New hub improves access to ROCKWOOL resources for education construction


As UK Governments place further investment in the quality of school buildings, ROCKWOOL UK has developed a new education hub to support specifiers in using non-combustible stone wool insulation to deliver thermal, acoustic and fire safety performance. The ROCKWOOL education hub contains a series of useful tools and guides covering exemplar case studies, product specifications and school building regulations.

The new hub grants easy access to ROCKWOOL for Education Environments, a comprehensive guide that assists the design and construction of learning spaces. From sector specific building regulations and best practice to case studies and future trends, ROCKWOOL for Education Environments is the go-to resource for construction stakeholders.

The education hub also enables specifiers to explore the ROCKWOOL Interactive City virtual school. The environment makes visualising and selecting insulation solutions quick and easy, while keeping teaching and learning experiences at the forefront. Through features like zoom, 360º views, pan-able application build-ups and augmented reality, users can explore the ROCKWOOL insulation range across a wide range of facades and applications within education settings.

For real world examples and inspiration of how stone wool insulation helps designers to create high-quality schools, colleges and universities, visitors to the education hub can also read a series of notable case studies.

Paul Barrett, Head of Product Management at ROCKWOOL, says: “The ROCKWOOL education hub acts as a central source of knowledge for professionals involved in school building projects, and will enable them to access all the relevant guidance and specification support they need to deliver outstanding education environments. We will continue to update the hub to ensure that specifiers always have access to the latest information and guidance, and to offer new resources which reflect developments in education construction.”


CLICK HERE TO  VISIT the ROCKWOOL education hub and download the ROCKWOOL for Education Environments guide today:

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