Housing – £24billion multi-year investment

184k new affordable homes

£1.8b to prepare Brownfield sites


£5b to remove unsafe cladding, partly raised from a tax on developers with profits over £25m.5

£4.7B for schools


Committing £3.8b for the largest prison building programme for a generation


Hundreds of regional museums and galleries to be renovated


£20b on Research and Development


£5.7 b for London-style transport settlements. Plus £2.6 b for a pipeline of local road improvements
Enough to fill one million more potholes a year!


The plans for jobs will include investment of £3.8b in training and T courses. Plus they’re launching a new numeracy programme for adults called Multiply.


£750m investment relief to encourage businesses to specify green energy such as solar panels – in line with requests from the FSB and British Property Federation.



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