New Altro Tegulis™ innovative wall system offers the ideal alternative to traditional tiles for wet rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and retail spaces. With a range of tile-effect patterns offering a grout-free alternative to tiles, Altro Tegulis offers a more familiar feeling than traditional wall panel sheets.

Available in an extensive colour and design palette, Altro Tegulis has the look and feel of tiles, but has custom-etched grout lines that eliminate the cleaning, repair and hygiene issues often associated with traditional ceramic tile installations using porous grout.

Altro Tegulis draws on 40 years of Altro wall panel experience to create stunning looks with numerous colour and tile-effect combinations; from natural stone effects to smooth neutral satin finishes, featuring on-trend chevrons, hexagons and timeless metro tiles. Altro Tegulis is perfect for end-users looking to create a stylish, flexible look for walls. With innovative etched designs, wall panels are adaptable to numerous décor choices, rooms, and environments.

Altro Tegulis is faster to install than ceramic tiles, is low in VOC emissions, easy to clean, and stain resistant. It is easy to install using one of Altro’s unique jointing methods, with minimum disruption and significant cost savings compared to traditional ceramic tile installations.

Altro Tegulis uses a proven hygienic system as the basis for its panels. Completely grout-free, the etched grout line proves there is nowhere for dirt and germs to hide. Unlike ceramic tiles, Altro Tegulis will not discolour in any way, and with no grout lines to harbour mould, walls will continue to look fresh for years. Panels are easy to clean with a mild alkaline detergent, meaning hassle-free maintenance and a safe hygienic environment for all users.

As you would expect from Altro, the Altro Tegulis wall system is durable and built to last, with an impressive 10-year guarantee. Resistant to everyday knocks and bangs, unlike tiles, wall panels are not easily chipped or cracked, keeping walls that look like new for longer, and reducing renovation costs over time.

With a choice of installation methods, an area clad in Altro Tegulis wall panels is healthier and more hygienic, protecting people and keeping them safer.

Using the half-lap installation method combined with Altro sanitary sealant, the Altro Tegulis wall system prevents water and bacteria from penetrating below the surface, ideal for use in wet rooms and spaces with high levels of humidity. Altro’s interlock installation method works for installations where excess moisture and water are unlikely to impact the walls.

With a multitude of design options in a range of colours and tile patterns, Altro Tegulis is an innovative and functional wall system, perfect for end-users looking to create a stylish, flexible look for walls without any of the drawbacks of tiles.

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