ROCKWOOL has been accredited with the British Board of Agrément (BBA) Agrément Certificate for its NyRock® Rainscreen 032 product.

NyRock Rainscreen 032 is a stone wool insulation product specifically developed for use within ventilated cladding systems, as well as sealed systems such as curtain walling. Manufactured using patented technology, NyRock Rainscreen 032 has a more efficient fibre structure that increases the density of air pockets trapped within each slab. This results in an improved thermal performance when compared to traditional stone wool products.

“Launched just a few months ago, NyRock Rainscreen 032 has already been well received by the industry thanks to the improved thermal performance it provides,” comments Lisa Stephens, Product Manager for the Building Envelope at ROCKWOOL UK. “With the BBA approval, architects and designers have independent third-party confirmation of the advantages that NyRock Rainscreen 032 brings to their project.”

“The BBA provides services that drives quality and safety throughout the construction space, enabling innovation, risk mitigation and assurance from design through to completed build, and beyond” says Emma Wiles, Sales and Marketing Director from the BBA. “It is great to see more sustainable products entering the market such as this Rockwool product.”

BBA approved NyRock Rainscreen 032 has a low thermal conductivity of 0.032 W/mK. It has proven acoustic benefits and is water repellent, yet breathable. Being manufactured from stone wool, NyRock Rainscreen 032 is classed as non-combustible in Euroclass A1. Stone wool is dimensionally stable and has been proven to provide the same performance for more than 55 years after installation.[1]

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[1] FIW, Durability Project Mineral Wool (2016), “Conclusions and Outlook.”

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