A remote water management tool operated via a smartphone app.

Groundbreaker Systems is delighted to announce that the company can now offer the NEW E-valve by French manufacturing giant Sainte Lizaigne.

This fully remote controllable system is ideal for water network management, opening possibilities for off peak water supply, and sale of water to remote locations by time or volume.

With scheduled maintenance and access to historical data the E- valve can add to BREEAM scores by water management.

Operated via smart phone app connected to the valve via Bluetooth low energy, the benefits for water operators and consumers are far reaching.

Remote billing facilities are invaluable to avoid waste of water resources such as after-hours management of water to “non domestic” properties such as office blocks, schools, supermarkets, Holiday Parks or remote locations, and where action can be taken remotely without incurring travel time and costs. Ideal for high value locations with poor access, examples of which are airports or shopping malls. The E-valve also enables the sale of water by volume via credit card or account payments.

The E –valve facilitates efficient use of resources with no fuss to the consumer, is easy to install on existing or new water services; in addition the E-valve is alarmed for unspecified use, leakage identification and damage limitation.

E-valve is available in the UK exclusively though Groundbreaker Systems.

Please call 01379 741993, email sales@groundbreaker.co.uk or visit www.groundbreaker.co.uk for more information.
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