Mira Showers, the UK’s leading showering manufacturer, proudly announces its association with the Future Homes Hub, a pioneering initiative dedicated to addressing climate and environmental challenges in the homebuilding sector. As the only shower company currently holding an associate membership, Mira Showers is taking a step forward to achieving water efficiency while ensuring an exceptional showering experience for consumers.


The Future Homes Hub, established in response to the Future Homes Task Force’s call for collaborative efforts, aims to facilitate the creation of high-quality, sustainable homes and resilient communities that align with the UK government’s net-zero and environmental targets. Committed to working together, Mira Showers, the newly acquired Recoup, waste-water heat recovery specialists, and the Future Homes Hub share common values and are focused on developing innovative solutions that benefit both consumers and the planet.

Founded in 1921, Mira Showers has a rich heritage of design, innovation, and commitment to its people and community. Mira Showers remains dedicated to providing solution-led products that meet the needs of its customers while prioritising sustainability. Likewise, Recoup also shares the same sustainability ethos and commitment to pioneering environmentally friendly change.

By becoming an associate member of the Future Homes Hub, Mira Showers is taking a proactive role in driving water efficiency and sustainable showering practices. The company’s expertise, gained from over 100 years in the industry, will contribute to the development of technical solutions for regulatory changes and the overcoming of barriers to successful implementation. Mira Showers will actively collaborate with the homebuilding sector, supply chain partners, and government organisations to drive industry-led proposals for current and future policy challenges.

Mira Showers’ commitment to sustainability extends beyond its association with the Future Homes Hub. The company’s dedication is outlined in its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report, which provides detailed information on its sustainability practices and initiatives, including the innovation of sustainable products and efficient water usage, and waste reduction during the manufacturing process.

The Future Homes Hub operates as a non-profit making company limited by guarantee, bringing together leading homebuilders and related organisations. With over 50 of the largest homebuilders already committed to the Hub’s vision, it acts as a platform for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and overcoming sector-wide challenges. While its immediate focus is on England, the Hub aims to extend its reach to other UK nations in the future, with strong interest already expressed from colleagues in Wales and Scotland.

Mira Showers’ membership in the Future Homes Hub highlights the company’s dedication to water efficiency and sustainability. By leveraging its expertise and collaborating with industry leaders, Mira Showers aims to deliver innovative showering solutions that enhance the consumer experience while conserving water resources.



More information on the company’s commitment to
sustainability can be found in the Mira ESG Report




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