Roofing and cladding fastener manufacturer SFS intec has been exclusively invited to share its specification market knowledge, analysis and experience in a new report published by NBS.

The ‘What Specifiers Want’ report, based on the NBS Specification Survey, provides expert guidance for construction product manufacturers supplying into the UK specification market. It serves as a way for construction professionals to inform the industry about their changing needs when it comes to specification writing, with the findings also helping NBS to improve the tools and resources it provides and adapt to the changing industry as BIM establishes itself.

SFS intec, who have worked closely with architects and building envelope contractors for three decades, were the only product manufacturer to be invited to share their perspectives in this report, alongside eminent construction industry professionals and thought-leaders. It reflects the company’s strength and depth in the specification market, with its market-leading support for building designers. This includes a UK-based Specification Team focused on supporting specifiers with writing NBS clauses and the provision of BIM data to support a more robust specification that will make it more difficult to substitute products and reduce the risk of poor envelope performance.

David Wigglesworth, Managing Director of SFS intec’s UK business, who wrote an article for the report, says: “We’re delighted to have been invited to share our insights in this latest NBS report which will be enormously beneficial to anyone working in the specification market. The key findings of the survey resonate with our ethos and the way our support is structured, designed to help deliver better quality buildings and maximise client satisfaction. This is particularly so given the high proportion of specifiers who value good relationships with manufacturers and having detailed information easily accessible online.”

Expert technical support has been at the core of SFS intec’s success in serving the building envelope market for more than 30 years with a wide range of fasteners for pitched roof, façade and flat roof construction. Operating from its UK HQ in Leeds, the company is part of the Swiss-based SFS Group which has annual sales in excess of £1.1bn and a history dating back to the 1950s serving customers in the construction, automotive, electronics, industrial and medical products markets.

Find out more about SFS intec at www.sfsintec.co.uk and download the NBS ‘What Specifiers Want’ at https://www.thenbs.com/knowledge/what-specifiers-want-2017.
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