According to Mobile Data and Fixed Line communications company Comms365, the construction sector’s appetite for reliable internet services has increased dramatically in recent years due to the growing number of devices and cloud-based applications in use on construction sites. In our world of rapidly advancing technology, construction sites need minimum bandwidths to use new apps and software for contract and supplier management, surveys, geolocation and workflow. Without reliable internet access, communication is hindered and sites can’t operate as well as they need to.

The challenge may arise in provisioning the internet resources in the first place: From industry experience, there is 30% chance that any ethernet installation will be disrupted due to wayleave or lack of fibre infrastructure. If any of your sites have suffered from a delay in the install of a fixed line, you’ll be familiar with the financial cost that this disruption causes.

As construction companies often work in locations where fixed connectivity is limited, expensive or impossible, IT managers and programme leads are investing in reliable and secure cost-effective bonded internet solutions.

Reliable internet connections are needed by construction managers to communicate with architects, contractors and clients to keep sites running efficiently. Web access is needed for site workers as well as guest contractors, architect and visitors who need immediate access to plans, surveys and orders as well as technical and health and safety information. This means that unreliable or delayed connections can have impacts on client relationships, contract management and on-site safety as well as the bottom line.

In summary, the benefits of having reliable connectivity far outweigh the costs.