According to new research published by the RICS, 75% of surveyors believe that slow uptake and non-adoption of BIM could seriously hinder construction as an industry over the next 12 months.
The survey also found that although 74% of surveying firms have considered the very real business case for BIM adoption, there are still a large number of firms not using BIM in the day-to-day aspects of their work.
One of the main reasons for non-adoption appears to be a lack of information; 68% of respondents currently not implementing BIM within their organisation say that they don’t feel there is adequate information available for small companies in order to assist them in adopting the new modelling system.
Luddism is also playing its part to some degree; 31% of surveyors claim that there is not a need to use the technology in their organisation, whilst 26% stated that they don’t feel their firm have the technical knowledge, expertise and resources in place to adopt BIM.
55% of those members interviewed revealed that they are currently already doing business with architectural firms that are utilising BIM. Additionally, half of these respondents said that the architects they have collaborated with have been actively encouraging them to adopt BIM within their own organisations.
Global Director of Built Environment Professional Groups at the RICS, Alan Muse commented “Our research clearly shows that the importance of BIM is not being lost on the UK’s surveying sector with 73% identifying that non-adoption is likely to have a negative impact on the industry as a whole.”
“It’s clear from the research that the industry needs to be doing more to help smaller surveying firms – as well as the wider industry – in getting up to speed with the technology, particularly when it comes to how they can implement the technology across their organisation.”