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Cavity Trays of Yeovil is the longest-established specialist in its field, and importantly is the only UK cavity tray manufacturer awarded European Technical Approval.

The Company is releasing a new technical handbook that contains more information and more problem-solving products than any previous publication.

Volume 28 bears the appropriate title: ‘Protecting the Building Envelope’ and contains approved national and international best practice build detail.

The official publication date is January 2019, but early release copies are being made available now, upon request.

Containing 190 pages, this latest publication addresses construction details from ground to rooftop, and lists new products and solutions including the Protective Adjustable Threshold that recently won the Housebuilder/HBF/NHBC award for Best New Building Product of 2018.

Cavity Trays approved products are accompanied with a performance warranty for the benefit of Architect, Builder and Client.

During the past three years the Yeovil-based Company has expanded its research and development department that for many decades has operated a national survey of building envelope problems and weaknesses, identifying where changes can be beneficial.

A Company spokesman explained: ‘Whilst our ongoing survey provides us with insight into the problematic areas of construction, most importantly it highlights error trends and where improvement is required.

We are regularly contacted by Local Authorities, Housing Associations and Architects seeking guidance from the survey.’

Advance copies of this latest technical manual are being despatched throughout December.

Register your request now to receive this manual free of charge from the only UK cavity tray company awarded European Technical Approval.

Essential reading for those seeking best practice build details with an accompanying warranty – from the longest-established company in this specialised field.

For further information please contact, Tel: 01935 474769 Email: Web:
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