Rinnai Energysaver fanned convection powered flue gas fired space heaters are designed specifically for use in schools, community centres, libraries, conservatories and churches and other large spaces where they offer fastest heat up at lowest running cost.

The Rinnai Energysaver 309FT has had a stylish makeover to offer contemporary cabinet styling that matches its superior energy saving performance. The new, sleek good looks of this popular model bring it in line with modern minimalist tastes in interior aesthetics. It is eminently suited for architects, specifiers and installers tasked with projects demanding both top end styling and performance.

Sporting a modern, sleek casing, the heater simply blends into the background while still offering exceptionally high efficiencies in operation and subsequently reduced running costs.
Rinnai has also provided the appliance with a no-quibble 15-year guarantee on the heat exchanger, positive proof of its confidence in the periority of its quality Japanese engineering.

Rinnai Energysaver 309FT, with its low surface temperature (LST) casing to avoid any risk of burns, offers easy on/off operation and intelligent features such as self-diagnostics and a self-learning pre-heat time to maximise heat up time and energy consumption.

The Rinnai Energysaver 309FT delivers warm air at floor level for greater comfort and coverage of even greater spaces and turns in efficiencies of 85.9%. Because the heater heats from the floor up and modulates gas usage in relation to room temperature, the unit provides unparalleled levels of comfort combined with efficiency for large spaces, such as churches with vaulted ceilings.

It has an input of 3.4kW and output of 2.92kW. The streamlined unit measures 695mm x 465mm x 257mm. Natural Gas usage has been pegged at 0.31m3 while LPG consumption is 0.26kg/hr.

Rinnai Energysaver units are very easy to install as they do not need expensive (and extensive) ductwork, nor do they involve the necessity to run domestic heating circuits for radiators or pipework to boilers. This cuts down dramatically on cost and time at the point of installation.

Standard flue is 240mm-400mm with alternative flues to fit walls ranging from 5mm-1000mm. Flue hole diameter is 80mm and maximum flue length is 7 metres.

Rinnai Energysaver 309FT delivers energy-efficient and consistent warm air powered by Natural Gas and LPG options and is built with fully modulating burners so heat output and energy input is reduced as the space warms up – a valuable cost saving benefit.

The heaters are also suitable for central BMS control. This feature allows the building manager to run any number of Rinnai space heaters off a central time clock providing heat to the large of spaces. The Energysaver Multicontroller is not limited to single Energysavers as the flexibility of the system guarantees units can be mixed and matched to satisfy even the most unique of buildings.

The Rinnai Energysaver range more than exceed seasonal thermal heating guidance under Building Regs Part L.

“Rinnai Energysaver 309FT space heater really does deliver a cost saving on installation, low operational costs and maintenance, lower life cycle costs, lower replacement costs, high energy efficiencies. It is infinitely suitable for refurbishment projects and comes with a 15-year warranty on the heat exchanger, which is testament to the superior engineering quality of the appliance,” explains Chris Goggin, Associate Director of Rinnai UK.
For more information on the RINNAI product range visit www.rinnaiuk.com.