‘Immoral’ taxpayer-funded heat pump handout for the middle classes must be scrapped and reducing bills prioritised


In response to the House of Lords Boiler Upgrade Scheme Inquiry, an energy industry expert is emphasising the need to scrap the scheme and focus on measures to bring energy bills down.


Mike Foster, CEO of the not-for-profit trade association the Energy and Utilities Alliance (EUA), said:


“This report confirms just how far removed this committee is from the average member of the public. While we agree the Boiler Upgrade Scheme is failing, we want to see it scrapped, rather than see the recommendation of the committee to double-down on the flawed policy be supported.”

“Giving a £5,000 taxpayer handout to the well-off is immoral and simply cannot be justified when millions are living in fuel poverty and we all face a 20 per cent increase in our bills from April.”

“Exposing just how out of touch the committee are, they suggest removing government protections around insulation requirements as a way of increasing the take up of heat pumps, when this will only push up bills and create a backlash against this technology. Because the money is tied up in the scheme, it can’t be used to fund sensible measures like insulation that permanently reduce bills and carbon emissions. Insulation can also be targeted at the least well-off, making it a fairer policy too!”

“The committee is right to suggest there is a high level of misinformation around hydrogen – publishing highly misleading conclusions around hydrogen is a prime example of this. The Government’s plans for hydrogen-ready boilers are a no regrets option going forward, helping households decarbonise their homes with minimal disruption and crucially without the £13,000 upfront cost of a heat pump.”

“This sum may be pocket change to the committee members but to most British households, it is simply eye-watering; they can’t afford it with or without a £5,000 bung.”


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