Notting Hill Genesis wants to work with expert contractors who will provide high quality services that will benefit residents connected to a heat network.

Public notices for four contracts have been issued, worth up to £25m combined. Two of these are for maintenance and metering services, with the other two related to billing services.

Each of the contracts will run for five years, with the option of five more, and a contractor can apply for more than one of the contracts.

We have 35 estates on heat networks, which are self-contained heating systems run from a single boiler room. On these estates we are the energy provider which allows us to buy energy at wholesale prices and charge our residents on a non-profit basis. It also means those on pre-payment meters do not pay a higher rate for energy than those who pay by direct debit.

Some of these heat networks have undergone major works in recent months to improve their efficiency and reliability.

Elly Hoult, group director of assets and sustainability, said: “These are really important contracts for us and those who live on our estates with heat networks. It is always important to ensure these systems run as efficiently as possible – and even moreso during the current cost of living crisis.

“We will work closely with the successful contractors throughout the term of the contract and meet regularly to share experiences and best practice both from our estates and the sector more widely. Being on heat networks should be a benefit to residents and our successful contractors will help ensure that remains the case.”


The procurement process is due to formally launch at the end of October, with the contract starting in summer 2023.


If you are an interested contractor and would like more information, please contact Nicole Ward at


You can view the Prior Information Notice here.

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