Rinnai, the UK’s leading manufacturing supplier of hot water heating systems, is sponsoring one of the biggest names and contenders in rugby league – Widnes Vikings.

The Rinnai sponsorship with the club, which has achieved its highest ever Super League position this year, will ensure the Rinnai logo and brand name is displayed on the back of all Widnes players’ shorts. This will be the first time both parties have taken this unconventional but innovative style of sports sponsorship.

Tony Gittings, Managing Director Rinnai UK, says: “We are absolutely delighted to take a very active sponsorship with Widnes Vikings, one of the biggest names in Rugby League. We share a common belief and approach in values of excellence, innovation and responsibility to the wider community.

“Rinnai is a worldwide brand name in its field and has taken some major global sponsorships – including the Queensland Reds, The World Club World Cup event held January this year in Tokyo, the World Ice Skating Championships and the US Nascar competition held in Daytona, Las Vegas and other major American venues.

“Widnes Vikings are also local to our own UK headquarters so it is all an excellent fit. We look forward to working with the team and staff.”

Widnes Vikings CEO James Rule says: “2016 has been another landmark year for us as we achieved our highest ever league position in Super League history whilst leading pioneering community engagement initiatives such as the newly launched Game Changer programme.

“Our business and the success we produce on and off the field is driven by the quality of our people and it has been evident working with Rinnai that we are welcoming into the Widnes Vikings “One Club” family a committed partner staffed by quality people who buy into our vision and who want to play an integral role in moving forward with excellence”.

The sponsorship package will see the Rinnai name featured in several ’live’ televised games on Sky Sports and in TV shows such as BBC’s ‘The Super League Show’.

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A remote water management tool operated via a smartphone app.

Groundbreaker Systems is delighted to announce that the company can now offer the NEW E-valve by French manufacturing giant Sainte Lizaigne.

This fully remote controllable system is ideal for water network management, opening possibilities for off peak water supply, and sale of water to remote locations by time or volume.

With scheduled maintenance and access to historical data the E- valve can add to BREEAM scores by water management.

Operated via smart phone app connected to the valve via Bluetooth low energy, the benefits for water operators and consumers are far reaching.

Remote billing facilities are invaluable to avoid waste of water resources such as after-hours management of water to “non domestic” properties such as office blocks, schools, supermarkets, Holiday Parks or remote locations, and where action can be taken remotely without incurring travel time and costs. Ideal for high value locations with poor access, examples of which are airports or shopping malls. The E-valve also enables the sale of water by volume via credit card or account payments.

The E –valve facilitates efficient use of resources with no fuss to the consumer, is easy to install on existing or new water services; in addition the E-valve is alarmed for unspecified use, leakage identification and damage limitation.

E-valve is available in the UK exclusively though Groundbreaker Systems.

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UTC Reading is a University Technical College that offers computer science and engineering courses to up to 600 students, aged 14-19 years. The college is located in a new building (opened in 2013) which is situated a short distance from the University campus.

In common with most large commercial buildings, the college is provided with cold water from the rising main via a ground-floor tank which guarantees an uninterrupted supply of drinking quality water whatever the demands placed on it by its many occupants.

During term time, demand is at its highest so the challenge is to ensure a constant supply throughout the building at all times. That demand obviously drops during the holidays which means the focus shifts to ensuring the water in the tank remains healthy. Even during terms, occupancy levels fluctuate particularly at weekends, meaning demand is rarely constant.

The water tank at UTC Reading is divided into two chambers to allow easy maintenance and cleaning while still ensuring an uninterrupted supply of water to the building. However, a divided tank has to be carefully managed; both sides of the tank need to fill with water at the same rate from the rising main to ensure neither side becomes ‘static’ as this could lead to bacterial growth and stagnant water.

At UTC Reading, the water within a divided tank was controlled by two independent equilibrium valves which were not working simultaneously, thus one side of the tank filled and emptied faster than the other side – the latter was in danger of becoming static.

M&E contractors LJJ Ltd turned to Keraflo for a solution that would not only guarantee the safety of the water, but would also deliver a highly flexible supply within the building. The decision was made to install Tanktronic (TT43 and TT15) as the preferred option for both managing water quality and to act as valves, controlling the water influx into both sides of the tank.

Tanktronic is an electronic tank management system which provides a complete solution to managing and controlling tank filling, as well as monitoring/reporting water levels and temperature.

Where required, it can be integrated into a building management system to alert the management team to any changes in the stored water. It also has a very useful calendar (holiday) setting so that the building management team can vary tank capacity to match demand.

Its smart functionality includes a Repeater Panel, which enables control from up to 100 metres away (meaning tanks housed in basements or roofs can be controlled from the comfort of the management office) and the Battery Module, which provides up to two days of normal operation in the event of a power failure. Having been launched three years ago, Tanktronic is already installed in many prominent buildings including The O2 Arena in London.

Philip Eykel, Operations Director of LLJ Ltd says: “We were very pleased with the service provided by the Keraflo team. Their technical support was fantastic, installation was easy and the team was onsite to ensure everything went smoothly. As far as I’m aware, the system is working perfectly providing both a high level of control and ensuring that water in the tank is regularly turned over to keep supplies healthy.”

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