Five brand new garden towns have been unveiled unlocking up to 64,000 much-needed homes across England, the Minister of State for Housing has announced.

The locally-led new communities, from Hertfordshire to Gloucestershire, will receive a share of £3.7 million of funding to fast-track specialist survey work and planning works necessary for each new town’s development.

The funds will be spent by councils to help to deliver the homes and infrastructure needed for both neighbouring communities and future residents who will call the new town home. This includes specialist survey work and planning applications.

The 5 successful bids are:

  • Grazeley Garden Settlement, delivering up to 15,000 homes
  • Hemel Garden Communities, delivering up to 11,000 homes
  • Easton Park Garden Community, North Uttlesford Garden Community and West of Braintree Garden Community, an opportunity to deliver up to 18,500 homes
  • Tewkesbury Ashchurch Garden Community, delivering up to 10,195 homes
  • Meecebrook, in the north of Stafford borough, delivering around 10,000 homes

Councils and groups from around the country submitted more than 100 ambitious proposals with the 5 taken forward receiving an initial £750,000 to help develop plans for vibrant, thriving settlements where people can live, work and raise families.

The announcement is the next step in the government’s drive to build the homes this country needs, and follows the news last month of a £9 million investment to speed up the building of existing garden towns and villages.

Minister of State for Housing Kit Malthouse MP said “These new towns will not only provide homes for families, but will be vibrant communities where everyone, including neighbouring communities can benefit from new infrastructure – leaving a legacy for future generations to be proud of.

“I congratulate these councils who have put forward ambitious proposals, which will build many thousands of high-quality homes, and am pleased to support them as they work to make these plans a reality.”

Garden communities can take the form of new villages, towns or cities and have the potential to deliver well designed homes at an increased scale, boosting the local economy and creating new jobs.

The 5 new schemes will join the 23 existing garden communities the government is currently supporting, which are already delivering new homes today, bringing us closer to the government’s aim to deliver 300,000 new homes a year by the mid 2020s.

A £9 million cash injection to speed up the locally-led building of new garden towns and villages across the country has been announced.

The Garden Communities project is expected to deliver 200,000 properties on large sites by 2050, and the latest funding will help get 21 sites ready for development.

The government project is helping ambitious councils get well-designed homes built on large sites, and the money will help pay for master-planning and technical studies.

Work is already underway on 10,000 properties across the country in garden towns and villages, with 36,000 expected to be underway or completed by 2022.

Housing Minister Kit Malthouse MP said “We have not built enough homes in this country for the last three decades, and we are turning that around as we work towards our target to build 300,000 properties a year by the mid-2020s.

“This £9 million funding boost is giving councils the support and cash injection they need so they can finish planning new developments and get diggers on site.”

The developments being funded include a 2,000 home site for custom and self-builders in Bicester, on land purchased by the council from the Ministry of Defence.

It also includes developments in Basingstoke, Didcot, Taunton, Harlow-Gilston and across Northamptonshire where work is already underway on the first phase of developments.

The funding will be administered by Homes England.

Place | Capacity award | Homes
Aylesbury | £420,000 | 15,000
Basingstoke | £695,000 | 10,000
Bicester | £770,000 | 13,000
Harlow & Gilston | £715,000 | 24,000
North Essex (Colchester, Tendring & Braintree) | £1,000,000 | 43,000
North Northants (Corby, Kettering & Wellingborough) | £725,000 | 33,000
Otterpool Park, Folkestone | £1,250,000 | 10,000
Taunton | £550,000 | 15,000
Bailrigg | £100,000 | 3,500
Culm, Mid Devon | £300,000 | 5,000
Dunton Hills | £100,000 | 3,500
Halsnead | £300,000 | 1,589
Handforth | £150,000 | 1,650
Infinity, Derbyshire | £150,000 | 3,200
Longmarston | £300,000 | 3,500
Longcross | £125,000 | 1,700
West Oxfordshire | £150,000 | 2,200
Tresham | £300,000 | 1,500
Welbourne | £300,000 | 6,000
West Carclaze | £300,000 | 1,500
St Cuthbert’s, Carlisle | £300,000 | 10,000