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Dorgard SmartSound™ is a wireless solution for legally holding open fire doors, automatically closing them when the fire alarm sounds. Brand new SmartSound technology means the door units are not triggered by common background noises such as vacuum cleaners, a common problem with other fire door retainers.

Closed fire doors can make access through a building difficult. This is a particular problem in schools, hospitals and care homes where heavy fire doors might be difficult for people to open, and where staff need to move swiftly in an emergency. Heavy fire doors can also be an issue in hotels for guests with luggage and staff with trays.

Most fire door retainers are activated by the sound of the fire alarm. They are listening for a certain decibel level over a certain amount of time and if another noise meets this criteria, the fire door retainer will react. This means that they can be accidentally triggered by everyday sounds.

Vacuum cleaners are a common source of false activations for fire door retainers, and in public buildings, care homes or social housing where cleanliness is a high priority, this can be a real problem.

Dorgard SmartSound has the best listening technology on the market and already knows the sound of your alarm without the need for any programming. Its advanced technology means it will not be triggered by the sound of the vacuum cleaner.

With Dorgard SmartSound, access through a building is improved and people are kept safe in the event of fire. A closed fire door stops the spread of fire and smoke, giving time for people to evacuate or for the fire service to arrive and extinguish the fire.

Dorgard SmartSound has a three-year battery life and three-year warranty, so you can just fit and forget. Keep fire doors open safely, while still complying with fire regulations, with Dorgard SmartSound.

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