintain flexibility during operation. For example, the lighting specialist has exceeded the requirements with higher-performing luminaires that deliver more lux to the work surface than necessary. Raymond said,

“we have dimmed these luminaires using LiveLink to extend their lifespan.”

He continues, “We are pleased to have successfully completed this project and shown great cooperation between the installer and end customer. Despite the turbulent market, everything was delivered on time, and the installer and end-user are very satisfied with the new building.”

For more information on the project, CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO


TRILUX is committed to providing high-quality lighting solutions that meet the needs of its customers while ensuring maximum energy savings and flexibility. With this successful project with Scotch & Soda, TRILUX reinforces its reputation as a leading provider of lighting solutions in the industry.