As high-rise buildings become more of a commonplace in congested urban areas, polymer specialist, REHAU has introduced a new guide that promises to help M&E Contractors tackle the mounting challenge of acoustic drainage.

The Sound of Silence is the M&E contractor’s essential guide to acoustic drainage is a 12-page guide which discusses the need for high performance internal drainage in multi-storey buildings- such as apartment blocks, hospitals and universities – to mitigate noise and keep building users happier.

As well as discussing why drainage acoustics are becoming more problematic in modern buildings, the guide also looks at common mistakes – such as the incorrect matching of pipe to bracketry and poor water flow – and discusses how to reduce noise and vibration to make internal drainage systems more quiet in operation.

Towards the end, the guide introduces REHAU’s RAUPIANO PLUS multi-layer pipe and accessories which can be used to combat drainage acoustics. The pipe has three layers to increase pipe rigidity and enhance its sound insulation properties; the smooth, abrasion-resistant inner layer optimises the flow, a mineral-filled mid layer ensures superb sound dampening properties, while the impact-resistant outer layer provides robustness and durability.

The Sound of Silence is the first free-to-download guide to be published under REHAUs‘ Build Your Legacy campaign – an initiative devised to encourage M&E contractors to consider how the product choices they make today will impact on a building’s performance in years to come. It focuses on the four key ways to deliver more sustainable, future proof installations by addressing Quality, Technical Knowhow, Trust and Reliability and Innovation and Sustainability.

Franz Huelle, Technical Manager for Building Solutions at REHAU said: “ As the UK construction sector bids to regenerate our towns and cities, the issue of noise pollution an acoustic management will only grow in significance. The Sound of Silence gives contractors everything they need to know about what causes drainage acoustics and how these issues can be overcome. With this helpful information at their fingertips, contractors can ensure their projects will leave a positive legacy for the building users, free from the noise and disturbances caused by rattling pipes and water hammer.”

Further guides will be released throughout 2018, tackling District Heating, 21st Century Plumbing and Heating, and Multi-occupancy buildings.

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