The UK’s first 100% Portland cement free sustainable alternative to standard masonry mortars, developed and manufactured to deliver savings in CO2e emissions of up to 70%, has been launched in the UK by Cemfree, the country’s leading producer and pioneer of ultra-low carbon cementitious technologies and products.

This is the second major launch for Cemfree, who 10 years ago unveiled the country’s first cement free binder, a real alternative to Portland cement (PC), responsible for 8% of the world’s CO2e emissions.

With industry estimates showing that construction professionals use in excess of some 2.5 million tonnes of cement-based mortar every year, Cemfree believes this new product will give builders, architects and other construction professionals, another major opportunity to help the environment and reduce the risk of Global warming.



Cemfree Masonry Mortar is a factory produced designed mortar available directly from Cemfree. It holds appropriate UKCA marking, showing conformity with UK legislation and is fully compliant to BS EN 998-2.

Available in premixed bulk or 25KG bags, Cemfree Masonry Mortar performs in a similar way to standard cement-based mortars with the added benefit of significant carbon savings, delivering comparable consistency and curing times and offering excellent workability. “Cemfree Masonry Mortar is a major step forward in terms of reducing the amount of carbon emissions produced by conventional Portland cement-based products,” said Katie Wills, Cemfree Major Accounts Manager.

“When used in conjunction with Cemfree concrete blocks, which are now widely available across the UK, the CO2e savings can be even more substantial. This is another major step forward in helping to protect our planet”.

Cemfree Masonry Mortar has been launched following extensive development by the Cemfree Technology Team, and independent expert support.  It has been widely accepted and received by the industry during pilot tests to demonstrate the user-friendly nature of the product.

The mortar is the latest stage of an ongoing product development programme for Cemfree as it continues to evolve with new technologies and products.

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